UN Dispute Tribunal Judgments - 2014

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Judgment No.
Case Name
Judgment Type
Lang. Appeal
UNDT/2014/001 EN, FR Iryumugabo Liability and relief 13/01/2014    
UNDT/2014/002 EN, FR Akunamambo Receivability 14/01/2014    
UNDT/2014/003 EN, FR Onana Liability and relief 15/01/2014 2015-UNAT-533 EN
UNDT/2014/004 FR, EN Oummih Liability and relief 15/01/2014 2015-UNAT-518 EN
UNDT/2014/005 EN Terragnolo Liability and relief 20/01/2014 2015-UNAT-517 EN
UNDT/2014/006 EN Hassanin Receivability 24/01/2014    
UNDT/2014/007 EN Fiala Liability and relief 28/01/2014 2015-UNAT-516 EN
UNDT/2014/008 EN Yudin Withdrawal 28/01/2014    
UNDT/2014/009 EN Adundo Withdrawal 28/01/2014    
UNDT/2014/010 EN Lamuraglia Withdrawal 28/01/2014    
UNDT/2014/011 EN Adu-Mensah Withdrawal 28/01/2014    
UNDT/2014/012 EN Chaclag Withdrawal 28/01/2014    
UNDT/2014/013 EN Fontaine Ortiz Receivability 29/01/2014    
UNDT/2014/014 EN Applicant Liability and relief 31/01/2014 2015-UNAT-520 EN
UNDT/2014/015 EN Nzokirishaka Liability and relief 04/02/2014    
UNDT/2014/016 EN Hashimi Withdrawal 06/02/2014    
UNDT/2014/017 EN Hashimi Withdrawal 06/02/2014    
UNDT/2014/018 EN Amany Receivability 07/02/2014 2015-UNAT-521 EN
UNDT/2014/019 EN Mohammed Liability 14/02/2014    
UNDT/2014/020 EN Munir Liability and relief 17/02/2014 2015-UNAT-522 EN
UNDT/2014/021 EN Portillo-Moya Liability and relief 24/02/2014 2015-UNAT-523 EN
UNDT/2014/022 EN Ivanov Liability and relief 25/02/2014 2015-UNAT-519 EN
UNDT/2014/023 EN Kashala Receivability 28/02/2014    
UNDT/2014/024 EN Utkina Withdrawal 25/02/2014 2015-UNAT-524 EN
UNDT/2014/025 EN Flores Liability and relief 28/02/2014 2015-UNAT-525 EN
UNDT/2014/026 EN Tintukasiri et al Receivability 05/03/2014 2015-UNAT-526 EN
UNDT/2014/027 EN Kostomarova Receivability 11/03/2014    
UNDT/2014/028 EN A-Ali et al Withdrawal 11/03/2014    
UNDT/2014/029 EN Dhanjee Liability and relief 13/03/2014 2015-UNAT-527 EN
UNDT/2014/030 EN Hayashi Liability and relief 13/03/2014    
UNDT/2014/031 EN Shrivastava Withdrawal 19/03/2014    
UNDT/2014/032 EN Nielsen Summary judgment 21/03/2014    
UNDT/2014/033 EN Leboeuf Liability and relief 21/03/2014 2015-UNAT-568 EN
UNDT/2014/034 EN Assale Liability and relief 25/03/2014 2015-UNAT-534 EN
UNDT/2014/035 EN Ovcharenko et al and Kucherov Liability and relief 25/03/2014 2015-UNAT-530 EN
UNDT/2014/036 FR, EN Zhao, Zhuang and Xie Liability and relief 28/03/2014 2015-UNAT-536 EN
UNDT/2014/037 EN Bezziccheri Liability and relief 10/04/2014 2015-UNAT-538 EN
UNDT/2014/038 EN Hassanin Receivability 10/04/2014    
UNDT/2014/039 EN Sprauten Receivability 11/04/2014    
UNDT/2014/040 EN Yakovlev Liability and relief 14/04/2014    
UNDT/2014/041 EN von der Schulenberg Receivability 11/04/2014 2015-UNAT-515 EN
UNDT/2014/042 EN Aliko Liability and relief 15/04/2014 2015-UNAT-540 EN
UNDT/2014/043 EN Aliko Liability and relief 15/04/2014 2015-UNAT-539 EN
UNDT/2014/044 EN Lennard Liability and relief 21/04/2014    
UNDT/2014/045 EN Prisacariu Receivability 23/04/2014    
UNDT/2014/046 EN Staedtler Receivability 24/04/2014    
UNDT/2014/047 EN Haydar Receivability 24/04/2014    
UNDT/2014/048 EN Boutroue Receivability 24/04/2014    
UNDT/2014/049 EN Enan Receivability 24/04/2014 2014-UNAT-204 EN
UNDT/2014/050 EN Basanta Rodriguez Liability and relief 07/05/2014    
UNDT/2014/051 EN Nartey Liability and relief 14/05/2014 2015-UNAT-544 EN
UNDT/2014/052 EN Jaffa Liability and relief 14/05/2014 2015-UNAT-545 EN
UNDT/2014/053 EN Espinosa Receivability 16/05/2014    
UNDT/2014/054 EN Boutroue Receivability 20/05/2014    
UNDT/2014/055 EN Merlaku Receivability 20/05/2014    
UNDT/2014/056 EN Li Receivability 29/05/2014    
UNDT/2014/057 EN Staedtler Liability and relief 30/05/2014 2015-UNAT-546 EN
UNDT/2014/058 EN Staedtler Liability and relief 30/05/2014 2015-UNAT-547 EN
UNDT/2014/059 EN Ogorondikov Liability and relief 05/06/2014 2015-UNAT-549 EN
UNDT/2014/060 EN Mizyed Liability and relief 11/06/2014 2015-UNAT-550 EN
UNDT/2014/061 EN Nielsen Receivability 13/06/2014 2015-UNAT-542 EN
UNDT/2014/062 EN Parisi Liability and relief 13/06/2014    
UNDT/2014/063 EN O'Donnell Receivability 16/06/2014 2014-UNAT-200 EN
UNDT/2014/064 EN Negasa Receivability 17/06/2014    
UNDT/2014/065 EN Njenga Receivability 17/06/2014    
UNDT/2014/066 EN Dia Liability and relief 18/06/2014 2015-UNAT-553 EN
UNDT/2014/067 EN Fiala Interpretation of Judgment 28/01/2014    
UNDT/2014/068 EN Farrimond Liability and relief 19/06/2014    
UNDT/2014/069 EN Hubble Liability and relief 19/06/2014    
UNDT/2014/070 EN Gallo Receivability 19/06/2014 2015-UNAT-552 EN
UNDT/2014/071 EN Kazazi Receivability 24/06/2014 2015-UNAT-557 EN
UNDT/2014/072 EN Ongoma Liability and relief 24/06/2014    
UNDT/2014/073 EN Mwatete Liability and relief 24/06/2014    
UNDT/2014/074 EN Oladaro Liability and relief 24/06/2014    
UNDT/2014/075 EN Malenya Liability and relief 24/06/2014    
UNDT/2014/076 EN Kanyi Liability and relief 24/06/2014    
UNDT/2014/077 EN Ahamed Liability and relief 24/06/2014    
UNDT/2014/078 EN Mukhala Liability and relief 24/06/2014    
UNDT/2014/079 EN Wambugu Liability and relief 24/06/2014    
UNDT/2014/080 EN Limo Liability and relief 24/06/2014    
UNDT/2014/081 EN Luvai Liability and relief 24/06/2014    
UNDT/2014/082 EN Jocondo Liability and relief 25/06/2014    
UNDT/2014/083 EN Weeks Receivability 25/06/2014    
UNDT/2014/084 EN Ibom Receivability 25/06/2014 2015-UNAT-551 EN
UNDT/2014/085 FR Kouadio Receivability 26/06/2014 2015-UNAT-558 EN
UNDT/2014/086 EN Lefebvre Liability and relief 26/06/2014    
UNDT/2014/087 EN Pedicelli Liability and relief 26/06/2014 2015-UNAT-555 EN
UNDT/2014/088 EN Conlon Liability and relief 26/06/2014    
UNDT/2014/089 EN Scheepers et al Liability and relief 26/06/2014 2015-UNAT-556 EN
UNDT/2014/090 EN Khan Receivability 27/06/2014 2015-UNAT-559 EN
UNDT/2014/091 EN Bien-Aime Receivability 27/06/2014    
UNDT/2014/092 EN Birya Liability and relief 01/07/2014 2015-UNAT-562 EN
UNDT/2014/093 EN Pirraku Liability and relief 03/07/2014 2015-UNAT-561 EN
UNDT/2014/094 EN Hassouna Liability and relief 10/07/2014    
UNDT/2014/095 EN Reid Receivability 14/07/2014 2015-UNAT-563 EN
UNDT/2014/096 EN Reid Receivability 14/07/2014 2015-UNAT-563 EN
UNDT/2014/097 EN Reid Receivability 14/07/2014 2015-UNAT-563 EN
UNDT/2014/098 EN Reid Receivability 14/07/2014 2015-UNAT-563 EN
UNDT/2014/099 EN Smith Receivability 17/07/2014    
UNDT/2014/100 EN Keegan Receivability 17/07/2014    
UNDT/2014/101 EN Dagadu Receivability 17/07/2014    
UNDT/2014/102 EN Flaetgen Liability and relief 21/07/2014    
UNDT/2014/103 EN Kifle Receivability 22/07/2014    
UNDT/2014/104 EN Smoljan Liability and relief 23/07/2014    
UNDT/2014/105 EN Saffir Liability and relief 24/07/2014 2015-UNAT-565 EN
UNDT/2014/106 EN Baidya Liability and relief 24/07/2014    
UNDT/2014/107 EN Terragnolo Receivability 25/07/2014 2015-UNAT-566 EN
UNDT/2014/108 EN Hajdari Liability and relief 31/07/2014 2015-UNAT-570 EN
UNDT/2014/109 EN Harrich Liability and relief 01/08/2014 2015-UNAT-576 EN
UNDT/2014/110 EN Weerasooriya Liability and relief 06/08/2014 2015-UNAT-571 EN
UNDT/2014/111 EN Bello Liability and relief 20/08/2014    
UNDT/2014/112 EN Couquet Liability and relief 20/08/2014 2015-UNAT-574 EN
UNDT/2014/113 EN Birya Liability 25/08/2014    
UNDT/2014/114 EN Tredici, Gueben, Lamb, Lobwein, Matar, Pastore Stocchi, Rexhepi, and Vano Liability and relief 26/08/2014    
UNDT/2014/115 EN Jansen Liability and relief 29/08/2014    
UNDT/2014/116 EN Kacan Liability and relief 19/09/2014 2015-UNAT-582 EN
UNDT/2014/117 EN Ivanov Liability and relief 25/09/2014 2015-UNAT-572 EN
UNDT/2014/118 EN Birya Relief 29/09/2014    
UNDT/2014/119 EN Kamanin Receivability 29/09/2014    
UNDT/2014/120 EN Alobwede Liability and relief 30/09/2014 2015-UNAT-586 EN
UNDT/2014/121 EN Lee Liability and relief 30/09/2014 2015-UNAT-583 EN
UNDT/2014/122 EN Tshika Liability and relief 13/10/2014    
UNDT/2014/123 EN Staedtler Liability and relief 13/10/2014 2015-UNAT-578 EN
UNDT/2014/124 EN Ravnjak Receivability 13/10/2014    
UNDT/2014/125 EN Selim Receivability 16/10/2014 2015-UNAT-581 EN
UNDT/2014/126 EN Awan Receivability 20/10/2014 2015-UNAT-588 EN
UNDT/2014/127 EN Staedtler Liability and relief 21/10/2014 2015-UNAT-577 EN
UNDT/2014/128 EN Applicant Liability and relief 30/10/2014 2015-UNAT-590 EN
UNDT/2014/129 EN Christensen Interpretation 30/10/2014    
UNDT/2014/130 EN Karseboom Liability and relief 30/10/2014 2015-UNAT-601 EN
UNDT/2014/131 EN Diaz-Menendez Centellas Martinez Liability and relief 04/11/2014    
UNDT/2014/132 EN Matadi Johnson Gaye Doe J. Doe P. Liability and relief 11/11/2014 2015-UNAT-592 EN
UNDT/2014/133 EN Wamalala Liability and relief 12/11/2014    
UNDT/2014/134 EN Dorra Liability and relief 17/11/2014    
UNDT/2014/135 EN James Receivability 19/11/2014 2015-UNAT-600 EN
UNDT/2014/136 EN Gebremariam Liability and relief 20/11/2014 2015-UNAT-584 EN
UNDT/2014/137 EN Masylkanova Liability and relief 20/11/2014    
UNDT/2014/138 EN Mariki Liability and relief 02/12/2014    
UNDT/2014/139 EN Nielsen Liability and releif 09/12/2014    
UNDT/2014/140 EN Birya Receivability 10/12/2014    
UNDT/2014/141 EN Birya Liability and relief 10/12/2014    
UNDT/2014/142 EN Birya Receivability 10/12/2014    
UNDT/2014/143 EN Kusuma Liability and releif 10/12/2014 2015-UNAT-211 EN
UNDT/2014/144 EN Survo Liability and releif 11/12/2014 2015-UNAT-595 EN
UNDT/2014/145 EN Ngenda Liability and relief 18/12/2014    
UNDT/2014/146 EN Wu Liability and relief 19/12/2014 2015-UNAT-597 EN
UNDT/2014/147 EN Kimungui Receivability 22/12/2014    
UNDT/2014/148 EN Austin Liability and relief 30/12/2014