UN Dispute Tribunal Judgments - 2020

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Judgment No.
Case Name
Judgment Type
Lang. Appeal
UNDT/2020/001 EN, FR Kennes Receivability 07/01/2020 2020-UNAT-1073 EN
UNDT/2020/002 EN, FR Micaletti Receivability 10/01/2020    
UNDT/2020/003 EN, FR Noberasco Liability 10/01/2020 2020-UNAT-1063 EN
UNDT/2020/004 EN, FR Arango Receivability 13/01/2020 2021-UNAT-1120 EN
UNDT/2020/005 EN, FR Simiyu Receivability 14/01/2020    
UNDT/2020/006 EN, Corr. 1, FR Nsengiyumva Liability 16/01/2020 2020-UNAT-1057 EN
UNDT/2020/007 EN Andelic Liability and relief 17/01/2020    
UNDT/2020/008 EN, FR Kerby Receivability 17/01/2020 2020-UNAT-1064 EN
UNDT/2020/009 EN, FR Ho Liability 22/01/2020    
UNDT/2020/010 EN, FR Alquza Liability and relief 23/01/2020 2020-UNAT-1065 EN
UNDT/2020/011 EN, FR Alquza Receivability 23/01/2020    
UNDT/2020/012 EN, FR Sulemani Receivability 24/01/2020    
UNDT/2020/013 EN, FR Nadeau Liability and relief 27/01/2020 2020-UNAT-1072 EN
UNDT/2020/014 EN, FR Applicant Liability and relief 30/01/2020    
UNDT/2020/015 EN Mackie Receivability 29/01/2020 2020-UNAT-1062 EN
UNDT/2020/016 EN Applicant Relief 31/01/2020    
UNDT/2020/017 EN, FR Ghanem-Ali Liability and relief 31/01/2020    
UNDT/2020/018 EN, FR Fadol Receivability 03/02/2020    
UNDT/2020/019 EN, FR Dufresne Receivability 04/02/2020 2020-UNAT-1041 EN
UNDT/2020/020 EN, FR Garbo Liability 05/02/2020 2020-UNAT-1051 EN
UNDT/2020/021 EN, FR Hamdan Liability 05/02/2020 2020-UNAT-1050 EN
UNDT/2020/022 EN, FR Abdallah Ahmad Liability 05/02/2020 2020-UNAT-1052 EN
UNDT/2020/023 EN, FR Mohammed Liability 05/02/2020 2020-UNAT-1053 EN
UNDT/2020/024 EN, FR Icha Liability and relief 07/02/2020 2021-UNAT-1077 EN
UNDT/2020/025 EN, FR Zong Liability 11/02/2020    
UNDT/2020/026 EN, FR De Rijk Liability and relief 20/02/2020    
UNDT/2020/027 EN, Corr. 1, FR Prada Receivability 20/02/2020    
UNDT/2020/028 EN, FR Massart Liability and relief 21/02/2020    
UNDT/2020/029 EN, FR Amineddine Receivability 24/02/2020    
UNDT/2020/030 EN, FR Handy Liability and relief 27/02/2020 2020-UNAT-1044 EN
UNDT/2020/031 EN, FR Teklie Liability 27/02/2020    
UNDT/2020/032 EN, FR Nugroho Liability and relief 27/02/2020 2020-UNAT-1042 EN
UNDT/2020/033 EN Kristensen Liability and relief 04/03/2020    
UNDT/2020/034 EN Shah Liability and relief 04/03/2020    
UNDT/2020/035 EN, FR Adam Receivability 05/03/2020    
UNDT/2020/036 EN Kozul-Wright Liability and relief 09/03/2020    
UNDT/2020/037 EN, FR Rozefort Liability and relief 09/03/2020    
UNDT/2020/038 EN Loose Liability and relief 10/03/2020 2020-UNAT-1043 EN
UNDT/2020/039 EN Nicholas Liability and relief 10/03/2020 2020-UNAT-1045 EN
UNDT/2020/040 EN Krioutchkov Liability 16/03/2020 2021-UNAT-1103 EN
UNDT/2020/041 EN, FR Evans Liability 17/03/2020    
UNDT/2020/042 EN, FR Acquatella Corrales Dismissal for want of prosecution 18/03/2020    
UNDT/2020/043 EN, FR Quatrini Liability 19/03/2020    
UNDT/2020/044 EN Peker Liability and relief 23/03/2020 2021-UNAT-1105 EN
UNDT/2020/045 EN, FR Ocokoru Execution of judgment 27/03/2020    
UNDT/2020/046 EN Kanbar Liability 01/04/2020 2021-UNAT-1082 EN
UNDT/2020/047 EN, FR Fraenkel Receivability 01/04/2020 Appealed  
UNDT/2020/048 EN Awe Liability and relief 03/04/2020    
UNDT/2020/049 EN, FR Aktash Liability 06/04/2020    
UNDT/2020/050 EN Muteeganda Liability and relief 06/04/2020    
UNDT/2020/051 EN, FR Hassan Liability and relief 07/04/2020 2021-UNAT-1097 EN
UNDT/2020/052 EN,FR Atome Receivability 13/04/2020    
UNDT/2020/053 EN Quatrini Relief 13/04/2020    
UNDT/2020/054 EN Williams Liability and relief 13/04/2020    
UNDT/2020/055 EN Da Silveira Liability 15/04/2020 2021-UNAT-1081 EN
UNDT/2020/056 EN, FR Mwetaminwa Liability 15/04/2020 2021-UNAT-1098 EN
UNDT/2020/057 EN,FR Applicant Liability 20/04/2020    
UNDT/2020/058 EN,FR Sohier Receivability 21/04/2020    
UNDT/2020/059 EN, FR Miksch Liability 24/04/2020    
UNDT/2020/060 EN Cherneva Receivability 27/04/2020    
UNDT/2020/061 EN, FR Geegbae Liability and relief 30/04/2020 2021-UNAT-1088 EN
UNDT/2020/062 EN, FR Gusarova Liability 04/05/2020    
UNDT/2020/063 EN, FR A Ali Receivability 05/05/2020    
UNDT/2020/064 EN, FR Zakour Receivability 05/05/2020    
UNDT/2020/065 EN, FR Rashid Receivability 05/05/2020    
UNDT/2020/066 EN, FR Sexton Receivability 05/05/2020    
UNDT/2020/067 EN, FR Azar Liability 05/05/2020 2021-UNAT-1104 EN
UNDT/2020/068 EN, FR Hejamadi Liability and relief 05/05/2020 2021-UNAT-1083 EN
UNDT/2020/069 EN, FR Zervos Liability 08/05/2020    
UNDT/2020/070 EN, FR Houenou Liability and relief 12/05/2020 2021-UNAT-1091 EN
UNDT/2020/071 EN Mokrova Receivability 12/05/2020 2021-UNAT-1092 EN
UNDT/2020/072 EN, FR Russo-Got Receivability 13/05/2020 2021-UNAT-1090 EN
UNDT/2020/073 EN Cherneva Receivability 21/05/2020    
UNDT/2020/074 EN Cherneva Receivability 26/05/2020    
UNDT/2020/075 EN, FR Russo-Got Liability and relief 28/05/2020 2021-UNAT-1100 EN
UNDT/2020/076 EN, FR Ories Other 28/05/2020 2021-UNAT-1087 EN
UNDT/2020/077 EN, FR Russo-Got Liability and relief 28/05/2020 2021-UNAT-1095 EN
UNDT/2020/078 EN, FR Kebede Receivability 28/05/2020 2021-UNAT-1101 EN
UNDT/2020/079 EN, FR Ponce-Gonzalez Receivability 26/05/2020 2021-UNAT-1099 EN
UNDT/2020/080 EN, FR Benche Liability 28/05/2020    
UNDT/2020/081 EN Noor Receivability 29/05/2020    
UNDT/2020/082 EN, FR Machoka Liability and relief 29/05/2020    
UNDT/2020/083 EN, FR Russo-Got Interpretation 03/06/2020    
UNDT/2020/084 EN, FR Bissell Liability 04/06/2020    
UNDT/2020/085 EN, FR Bassey Receivability 08/06/2020    
UNDT/2020/086 EN, FR Compaore Liability 11/06/2020    
UNDT/2020/087 EN, FR El Baghir Osman Liability 15/06/2020    
UNDT/2020/088 EN, FR Russo-Got Liability and relief 16/06/2020 2021-UNAT-1090 EN
UNDT/2020/089 EN Faisal Receivability 18/06/2020    
UNDT/2020/090 EN, FR Lucchini Other 19/06/2020 2021-UNAT-1121 EN
UNDT/2020/091 EN Giles Liability 19/06/2020 2021-UNAT-1106 EN
UNDT/2020/092 EN, FR Hammond Liability and relief 19/06/2020    
UNDT/2020/093 EN, FR Dieng Liability and relief 22/06/2020 2021-UNAT-1118 EN
UNDT/2020/094 EN, Corr.1, FR, Corr.1 FR Applicant Liability and relief 22/06/2020 2021-UNAT-1137 EN
UNDT/2020/095 EN Ross Receivability 23/06/2020    
UNDT/2020/096 EN, FR Hammond Liability and relief 23/06/2020 2021-UNAT-1142 EN
UNDT/2020/097 EN Reilly Receivability 24/06/2020 2021-UNAT-1079 EN
UNDT/2020/098 EN, FR Hammond Liability and relief 26/06/2020 2021-UNAT-1143 EN
UNDT/2020/099 EN Qassem Receivability 29/06/2020 2021-UNAT-1132 EN
UNDT/2020/100 EN, FR Mampeta Liability 29/06/2020 2021-UNAT-1115 EN
UNDT/2020/101 EN Laasri Liability and relief 29/06/2020 2021-UNAT-1122 EN
UNDT/2020/102 EN Eng Receivability 29/06/2020    
UNDT/2020/103 EN, FR Mukeba Wa Mukeba Dismissal for want of prosecution 29/06/2020 2021-UNAT-1080 EN
UNDT/2020/104 EN Williams Receivability 30/06/2020    
UNDT/2020/105 EN Patkar Receivability 30/06/2020 2021-UNAT-1102 EN
UNDT/2020/106 EN, FR Abd Al-Shakour et al. Liability and relief 30/06/2020 2021-UNAT-1107 EN
UNDT/2020/107 EN, FR Cardenas Fischer et al. Liability and relief 30/06/2020 2021-UNAT-1107 EN
UNDT/2020/108 EN, FR Hanson Liability and relief 30/06/2020    
UNDT/2020/109 EN, FR Habamungu Liability 02/07/2020    
UNDT/2020/110 EN, FR Amineddine Liability and relief 03/07/2020 2021-UNAT-1125 EN
UNDT/2020/111 EN, FR Applicant Liability 08/07/2020    
UNDT/2020/112 EN, FR Younis Receivability 08/07/2020 2021-UNAT-1094 EN
UNDT/2020/113 EN, FR Dolgopolov Receivability 09/07/2020 2021-UNAT-1093 EN
UNDT/2020/114 EN Steinbach Liability 10/07/2020 2021-UNAT-1109 EN
UNDT/2020/115 EN, FR Bozic Liability 10/07/2020 2021-UNAT-1109 EN
UNDT/2020/116 EN, FR Applicant Liability and relief 10/07/2020 2021-UNAT-1133 EN
UNDT/2020/117 EN Andres et al. Liability 14/07/2020 2021-UNAT-1108 EN
UNDT/2020/118 EN Angelova et al. Liability 14/07/2020 2021-UNAT-1111 EN
UNDT/2020/119 EN, FR Kollie Liability and relief 15/07/2020 2021-UNAT-1138 EN
UNDT/2020/120 EN, Corr.1, FR Xing Liability 15/07/2020 2021-UNAT-1140 EN
UNDT/2020/121 EN, FR Gisage Liability 16/07/2020    
UNDT/2020/122 EN Andreeva et al. Liability 16/07/2020 2021-UNAT-1110 EN
UNDT/2020/123 EN, FR Abu Al Asal Receivability and liability 20/07/2020    
UNDT/2020/124 EN, FR Dore Liability 22/07/2020    
UNDT/2020/125 EN, FR Basnyat Receivability 22/07/2020    
UNDT/2020/126 EN, FR Pierre Liability 24/07/2020    
UNDT/2020/127 EN, FR Hossain Receivability 27/07/2020 2021-UNAT-1135 EN
UNDT/2020/128 EN, FR Mallick Liability and relief 27/07/2020 Appealed  
UNDT/2020/129 EN Bozic Liability 29/07/2020 2021-UNAT-1109 EN
UNDT/2020/130 EN, FR Angelova et al. Liability 29/07/2020 2021-UNAT-1111 EN
UNDT/2020/131 EN, FR Andres et al. Liability 29/07/2020 2021-UNAT-1108 EN
UNDT/2020/132 EN, FR Andreeva et al. Liability 29/07/2020 2021-UNAT-1110 EN
UNDT/2020/133 EN, FR Abd Al-Shakour et al. Liability 29/07/2020 2021-UNAT-1107 EN
UNDT/2020/134 EN, FR Arango Liability and relief 04/08/2020 2021-UNAT-1120 EN
UNDT/2020/135 EN Wesslund Liability and relief 04/08/2020    
UNDT/2020/136 EN Chocobar Receivability 04/08/2020    
UNDT/2020/137 EN, FR Montecillo Liability 06/08/2020    
UNDT/2020/138 EN, FR Wenz Receivability 07/08/2020 2021-UNAT-1119 EN
UNDT/2020/139 EN, FR Thiare Liability 07/08/2020 2021-UNAT-1167 EN
UNDT/2020/140 EN, FR Hassan Liability 07/08/2020    
UNDT/2020/141 EN Patkar Liability 10/08/2020 2021-UNAT-1173 EN
UNDT/2020/142 EN Williams Liability and relief 10/08/2020    
UNDT/2020/143 EN Cicek Receivability 13/08/2020    
UNDT/2020/144 EN Neocleous Receivability 13/08/2020    
UNDT/2020/145 EN, FR Danylenko Liability 13/08/2020    
UNDT/2020/146 EN, FR Mohamed Receivability 14/08/2020    
UNDT/2020/147 EN, FR Khamis Liability and relief 18/08/2020 2021-UNAT-1178 EN
UNDT/2020/148 EN, FR Doedens et al. Liability 19/08/2020 2021-UNAT-1112 EN
UNDT/2020/149 EN, FR Correia Reis et al. Liability 19/08/2020 2021-UNAT-1108 EN
UNDT/2020/150 EN, FR Bettighofer et al. Liability 19/08/2020 2021-UNAT-1110 EN
UNDT/2020/151 EN, FR Avognon et al. Liability 19/08/2020 2021-UNAT-1111 EN
UNDT/2020/152 EN, FR Alsaqqaf et al. Liability 19/08/2020 2021-UNAT-1109 EN
UNDT/2020/153 EN, FR Aligula et al. Liability 19/08/2020 2021-UNAT-1113 EN
UNDT/2020/154 EN, FR Aksioutine et al. Liability 19/08/2020 2021-UNAT-1107 EN
UNDT/2020/155 EN, FR Ssewaguma et al. Liability 26/08/2020    
UNDT/2020/156 EN Tarabay Receivability 27/08/2020    
UNDT/2020/157 EN Stephan Receivability 27/08/2020    
UNDT/2020/158 EN Matar Liability and relief 27/08/2020    
UNDT/2020/159 EN, FR Khane Liability and relief 31/08/2020 2021-UNAT-1179 EN
UNDT/2020/160 EN Krioutchkov Liability and relief 01/09/2020 2021-UNAT-1168 EN
UNDT/2020/161 EN, FR Batra Liability and relief 01/09/2020    
UNDT/2020/162 EN Atuya Receivability 02/09/2020    
UNDT/2020/163 EN, FR Dieng Liability 04/09/2020 2021-UNAT-1166 EN
UNDT/2020/164 EN Hossain Liability and relief 09/09/2020 2021-UNAT-1181 EN
UNDT/2020/165 EN Paris Liability and relief 10/09/2020 2021-UNAT-1182 EN
UNDT/2020/166 EN, FR Abu Al Asal Relief 10/09/2020    
UNDT/2020/167 EN, FR Forteau Liability and relief 14/09/2020 2021-UNAT-1157 EN
UNDT/2020/168 EN Alema Liability 17/09/2020    
UNDT/2020/169 EN, FR Rao Liability and relief 17/09/2020    
UNDT/2020/170 EN Lackner Liability and relief 18/09/2020    
UNDT/2020/171 EN Payenda Liability and relief 22/09/2020 2021-UNAT-1156 EN
UNDT/2020/172 EN, FR Temu Receivability 30/09/2020 2021-UNAT-1175 EN
UNDT/2020/173 EN, FR Ross Receivability 30/09/2020    
UNDT/2020/174 EN Tarr Receivability 01/10/2020    
UNDT/2020/175 EN Grosse Liability and relief 01/10/2020    
UNDT/2020/176 EN, FR Padreyra Liability and relief 01/10/2020    
UNDT/2020/177 EN, FR Sohier Liability and relief 01/10/2020    
UNDT/2020/178 EN, FR Palit Liability and relief 14/10/2020 2021-UNAT-1174 EN
UNDT/2020/179 EN Tanifum Receivability 16/10/2020    
UNDT/2020/180 EN Applicant Receivability 20/10/2020    
UNDT/2020/181 EN Armand Receivability 20/10/2020    
UNDT/2020/182 EN, FR Toson Receivability 22/10/2020 2021-UNAT-1161 EN
UNDT/2020/183 EN, FR Toson Receivability 22/10/2020 2021-UNAT-1159 EN
UNDT/2020/184 EN, FR Julliard, Simonpieri, Maridor, Barla Liability and relief 27/10/2020    
UNDT/2020/185 EN Modey-Ebi Liability 28/10/2020 2021-UNAT-1177 EN
UNDT/2020/186 EN, FR Mokled Liability 30/10/2020    
UNDT/2020/187 EN, FR Fernandez Carrillo Liability and relief 03/11/2020 2021-UNAT-1163 EN
UNDT/2020/188 EN, FR Karkara Liability 05/11/2020 2021-UNAT-1172 EN
UNDT/2020/189 EN, FR Conteh Liability and relief 06/11/2020 2021-UNAT-1171 EN
UNDT/2020/190 EN, FR Andrysek Liability and relief 06/11/2020 2021-UNAT-1169 EN
UNDT/2020/191 EN, FR Fayek-Rezk Receivability 12/11/2020 2021-UNAT-1162 EN
UNDT/2020/192 EN, FR Miksch et al. Liability and relief 16/11/2020 2021-UNAT-1165 EN
UNDT/2020/193 EN, FR Malhotra Liability and relief 17/11/2020 Appealed  
UNDT/2020/194 EN Russo-Got Liability and relief 17/11/2020 2021-UNAT-1154 EN
UNDT/2020/195 EN, FR Adriantseheno Liability and relief 20/11/2020 Appealed  
UNDT/2020/196 EN Armand Receivability 23/11/2020    
UNDT/2020/197 EN, FR Postica Receivability 23/11/2020 2021-UNAT-1155 EN
UNDT/2020/198 EN Cammarota Liability and relief 27/11/2020    
UNDT/2020/199 EN Smon Liability and relief 30/11/2020    
UNDT/2020/200 EN, FR Aslam Liability and relief 03/12/2020    
UNDT/2020/201 EN Alam Liability and relief 04/12/2020 Appealed  
UNDT/2020/202 EN, FR Toson Receivability 04/12/2020    
UNDT/2020/203 EN, FR Brierly Receivability 04/12/2020    
UNDT/2020/204 EN Applicant Liability and relief 08/12/2020 Appealed  
UNDT/2020/205 EN, FR Arvizu Trevino Liability 08/12/2020    
UNDT/2020/206 EN, FR Arvizu Trevino Receivability 09/12/2020    
UNDT/2020/207 EN Elias Liability and relief 10/12/2020    
UNDT/2020/208 EN, FR Arvizu Trevino Receivability 10/12/2020    
UNDT/2020/209 EN, FR Kennedy Liability and relief 15/12/2020 Appealed  
UNDT/2020/210 EN, FR Aung Liability and relief 16/12/2020 2021-UNAT-1184 EN
UNDT/2020/211 EN, FR Arvizu Trevino Liability and relief 18/12/2020 Appealed  
UNDT/2020/212 EN, FR Rockliffe Liability 18/12/2020 Appealed  
UNDT/2020/213 EN, FR Dettori Liability and relief 21/12/2020 Appealed  
UNDT/2020/214 EN, FR Gomez Fernandez Receivability 21/12/2020    
UNDT/2020/215 EN Deupmann Liability and relief 23/12/2020 Appealed  
UNDT/2020/216 EN, FR Farhadi Liability and relief 23/12/2020 Appealed  
UNDT/2020/217 EN Farhadi Liability and relief 24/12/2020 Appealed  
UNDT/2020/218 EN Sobier Liability 29/12/2020 Appealed  
UNDT/2020/219 EN Mboob Liability and relief 30/12/2020 Appealed  
UNDT/2020/220 EN, FR Applicant Liability 31/12/2020 Appealed  
UNDT/2020/221 EN, FR Ular Liability 31/12/2020 Appealed