UN Dispute Tribunal Judgments - 2017

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Judgment No.
Case Name
Judgment Type
Lang. Appeal
UNDT/2017/001 FR, EN Fayache Receivability 03/01/2017    
UNDT/2017/002 EN, FR Kuai Receivability 06/01/2017    
UNDT/2017/003 EN, FR Smith Liability and relief 17/01/2017 2017-UNAT-785 EN
UNDT/2017/004 EN, FR Valentine Liability and relief 27/01/2017    
UNDT/2017/005 EN, FR Ahmed Receivability 30/01/2017    
UNDT/2017/006 EN, FR Auda Liability and relief 01/02/2017 2017-UNAT-786 EN
UNDT/2017/007 EN, FR Auda Liability and relief 01/02/2017 2017-UNAT-787 EN
UNDT/2017/008 EN, FR Awoyemi Liability and relief 06/02/2017    
UNDT/2017/009 EN, Corr.1 EN, FR Lahoud Liability and relief 13/02/2017    
UNDT/2017/010 EN, FR Musci Receivability 22/02/2017    
UNDT/2017/011 EN, FR Afeworki Receivability 03/03/2017 2017-UNAT-794 EN
UNDT/2017/012 EN, FR Chhikara Liability and relief 06/03/2017 2017-UNAT-792 EN
UNDT/2017/013 EN, FR Ho Liability and relief 07/03/2017 2017-UNAT-791 EN
UNDT/2017/014 EN, FR Kuai Liability and relief 08/03/2017    
UNDT/2017/015 EN, FR Muhsen Receivability 08/03/2017 2017-UNAT-793 EN
UNDT/2017/016 EN, FR Zeb Receivability 09/03/2017    
UNDT/2017/017 EN, FR Nyasulu Relief 10/03/2017    
UNDT/2017/018 EN, FR Wondimu Liability and relief 10/03/2017    
UNDT/2017/019 EN, FR Rehman Liability and relief 15/03/2017 2017-UNAT-795 EN
UNDT/2017/020 EN, FR Wilson Revision 16/03/2017    
UNDT/2017/021 EN, FR Kamugisha Liability and relief 20/03/2017    
UNDT/2017/022 EN, FR Auda Interpretation of judgment 31/03/2017    
UNDT/2017/023 EN, FR El-Awar Receivability 04/04/2017    
UNDT/2017/024 EN, FR Porter Interpretation of judgment 06/04/2017 2017-UNAT-796 EN
UNDT/2017/025 FR, EN Benamar Liability and relief 10/04/2017 2017-UNAT-797 EN
UNDT/2017/026 EN, FR Marin Liability and relief 21/04/2017    
UNDT/2017/027 EN, FR Nzegozo Liability and relief 26/04/2017    
UNDT/2017/028 EN, FR Fitsum Liability and relief 26/04/2017 2017-UNAT-804 EN
UNDT/2017/029 EN, FR Riecan Liability and relief 26/04/2017 2017-UNAT-802 EN
UNDT/2017/030 EN, FR Kalashnik Receivability 26/04/2017 2017-UNAT-803 EN
UNDT/2017/031 EN, FR Chhikara Revision 28/04/2017    
UNDT/2017/032 EN, FR Anyetei Liability 08/05/2017    
UNDT/2017/033 EN, FR Maloof Liability and relief 09/05/2017 2017-UNAT-806 EN
UNDT/2017/034 EN, FR Ngero et al. Receivability 10/05/2017    
UNDT/2017/035 EN, FR Batichtchev Liability and relief 11/05/2017    
UNDT/2017/036 EN, FR Al Hallaj Liability and relief 29/05/2017 2018-UNAT-810 EN
UNDT/2017/037 EN, FR Munyan Liability and relief 30/05/2017    
UNDT/2017/038 EN, FR Ho Receivability 31/05/2017    
UNDT/2017/039 EN, FR Applicant Liability and relief 31/05/2017 2018-UNAT-811 EN
UNDT/2017/040 EN, FR Katulu Liability and relief 09/06/2017    
UNDT/2017/041 EN, FR Said Receivability 12/06/2017 2018-UNAT-813 EN
UNDT/2017/042 EN, FR Nchimbi Liability and relief 16/06/2017 2018-UNAT-815 EN
UNDT/2017/043 EN, FR Kings Liability and relief 21/06/2017    
UNDT/2017/044 EN, FR Kisia Liability and relief 22/06/2017 2018-UNAT-817 EN
UNDT/2017/045 EN, FR Kontic Liability and relief 23/06/2017    
UNDT/2017/046 EN, FR Newland Receivability 27/06/2017 2018-UNAT-820 EN
UNDT/2017/047 EN, FR Mbaa Receivability 27/06/2017 2017-UNAT-809 EN
UNDT/2017/048 EN, FR Brown Liability and relief 27/06/2017    
UNDT/2017/049 EN, FR Lewis Receivability 28/06/2017    
UNDT/2017/050 EN, FR Haydar Receivability 28/06/2017 2018-UNAT-821 EN
UNDT/2017/051 EN, FR Mbaigolmem Liability and relief 29/06/2017 2018-UNAT-819 EN
UNDT/2017/052 EN, FR Nath, Khanna, Joshi, Batra Receivability 06/07/2017    
UNDT/2017/053 EN, FR Glavind Liability and relief 13/07/2017    
UNDT/2017/054 EN, FR Elobaid Liability and relief 13/07/2017 2018-UNAT-822 EN
UNDT/2017/055 EN, FR Parayil Liability 06/07/2017    
UNDT/2017/056 EN, FR Ngoga Receivability 14/07/2017 2018-UNAT-823 EN
UNDT/2017/057 EN, FR Daniel Liability 14/07/2017    
UNDT/2017/058 EN, FR Syrja Liability and relief 17/07/2017    
UNDT/2017/059 EN, FR Monticelli Summary judgment 21/07/2017    
UNDT/2017/060 EN, FR Mofiling Liability and relief 21/07/2017    
UNDT/2017/061 EN, FR Mbok Receivability 24/07/2017 2018-UNAT-824 EN
UNDT/2017/062 EN, FR Chama Receivability 04/08/2017    
UNDT/2017/063 EN, FR Nchimbi Revision 09/08/2017    
UNDT/2017/064 EN, FR Coker Receivability 16/08/2017    
UNDT/2017/065 EN, FR Gurudutta Receivability 16/08/2017    
UNDT/2017/066 EN, FR Bahrdwaj Receivability 22/08/2017    
UNDT/2017/067 EN, FR Nakase Liability and relief 24/08/2017    
UNDT/2017/068 EN, FR Nikolarakis Liability and relief 25/08/2017 2018-UNAT-832 EN
UNDT/2017/069 EN, FR Castelli Receivability 28/08/2017    
UNDT/2017/070 EN, FR Sharifpour-Hicks Receivability 30/08/2017    
UNDT/2017/071 EN, FR He Liability and relief 31/08/2017 2018-UNAT-825 EN
UNDT/2017/072 EN, FR Kataye Liability and relief 06/09/2017 2018-UNAT-835 EN
UNDT/2017/073 EN, FR Loeber Liability and relief 12/09/2017 2018-UNAT-844 EN
UNDT/2017/074 EN, FR Loeber Liability and relief 12/09/2017 2018-UNAT-836 EN
UNDT/2017/075 EN, FR Abou Hamia Receivability 13/09/2017    
UNDT/2017/076 EN, FR Kozul-Wright Liability and relief 13/09/2017 2018-UNAT-843 EN
UNDT/2017/077 EN Buckley Liability and relief 25/09/2017    
UNDT/2017/078 EN, FR Buckley Liability and relief 28/09/2017    
UNDT/2017/079 EN Oguntola Liability and relief 28/09/2017 2018-UNAT-848 EN
UNDT/2017/080 EN, FR Timothy Liability and relief 29/09/2017 2018-UNAT-847 EN
UNDT/2017/081 EN, FR Kule Kongba Liability and relief 17/10/2017 2018-UNAT-849 EN
UNDT/2017/082 FR, EN Veyrat Liability and relief 20/10/2017    
UNDT/2017/083 EN, FR Koumoin Receivability 24/10/2017 2018-UNAT-833 EN
UNDT/2017/084 EN, FR Zama Liability 31/10/2017 2018-UNAT-850 EN
UNDT/2017/085 EN, FR Asensi Monzo Liability and relief 20/10/2017    
UNDT/2017/086 EN, FR Lewis Liability 16/11/2017    
UNDT/2017/087 EN, FR Shadian Liability and relief 17/11/2017    
UNDT/2017/088 EN, FR Mohammed Ali Al-Kaissi Liability and relief 17/11/2017    
UNDT/2017/089 EN, FR Hirji Liability 28/11/2017    
UNDT/2017/090 EN, FR Peglan Receivability 28/11/2017    
UNDT/2017/091 EN, FR Campeau Liability and relief 29/11/2017    
UNDT/2017/092 EN Langue Liability and relief 13/12/2017 2018-UNAT-858 EN
UNDT/2017/093 EN, FR Samandarov Liability and relief 14/12/2017 2018-UNAT-859 EN
UNDT/2017/094 EN, FR Harris Liability and relief 15/12/2017 2019-UNAT-896 EN
UNDT/2017/095 EN Harris Liability and relief 15/12/2017 2019-UNAT-897 EN
UNDT/2017/096 EN Chacon Gomez Liability and relief 28/12/2017    
UNDT/2017/097 EN, FR Lloret Alcaniz et al. Liability and relief 29/12/2017 2018-UNAT-840 EN
UNDT/2017/098 EN, FR Quijano Evans et al. Liability and relief 29/12/2017 2018-UNAT-841 EN
UNDT/2017/099 EN, FR Mirrela et al. Liability and relief 29/12/2017 2018-UNAT-842 EN
UNDT/2017/100 EN Majut Liability and relief 29/12/2017 2018-UNAT-862 EN