UN Dispute Tribunal Judgments - 2019

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Judgment No.
Case Name
Judgment Type
Lang. Appeal
UNDT/2019/001 EN Mulongo Liability 02/01/2019    
UNDT/2019/002 EN Diallo Receivability 08/01/2019 2019-UNAT-936 EN
UNDT/2019/003 EN Tosi Liability and relief 09/01/2019 2019-UNAT-946 EN
UNDT/2019/004 EN Younis Liability 14/01/2019    
UNDT/2019/005 EN Ross Liability and relief 16/01/2019 2019-UNAT-944 EN
UNDT/2019/006 FR Nikolic Liability and relief 21/01/2019    
UNDT/2019/007 EN German Liability 22/01/2019    
UNDT/2019/008 EN Hosang Liability and relief 28/01/2019    
UNDT/2019/009 EN Del Prado Withdrawal 25/01/2019    
UNDT/2019/010 EN Jenbere Liability and relief 25/01/2019 2019-UNAT-935 EN
UNDT/2019/011 EN Ahmed Receivability 28/01/2019    
UNDT/2019/012 EN Bezziccheri Liability and relief 29/01/2019 2019-UNAT-948 EN
UNDT/2019/013 EN Kalashnik Withdrawal 29/01/2019    
UNDT/2019/014 EN Dieng Receivability 30/01/2019 2019-UNAT-941 EN
UNDT/2019/015 EN Ganbold Liability and relief 31/01/2019 2019-UNAT-976 EN
UNDT/2019/016 EN Nikolarakis Revision of judgment 31/01/2019    
UNDT/2019/017 EN Ongeri Liability 01/02/2019    
UNDT/2019/018 EN Diop Liability and relief 05/02/2019 2019-UNAT-950 EN
UNDT/2019/019 EN Kisia Liability and relief 07/02/2019    
UNDT/2019/020 EN Hailou Liability 11/02/2019    
UNDT/2019/021 EN Bharaty Liability 20/02/2019    
UNDT/2019/022 EN McIlwraith Liability and relief 20/02/2019 2019-UNAT-953 EN
UNDT/2019/023 EN Ademagic et al. Liability and relief 20/02/2019 2019-UNAT-954 EN
UNDT/2019/024 EN Buffler Withdrawal 21/02/2019    
UNDT/2019/025 EN Humaloja Withdrawal 21/02/2019    
UNDT/2019/026 EN Sun Withdrawal 21/02/2019    
UNDT/2019/027 EN Soyer Withdrawal 21/02/2019    
UNDT/2019/028 EN Melluish Withdrawal 21/02/2019    
UNDT/2019/029 EN Allen Liability 22/02/2019 2019-UNAT-951 EN
UNDT/2019/030 EN Turkey Liability and relief 25/02/2019 Appealed  
UNDT/2019/031 EN Dzubur Receivability 25/02/2019    
UNDT/2019/032 EN Ladu Liability 26/02/2019 2019-UNAT-956 EN
UNDT/2019/033 EN Aahooja Liability and relief 27/02/2019    
UNDT/2019/034 EN Tsoneva Liability and relief 28/02/2019    
UNDT/2019/035 EN Muftic Liability and relief 28/02/2019    
UNDT/2019/036 EN Shlapachenko Withdrawal 28/02/2019    
UNDT/2019/037 EN Akilimali Kafachi Receivability 07/03/2019    
UNDT/2019/038 EN Natta Liability and relief 07/03/2019    
UNDT/2019/039 EN Sera Liability and relief 07/03/2019    
UNDT/2019/040 EN Elbaghir Osman Withdrawal 12/03/2019    
UNDT/2019/041 EN Wilson Liability and Relief 18/03/2019 2019-UNAT-961 EN
UNDT/2019/042 EN Stefanizzi Liability and Relief 20/03/2019    
UNDT/2019/043 EN Amineddine Receivability 21/03/2019 Appealed  
UNDT/2019/044 EN Achakzai Receivability 21/03/2019    
UNDT/2019/045 EN Mohamed Liability 25/03/2019    
UNDT/2019/046 EN Mohamed Receivability 26/03/2019    
UNDT/2019/047 EN Mohamed Receivability 26/03/2019    
UNDT/2019/048 EN Krioutchkov Liability and relief 27/03/2019 2019-UNAT-966 EN
UNDT/2019/049 EN Oakes Liability and relief 29/03/2019    
UNDT/2019/050 EN Wesslund Receivability 29/03/2019 Appealed  
UNDT/2019/051 EN Dreifeldt Withdrawal 04/04/2019    
UNDT/2019/052 EN Aboua Liability and relief 09/04/2019    
UNDT/2019/053 FR Fortis Liability and relief 11/04/2019 Appealed  
UNDT/2019/054 EN Argyrou Receivability 12/04/2019 Appealed  
UNDT/2019/055 EN Symeonides Receivability 12/04/2019 Appealed  
UNDT/2019/056 EN Adnan-Tolon Receivability 12/04/2019 Appealed  
UNDT/2019/057 EN Jean Liability and relief 15/04/2019    
UNDT/2019/058 EN Younis Relief 16/04/2019    
UNDT/2019/059 EN Gisage Liability and relief 17/04/2019 2019-UNAT-973 EN
UNDT/2019/060 EN Pala-Kishnan Withdrawal 22/04/2019    
UNDT/2019/061 EN Alford Withdrawal 22/04/2019    
UNDT/2019/062 EN Elbaz Withdrawal 22/04/2019    
UNDT/2019/063 EN Nedel Withdrawal 22/04/2019    
UNDT/2019/064 EN Lopez Posse Withdrawal 22/04/2019    
UNDT/2019/065 EN Licul Withdrawal 22/04/2019    
UNDT/2019/066 EN Shermet et al. Liability 24/04/2019    
UNDT/2019/067 EN Gonzalez Del Tanago Liability 25/04/2019    
UNDT/2019/068 EN Colati Liability 29/04/2019 2020-UNAT-980 EN
UNDT/2019/069 EN Tarr Liability and relief 29/04/2019    
UNDT/2019/070 EN Buendia Martinez Withdrawal 30/04/2019    
UNDT/2019/071 EN Parrondo-Rodriguez Withdrawal 30/04/2019    
UNDT/2019/072 EN Rodriguez-Garcia Withdrawal 30/04/2019    
UNDT/2019/073 EN Nouinou Liability and relief 01/05/2019 2020-UNAT-981 EN
UNDT/2019/074 EN Asghar Liability and relief 03/05/2019 2020-UNAT-982 EN
UNDT/2019/075 EN Kamali Withdrawal 06/05/2019    
UNDT/2019/076 EN Njenga Withdrawal 07/05/2019    
UNDT/2019/077 EN Kerceli Withdrawal 08/05/2019    
UNDT/2019/078 EN Duncan Liability and Relief 08/05/2019    
UNDT/2019/079 EN Thiombiano Liability and Relief 10/05/2019 2020-UNAT-978 EN
UNDT/2019/080 EN Derseh Liability 10/05/2019    
UNDT/2019/081 EN Barrie Withdrawal 10/05/2019    
UNDT/2019/082 EN Sawenjah Receivability 13/05/2019 2020-UNAT-986 EN
UNDT/2019/083 EN Kabembela Receivability 13/05/2019    
UNDT/2019/084 EN Ruyffelaere Receivability 13/05/2019 2020-UNAT-993 EN
UNDT/2019/085 EN Avramoski Liability and Relief 16/05/2019 2020-UNAT-987 EN
UNDT/2019/086 EN Olowo-Okello Receivability 16/05/2019 2019-UNAT-967 EN
UNDT/2019/087 EN Atuya Receivability 20/05/2019 2020-UNAT-984 EN
UNDT/2019/088 EN Mohamed Liability and Relief 20/05/2019 2020-UNAT-985 EN
UNDT/2019/089 EN Areeraj Receivability 21/05/2019    
UNDT/2019/090 EN Nasir Receivability 22/05/2019    
UNDT/2019/091 EN Wilson Withdrawal 22/05/2019    
UNDT/2019/092 EN Lamb Liability and Relief 23/05/2019 2020-UNAT-989 EN
UNDT/2019/093 EN Mohamed Liability and Relief 24/05/2019    
UNDT/2019/094 EN Reilly Liability and Relief 24/05/2019    
UNDT/2019/095 EN Nwuke Withdrawal 28/05/2019    
UNDT/2019/096 EN Maloka Mpacko Receivability 29/05/2019 2020-UNAT-990 EN
UNDT/2019/097 EN Alaoui Withdrawal 29/05/2019    
UNDT/2019/098 EN Papathanassiou Liability 29/05/2019    
UNDT/2019/099 EN Prasad et al. Receivability 30/05/2019 2020-UNAT-991 EN
UNDT/2019/100 EN Thomas et al. Receivability 30/05/2019 2020-UNAT-991 EN
UNDT/2019/101 EN Gera et al. Receivability 30/05/2019 2020-UNAT-991 EN
UNDT/2019/102 EN Bhatia et al. Receivability 30/05/2019 2020-UNAT-991 EN
UNDT/2019/103 EN Manoharan et al. Receivability 30/05/2019 2020-UNAT-992 EN
UNDT/2019/104 EN Jaishankar et al. Receivability 30/05/2019 2020-UNAT-991 EN
UNDT/2019/105 EN Rodriguez Liability and Relief 07/06/2019 2020-UNAT-994 EN
UNDT/2019/106 EN Lynn Withdrawal 10/06/2019    
UNDT/2019/107 EN Ibentoumerte Liability and Relief 17/06/2019    
UNDT/2019/108 EN Abubakr Withdrawal 13/06/2019    
UNDT/2019/109 EN Negussie Liability and Relief 17/06/2019 2020-UNAT-1033 EN
UNDT/2019/110 EN Vedel Liability and Relief 17/06/2019    
UNDT/2019/111 EN Da Silveira Receivability 18/06/2019    
UNDT/2019/112 EN Clarke Liability and Relief 19/06/2019    
UNDT/2019/113 EN German Liability and Relief 19/06/2019    
UNDT/2019/114 EN Da Silveira Receivability 24/06/2019    
UNDT/2019/115 EN Gizaw Liability and Relief 24/06/2019    
UNDT/2019/116 EN Yohannes Liability and Relief 24/06/2019    
UNDT/2019/117 EN Nikolarakis Revision of judgment 26/06/2019    
UNDT/2019/118 EN Pappachan Liability and Relief 27/06/2019    
UNDT/2019/119 EN Bhatia Liability and Relief 27/06/2019    
UNDT/2019/120 EN Jackson Other 28/06/2019    
UNDT/2019/121 EN Alex, Arora, Chaturvedi, Daniel, Kapoor, et al. Receivability 28/06/2019 2020-UNAT-991 EN
UNDT/2019/122 EN Mwetaminwa Summary judgment 03/07/2019    
UNDT/2019/123 EN Bongo Receivability 04/07/2019    
UNDT/2019/124 EN Gueben Judgment on merits 05/07/2019 2020-UNAT-988 EN
UNDT/2019/125 EN Mpairwe Liability and relief 08/07/2019    
UNDT/2019/126 EN Ross Liability and relief 10/07/2019 2020-UNAT-1000 EN
UNDT/2019/127 EN Abdelkader Receivability 15/07/2019    
UNDT/2019/128 EN Kisia Receivability 19/07/2019    
UNDT/2019/129 EN Applicant Liability and relief 23/07/2019 2020-UNAT-1001, 2021-UNAT-1129 EN, EN
UNDT/2019/130 EN Russo-Got Receivability 23/07/2019    
UNDT/2019/131 EN Mpama Receivability 23/07/2019    
UNDT/2019/132 EN Wanjala Receivability 25/07/2019    
UNDT/2019/133 EN Kra Judgment on merits 25/07/2019    
UNDT/2019/134 EN Fairweather Receivability 05/08/2019 2020-UNAT-1003, 2021-UNAT-1128 EN, EN
UNDT/2019/135 EN Fosse Liability and relief 20/08/2019 2020-UNAT-1008 EN
UNDT/2019/136 EN Azar Receivability 29/08/2019    
UNDT/2019/137 EN Robinson Liability and relief 09/09/2019 2020-UNAT-1040 EN
UNDT/2019/138 EN Massi Receivability 09/09/2019 2020-UNAT-1002 EN
UNDT/2019/139 EN Nadeau Receivability 09/09/2019    
UNDT/2019/140 EN Gouin Dismissal for want of prosecution 10/09/2019    
UNDT/2019/141 EN Negasa Receivability 12/09/2019    
UNDT/2019/142 EN Applicant Liability and relief 12/09/2019 Appealed  
UNDT/2019/143 EN Mbali Receivability 17/09/2019    
UNDT/2019/144 EN Kebede Receivability 18/09/2019    
UNDT/2019/145 EN Tshilanda Receivability 19/09/2019    
UNDT/2019/146 EN Abu Amra Receivability 20/09/2019    
UNDT/2019/147 EN Barri Receivability 20/09/2019 2020-UNAT-1005 EN
UNDT/2019/148 EN Eltatawi Withdrawal 27/09/2019    
UNDT/2019/149 EN Nyawa Liability and relief 11/10/2019 2020-UNAT-1024 EN
UNDT/2019/150 EN Chhikara Liability and relief 15/10/2019 2020-UNAT-1014 EN
UNDT/2019/151 EN Handy Receivability 16/10/2019    
UNDT/2019/152 EN Nigam Receivability 18/10/2019    
UNDT/2019/153 EN Mohamed Receivability 22/10/2019    
UNDT/2019/154 EN Ahmed Liability 25/10/2019    
UNDT/2019/155 EN Abou Hanna Receivability 29/10/2019    
UNDT/2019/156 EN Kollie Receivability 30/10/2019    
UNDT/2019/157 EN Duverne Dismissal for want of prosecution 31/10/2019    
UNDT/2019/158 EN Morales Receivability 01/11/2019    
UNDT/2019/159 EN Aurelus Receivability 04/11/2019    
UNDT/2019/160 EN Handy Judgment 07/11/2019 Appealed  
UNDT/2019/161 EN Andreev Liability and relief 12/11/2019    
UNDT/2019/162 EN Gusarova Receivability 15/11/2019    
UNDT/2019/163 EN Yabowork Liability 18/11/2019 2020-UNAT-1037 EN
UNDT/2019/164 EN Collins Liability and relief 19/11/2019 2020-UNAT-1021 EN
UNDT/2019/165 EN Gelsei Receivability 20/11/2019 2020-UNAT-1035 EN
UNDT/2019/166 EN Elias Receivability 21/11/2019    
UNDT/2019/167 EN Awwad Receivability 22/11/2019    
UNDT/2019/168 EN Nadeau Liability and relief 22/11/2019 2021-UNAT-1075 EN
UNDT/2019/169 EN Dorra Receivability 25/11/2019    
UNDT/2019/170 EN Handy Application for revision 26/11/2019    
UNDT/2019/171 EN Moussa Receivability 06/12/2019    
UNDT/2019/172 EN Halidou Liability and relief 09/12/2019 2020-UNAT-1070 EN
UNDT/2019/173 EN, FR Ross Liability and relief 10/12/2019 2020-UNAT-1054 EN
UNDT/2019/174 EN Maswiswi Summary judgment 10/12/2019    
UNDT/2019/175 EN Mahmood Liability and relief 12/12/2019    
UNDT/2019/176 EN Mahmood Liability and relief 12/12/2019    
UNDT/2019/177 EN Dahir Receivability 13/12/2019    
UNDT/2019/178 EN Porras Liability and relief 16/12/2019 2020-UNAT-1068 EN
UNDT/2019/179 EN Viteskic Liability and relief 17/12/2019    
UNDT/2019/180 EN Ross Liability and relief 18/12/2019    
UNDT/2019/181 EN Peace Liability and relief 18/12/2019    
UNDT/2019/182 EN Kisia Liability and relief 18/12/2019 2020-UNAT-1049 EN
UNDT/2019/183 EN Belsito Liability and relief 19/12/2019 2020-UNAT-1013 EN
UNDT/2019/184 EN Krioutchkov Liability and relief 20/12/2019 2020-UNAT-1066 EN
UNDT/2019/185 EN Krioutchkov Liability and relief 20/12/2019 2020-UNAT-1071 EN
UNDT/2019/186 EN Krioutchkov Liability and relief 20/12/2019 2020-UNAT-1067 EN
UNDT/2019/187 EN Haidar Liability and relief 26/12/2019 2021-UNAT-1076 EN
UNDT/2019/188 EN Civic Liability and relief 31/12/2019 2020-UNAT-1069 EN