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Judgment No.
Case Name
Judgment Type
Lang. Appeal
UNDT/2010/001 EN, FR Abboud Liability and relief 06/01/2010 2010-UNAT-100 EN
UNDT/2010/002 EN, FR Xu Liability and relief 07/01/2010 2010-UNAT-053 EN
UNDT/2010/003 EN, FR Mwahchullah Want of prosecution 12/01/2010    
UNDT/2010/004 EN, FR Dumornay Liability and relief 13/01/2010 2010-UNAT-097 EN
UNDT/2010/005 FR, EN Azzouni Liability and relief 14/01/2010 2010-UNAT-081
UNDT/2010/006 EN, FR Parmar Liability and relief 15/01/2010    
UNDT/2010/007 FR, EN Saka Liability and relief 19/01/2010 2010-UNAT-075 EN
UNDT/2010/008 FR, EN Glavind Receivability 20/01/2010    
UNDT/2010/009 EN, FR Allen Liability and relief 22/01/2010    
UNDT/2010/010 EN, FR Andati-Amwayi Receivability 25/01/2010 2010-UNAT-058 EN
UNDT/2010/011 EN, FR Castelli Relief only 27/01/2010 2010-UNAT-082 FR, EN
UNDT/2010/012 EN, FR Roger Liability and relief 27/01/2010    
UNDT/2010/013 FR, EN Pellet Receivability 27/01/2010 2010-UNAT-073 EN
UNDT/2010/014 FR, EN Umpleby Receivability 27/01/2010 2010-UNAT-090 FR, EN
UNDT/2010/015 EN, Add.1 EN, FR Warren Liability and relief 27/01/2010 2010-UNAT-059 EN
UNDT/2010/016 EN, FR Fedoroff Receivability 28/01/2010    
UNDT/2010/017 EN, FR Nwuke Receivability 28/01/2010 2010-UNAT-099 EN
UNDT/2010/018 EN, FR D'Hellencourt Liability and relief 29/01/2010    
UNDT/2010/019 EN, FR Samardzic, Tadic-Mihaljcic, Mitrovic,
Martic, Kovacevic
Receivability 29/01/2010 2010-UNAT-071 (Kovacevic) FR, EN
UNDT/2010/020 EN, FR Saadeh Want of prosecution 04/02/2010    
UNDT/2010/021 FR, EN De Porres Receivability 04/02/2010    
UNDT/2010/022 EN, FR Fagundes Receivability 05/02/2010 2010-UNAT-057 EN
UNDT/2010/023 EN, FR Lesar Receivability 05/02/2010 2011-UNAT-126 FR, EN
UNDT/2010/024 EN, FR Diakite Liability and relief 08/02/2010    
UNDT/2010/025 EN, FR Kita Receivability 08/02/2010    
UNDT/2010/026 EN, FR Kasyanov Liability and relief 09/02/2010 2010-UNAT-076
UNDT/2010/027 FR, EN Calvani Receivability 10/02/2010    
UNDT/2010/028 EN, FR Shakir Receivability 12/02/2010 2010-UNAT-056 EN
UNDT/2010/029 EN, FR Moussa Want of prosecution 16/02/2010    
UNDT/2010/030 EN, FR Abboud Other 22/02/2010 2011-UNAT-103 EN
UNDT/2010/031 FR, EN Bidny Receivability 22/02/2010    
UNDT/2010/032 EN, FR Trajanovska Receivability 24/02/2010 2010-UNAT-074 EN
UNDT/2010/033 EN, FR Zhang Receivability 25/02/2010 2010-UNAT-078 EN
UNDT/2010/034 EN, FR Cabrera, Streb Liability and relief 25/02/2010 2010-UNAT-089 (Cabrera)
2010-UNAT-080 (Streb)
UNDT/2010/035 FR, EN Megerditchian Liability and relief 26/02/2010 2010-UNAT-088 EN
UNDT/2010/036 EN, FR Sanwidi Liability and relief 01/03/2010 2010-UNAT-084 EN
UNDT/2010/037 EN, Corr.1 EN, FR Sethia Receivability 01/03/2010 2010-UNAT-079 EN
UNDT/2010/038 EN, FR Attandi Other 03/03/2010 2010-UNAT-047 EN
UNDT/2010/039 EN, FR Beaudry Liability only (with relief to follow) 04/03/2010 2010-UNAT-085
UNDT/2010/040 EN, FR Koh Relief only 05/03/2010    
UNDT/2010/041 EN, FR Liyanarachchige Liability and relief 09/03/2010 2010-UNAT-087 FR, EN
UNDT/2010/042 EN, FR Gomez Liability and relief 12/03/2010    
UNDT/2010/043 EN, FR Ihekwaba Liability and relief 18/03/2010 2010-UNAT-083 EN
UNDT/2010/044 EN, FR D'Hooge Liability only (with relief to follow) 19/03/2010    
UNDT/2010/045 EN, FR Mallick Other 23/03/2010    
UNDT/2010/046 FR, EN Tra-bi Liability and relief 24/03/2010    
UNDT/2010/047 FR, EN Saab-Mekkour Want of prosecution 24/03/2010    
UNDT/2010/048 EN, FR Atogo Liability and relief 30/03/2010 2010-UNAT-086 EN
UNDT/2010/049 EN, FR Abdallah Liability and relief 30/03/2010 2010-UNAT-091 EN
UNDT/2010/050 FR, EN Kaddoura Liability and relief 30/03/2010 2011-UNAT-151 EN
UNDT/2010/051 EN, FR Lenci Other 30/03/2010    
UNDT/2010/052 EN, FR Lutta Liability only (with relief to follow) 31/03/2010    
UNDT/2010/053 EN, FR Mmata Liability and relief 31/03/2010 2010-UNAT-092 EN
UNDT/2010/054 EN, FR Avina Receivability 31/03/2010    
UNDT/2010/055 EN, FR Abbasi Liability and relief 31/03/2010 2011-UNAT-112 EN
UNDT/2010/056 EN, FR Masri Liability and relief 07/04/2010 2010-UNAT-098
UNDT/2010/057 EN, FR Ianelli Liability and relief 07/04/2010 2010-UNAT-093 EN
UNDT/2010/058 FR, EN Molari Liability and relief 07/04/2010 2011-UNAT-164 EN
UNDT/2010/059 EN, FR Antaki Liability and relief 07/04/2010 2010-UNAT-095
UNDT/2010/060 EN, FR Sina Liability and relief 09/04/2010 2010-UNAT-094 EN
UNDT/2010/061 EN, FR Sanwidi Relief only 12/04/2010 2011-UNAT-104 EN
UNDT/2010/062 EN, FR Rosca Liability and relief 13/04/2010 2011-UNAT-133 EN
UNDT/2010/063 EN, FR Weiler Liability and relief 14/04/2010    
UNDT/2010/064 FR, EN Fuentes Liability and relief 14/04/2010 2011-UNAT-105 EN
UNDT/2010/065 EN, FR Krioutchkov Liability and relief 15/04/2010    
UNDT/2010/066 FR, EN Safwat Liability and relief 19/04/2010    
UNDT/2010/067 EN, FR McKay Other 20/04/2010    
UNDT/2010/068 EN, FR Chen Liability and relief 22/04/2010 2011-UNAT-107 EN
UNDT/2010/069 Corr.2 EN, FR Applicant Liability and relief 26/04/2010    
UNDT/2010/070 EN, FR Farraj Liability and relief 28/04/2010    
UNDT/2010/071 EN, FR Hastings Liability and relief 28/04/2010 2011-UNAT-109 EN
UNDT/2010/072 EN, Corr.1 Adrian Liability and relief 29/04/2010    
UNDT/2010/073 EN, FR Elbadawi Liability and relief 29/04/2010    
UNDT/2010/074 EN, FR Monagas Want of prosecution 29/04/2010    
UNDT/2010/075 FR, EN Ghahremani Receivability 30/04/2010 2011-UNAT-171 EN
UNDT/2010/076 FR, EN Ghahremani Receivability 30/04/2010 2011-UNAT-171 EN
UNDT/2010/077 FR, EN Sims Receivability 30/04/2010 2011-UNAT-154 EN
UNDT/2010/078 EN, FR Miyazaki Liability and relief 30/04/2010    
UNDT/2010/079 EN, FR Kadri Other 03/05/2010    
UNDT/2010/080 EN, FR Bertucci Liability and relief 03/05/2010 2010-UNAT-062
UNDT/2010/081 EN, FR Khan Liability and relief 05/05/2010    
UNDT/2010/082 EN, FR Applicant Liability and relief 06/05/2010    
UNDT/2010/083 FR, EN Barned Receivability 06/05/2010 2011-UNAT-169 FR
UNDT/2010/084 EN, FR Teferra Liability only (with relief to follow) 06/05/2010 Appealed  
UNDT/2010/085 FR, EN Ishak Receivability 06/05/2010 2011-UNAT-152 EN
UNDT/2010/086 EN, FR Abbassi Liability and relief 06/05/2010 2011-UNAT-110 EN
UNDT/2010/087 EN, FR Sprauten Liability only (with relief to follow) 06/05/2010 2011-UNAT-111 FR, EN
UNDT/2010/088 FR, EN Taconet Liability and relief 07/05/2010    
UNDT/2010/089 EN, FR Frechon Liability and relief 07/05/2010    
UNDT/2010/090 EN, FR Solomon Liability and relief 10/05/2010    
UNDT/2010/091 EN, FR Islam Liability and relief 11/05/2010 2011-UNAT-115 EN
UNDT/2010/092 EN, FR Chauveau-Bais Other 11/05/2010    
UNDT/2010/093 EN, FR Kamanou Liability and relief 14/05/2010 2011-UNAT-113 EN
UNDT/2010/094 EN, FR Bertucci Liability and relief 14/05/2010 2010-UNAT-062
UNDT/2010/095 EN, FR Rolland Liability and relief 18/05/2010 2011-UNAT-122 EN
UNDT/2010/096 EN, FR Woldeselassie Liability and relief 21/05/2010    
UNDT/2010/097 EN, FR Lutta Relief only 27/05/2010 2011-UNAT-117 EN
UNDT/2010/098 EN, FR Gabaldon Receivability 31/05/2010 2011-UNAT-120 FR, EN
UNDT/2010/099 EN, FR Corcoran Other 01/06/2010    
UNDT/2010/100 EN, FR Iskandar Receivability 01/06/2010 2011-UNAT-116 EN
UNDT/2010/101 EN, FR Planas Other 01/06/2010    
UNDT/2010/102 EN, FR Abu-Hawaila Receivability 03/06/2010 2011-UNAT-118 EN
UNDT/2010/103 EN, FR Campos Other 07/06/2010    
UNDT/2010/104 FR, EN Kapsou Liability and relief 07/06/2010 2011-UNAT-170 EN
UNDT/2010/105 EN, FR Koumoin Liability and relief 07/06/2010 2011-UNAT-119 EN
UNDT/2010/106 FR, EN Eid Liability and relief 09/06/2010 2011-UNAT-145 EN
UNDT/2010/107 EN, FR Riquelme Liability and relief 09/06/2010    
UNDT/2010/108 EN, FR Larkin Liability and relief, Receivability 22/06/2010 2011-UNAT-134 EN
UNDT/2010/109 EN, FR Larkin Liability and relief, Receivability 23/06/2010 2011-UNAT-134 EN
UNDT/2010/110 EN, FR Koda Liability and relief 24/06/2010 2011-UNAT-130 EN
UNDT/2010/111 FR, EN Elasoud Receivability 24/06/2010 2011-UNAT-173 EN
UNDT/2010/112 FR, EN Buscaglia Receivability 24/06/2010 2012-UNAT-202 EN
UNDT/2010/113 EN, FR Fayek Liability only (with relief to follow) 25/06/2010    
UNDT/2010/114 EN, FR Alauddin Liability only (with relief to follow) 25/06/2010    
UNDT/2010/115 EN, FR Applicant Liability and relief 25/06/2010 2011-UNAT-124 EN
UNDT/2010/116 EN, FR Messinger Liability and relief 25/06/2010 2011-UNAT-123 EN
UNDT/2010/117 EN, FR Bertucci Relief only 30/06/2010 2011-UNAT-121 FR, EN
UNDT/2010/118 EN, FR Cohen Liability and relief 12/07/2010 2011-UNAT-131 FR, EN
UNDT/2010/119 EN, FR Gaskins Liability and relief 12/07/2010    
UNDT/2010/120 EN, FR Ostensson Liability and relief 12/07/2010    
UNDT/2010/121 EN, FR Ostensson Liability and relief 12/07/2010    
UNDT/2010/122 EN, FR Zerezghi Liability and relief 12/07/2010    
UNDT/2010/123 EN, FR Di Capua Other 12/07/1011    
UNDT/2010/124 EN, FR Frechon Liability and relief 14/07/2010 2011-UNAT-132 EN
UNDT/2010/125 EN, FR Teferra Relief only 15/07/2010    
UNDT/2010/126 EN, FR Hajdari Other 20/07/2010    
UNDT/2010/127 EN Wyzner Other 21/07/2010    
UNDT/2010/128 EN, FR Ikpa Liability and relief 22/07/2010    
UNDT/2010/129 EN, FR Valle Fischer Liability and relief 22/07/2010    
UNDT/2010/130 FR, EN Applicant Liability and relief 27/07/2010    
UNDT/2010/131 EN, FR Thiam Liability and relief, Receivability 22/07/2010 2011-UNAT-144 EN
UNDT/2010/132 EN, FR Wang Liability and relief 26/07/2010 2011-UNAT-140 EN
UNDT/2010/133 FR, EN Eldam Liability and relief 26/07/2010    
UNDT/2010/134 EN, FR Liarski Liability and relief 26/07/2010    
UNDT/2010/135 FR, EN Frohler Liability and relief 27/07/2010 2011-UNAT-141 EN
UNDT/2010/136 EN, FR Onana Liability and relief 30/07/2010 2011-UNAT-157 FR, EN
UNDT/2010/137 EN, FR De La Fayette Want of prosecution 30/07/2010    
UNDT/2010/138 EN, FR Koda Want of prosecution 29/07/2010    
UNDT/2010/139 FR, EN Muratore Receivability 30/07/2010 2012-UNAT-191 EN
UNDT/2010/140 EN, FR Abdalla Liability and relief 04/08/2010 2011-UNAT-138 EN
UNDT/2010/141 EN, FR Meesukul Liability and relief 04/08/2010    
UNDT/2010/142 EN, FR Roberts Receivability 09/08/2010    
UNDT/2010/143 EN, FR Samuel Tambiah Other 10/08/2010    
UNDT/2010/144 EN, FR Perosa Liability and relief 13/08/2010    
UNDT/2010/145 EN, FR Basenko Receivability 13/08/2010 2011-UNAT-139 FR, EN
UNDT/2010/146 EN, FR Beaudry Relief only 18/08/2010 2011-UNAT-125 EN
UNDT/2010/147 EN, FR Tolstopiatov Liability only (with relief to follow) 18/08/2010    
UNDT/2010/148 EN, FR Applicant Liability and relief 20/08/2010 2011-UNAT-143 EN
UNDT/2010/149 EN, FR Jemiai Liability and relief 20/08/2010 2011-UNAT-137 EN
UNDT/2010/150 FR, EN Dzintars Liability and relief 20/08/2010 2011-UNAT-176 EN
UNDT/2010/151 EN, FR Otieno-Pala Other 20/08/2010    
UNDT/2010/152 EN, FR Simpson Other 20/08/2010    
UNDT/2010/153 EN, FR Verschuur Liability and relief 26/08/2010 2011-UNAT-149 FR, EN
UNDT/2010/154 EN, FR Contreras Liability and relief 26/08/2010 2011-UNAT-150 FR, EN
UNDT/2010/155 EN, FR Borg-Olivier Liability and relief 30/08/2010 2011-UNAT-146 EN
UNDT/2010/156 EN, FR Shkurtaj Liability and relief 31/08/2010 2011-UNAT-148 EN
UNDT/2010/157 EN, FR Bhatia Liability and relief 31/08/2010    
UNDT/2010/158 EN, FR Osman Receivability 01/09/2010 2011-UNAT-147 EN
UNDT/2010/159 FR, EN Ibekwe Liability and relief 03/09/2010 2011-UNAT-179 EN
UNDT/2010/160 EN, FR Baldini Other 09/09/2010    
UNDT/2010/161 EN, FR Ahmed Liability and relief 09/09/2010 2011-UNAT-153 EN
UNDT/2010/162 EN, FR Kurspahic Other 09/09/2010    
UNDT/2010/163 EN, FR Li Want of prosecution 09/09/2010    
UNDT/2010/164 EN, FR Sirois Other 16/09/2010    
UNDT/2010/165 EN, FR Jaen Liability and relief 17/09/2010    
UNDT/2010/166 EN, FR Luvai Receivability 20/09/2010 2011-UNAT-167 EN
UNDT/2010/167 EN, FR Jose Receivability 23/09/2010    
UNDT/2010/168 EN, FR Mugendi Receivability 24/09/2010    
UNDT/2010/169 FR, EN Yapa Liability and relief 24/09/2010 2011-UNAT-168 FR, EN
UNDT/2010/170 EN, FR Turner Receivability 24/09/2010    
UNDT/2010/171 EN, FR Applicant Liability only (with relief to follow) 24/09/2010    
UNDT/2010/172 FR, EN Lauritzen Liability and relief 27/09/2010 2013-UNAT-282 EN
UNDT/2010/173 EN, FR Parkes Liability and relief 28/09/2010    
UNDT/2010/174 FR, EN Ryan Liability and relief 04/10/2010    
UNDT/2010/175 EN, FR Bekele Liability and relief 08/10/2010 2012-UNAT-190 EN
UNDT/2010/176 EN, FR Buendia, et al. Liability only (with relief to follow) 08/10/2010    
UNDT/2010/177 EN Shetto Liability and relief 11/10/2010    
UNDT/2010/178 FR, EN Tsoneva Liability and relief 14/10/2010    
UNDT/2010/179 FR, EN Vangelova Liability and relief 14/10/2010 2011-UNAT-172 EN
UNDT/2010/180 FR, EN Solanki Liability and relief 14/10/2010    
UNDT/2010/181 FR, EN Ippolito Liability and relief 14/10/2010    
UNDT/2010/182 EN, FR Makwaka Other 14/10/2010    
UNDT/2010/183 EN Andati-Amwayi Want of prosecution 15/10/2010    
UNDT/2010/184 EN, FR Amarilla Receivability 15/10/2010    
UNDT/2010/185 EN, FR M'bra Liability and relief 18/10/2010    
UNDT/2010/186 EN, FR Mall Other 18/10/2010    
UNDT/2010/187 FR, EN Dualeh Liability and relief 18/10/2010 2011-UNAT-175 EN
UNDT/2010/188 FR, EN Bouchardy Liability and relief 18/10/2010    
UNDT/2010/189 FR, EN Akyeampong Liability and relief 19/10/2010 2012-UNAT-192 EN
UNDT/2010/190 FR, EN Bofill Liability and relief 19/10/2010 2011-UNAT-174 EN
UNDT/2010/191 EN, FR Garcia Liability only (with relief to follow) 25/10/2010    
UNDT/2010/192 FR Nduwayo Receivability 25/10/2010    
UNDT/2010/193 EN, FR Hepworth Liability and relief 28/10/2010 2011-UNAT-178 EN
UNDT/2010/194 EN, FR Fayek Relief only 29/10/2010    
UNDT/2010/195 EN, FR Aly, et al. Liability and relief 29/10/2010    
UNDT/2010/196 EN, FR Goddard Liability and relief 18/11/2010    
UNDT/2010/197 EN Bowen Liability and relief 19/11/2010 2011-UNAT-183 EN
UNDT/2010/198 FR, EN Zia Receivability 19/11/2010    
UNDT/2010/199 EN, FR Attandi Receivability 19/11/2010    
UNDT/2010/200 EN, FR Alauddin Relief only 19/11/2010 2011-UNAT-181 EN
UNDT/2010/201 EN, FR Glasgow Receivability 19/11/2010    
UNDT/2010/202 EN Mensah Receivability 19/11/2010    
UNDT/2010/203 EN, FR O'Neill Receivability 22/11/2010 2011-UNAT-182 EN
UNDT/2010/204 FR, EN Zoughy Liability and relief 25/11/2010    
UNDT/2010/205 EN, FR Adorna Liability and relief 29/11/2010    
UNDT/2010/206 EN, FR Leboeuf et al. Liability and relief 30/11/2010 2011-UNAT-185 EN
UNDT/2010/207 EN, FR Klein Liability only (with relief to follow) 30/11/2010    
UNDT/2010/208 EN, FR Znamenski Liability and relief 02/12/2010    
UNDT/2010/209 EN Oge Liability and relief 03/12/2010 2011-UNAT-186 FR
UNDT/2010/210 EN, FR Bernadel Receivability 03/12/2010 2011-UNAT-180 EN
UNDT/2010/211 FR, EN Applicant Liability and relief 06/12/2010    
UNDT/2010/212 EN, FR Allen Liability and relief 08/12/2010 2011-UNAT-187 EN
UNDT/2010/213 EN, FR Jennings Liability and relief 09/12/2010 2011-UNAT-184 FR, EN
UNDT/2010/214 EN, FR Kamunyi Liability and relief 16/12/2010 2012-UNAT-194 EN
UNDT/2010/215 EN, FR Jarvis Other 17/12/2010    
UNDT/2010/216 EN, FR Barringer Suspension of action 22/12/2010    
UNDT/2010/217 EN, FR Lewis Suspension of action 22/12/2010    
UNDT/2010/218 EN, FR Zuniga Rojas Liability and relief 28/12/2010    

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