UN Dispute Tribunal Judgments - 2012

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Judgment No.
Case Name
Judgment Type
Lang. Appeal
UNDT/2012/001 EN Adholla Suspension of action 04/01/2012    
UNDT/2012/002 EN Nwuke Suspension of action 06/01/2012 2012-UNAT-230 EN
UNDT/2012/003 EN Kiarie-Nyoike Receivability 06/01/2012    
UNDT/2012/004 FR, EN Valimaki-Erk Liability and relief 06/01/2012 2012-UNAT-276 EN
UNDT/2012/005 EN Balinge Suspension of action 12/01/2012    
UNDT/2012/006 EN Zedan Liability and relief 11/01/2012    
UNDT/2012/007 FR, EN Leclercq Suspension of action 12/01/2012    
UNDT/2012/008 EN Pacheco Liability and relief 13/01/2012 2013-UNAT-280 EN
UNDT/2012/009 EN Checa-Meedan Liability and relief 17/01/2012    
UNDT/2012/010 EN Israbhakdi Liability and relief 18/01/2012 2012-UNAT-277 EN
UNDT/2012/011 FR, EN Xu Liability and relief 23/01/2012    
UNDT/2012/012 FR, EN Maulfair Liability and relief 30/01/2012    
UNDT/2012/013 FR, EN Amer Liability and relief 30/01/2012    
UNDT/2012/014 FR, EN Albert Liability and relief 30/01/2012    
UNDT/2012/015 FR, EN Jain Liability and relief 30/01/2012    
UNDT/2012/016 FR, EN Kraljevic Liability and relief 30/01/2012    
UNDT/2012/017 EN Agona Suspension of action 03/02/2012    
UNDT/2012/018 EN McKay Liability and relief 09/02/2012 2013-UNAT-287 EN
UNDT/2012/019 EN Debebe Liability and relief 10/02/2012 2013-UNAT-288 EN
UNDT/2012/020 EN Charles Liability and relief 10/02/2012 2013-UNAT-283 EN
UNDT/2012/021 EN Charles Liability and relief 10/02/2012 2013-UNAT-284 EN
UNDT/2012/022 EN McCloskey Suspension of action 14/02/2012    
UNDT/2012/023 EN Charles Liability and relief 14/02/2012 2013-UNAT-285 EN
UNDT/2012/024 EN Charles Liability and relief 14/02/2012 2013-UNAT-286 EN
UNDT/2012/025 EN Ba Suspension of action 15/02/2012    
UNDT/2012/026 EN Balogun Receivability 15/02/2012 2012-UNAT-278 EN
UNDT/2012/027 FR, EN Servas Liability and relief 16/02/2012    
UNDT/2012/028 EN Bajnoci Receivability 16/02/2012    
UNDT/2012/029 EN Diop Suspension of action 22/02/2012    
UNDT/2012/030 EN Mirkovic Liability and relief 24/02/2012 2013-UNAT-290 EN
UNDT/2012/031 FR, EN O'Hanlon Liability and relief 29/02/2012 2013-UNAT-303 EN
UNDT/2012/032 EN McLetchie Suspension of action 29/02/2012    
UNDT/2012/033 EN Rockcliffe Liability and relief 02/03/2012    
UNDT/2012/034 EN Perelli Liability and relief 09/03/2012 2013-UNAT-291 EN
UNDT/2012/035 EN Castillo Cabrera Suspension of action 14/03/2012    
UNDT/2012/036 EN Hunter Receivability 22/03/2012    
UNDT/2012/037 EN Kavakure Liability and relief 26/03/2012    
UNDT/2012/038 EN El Issawi Receivability 26/03/2012    
UNDT/2012/039 EN Powell Liability and relief 28/03/2012 2013-UNAT-295 EN
UNDT/2012/040 EN Likuyani Receivability 28/03/2012 2013-UNAT-297 EN
UNDT/2012/041 EN Balakrishnan Receivability 28/03/2012    
UNDT/2012/042 EN Prljaca Liability and relief 30/03/2012    
UNDT/2012/043 EN Morsy Liability and relief 28/03/2012 2013-UNAT-298 EN
UNDT/2012/044 EN Willis Liability and relief 02/04/2012    
UNDT/2012/045 FR, EN Al-Mulla Receivability 05/04/2012    
UNDT/2012/046 EN Nyomera Liability and relief 11/04/2012    
UNDT/2012/047 FR, EN Kamanou Receivability 13/04/2012    
UNDT/2012/048 FR, EN Kamanou Receivability 13/04/2012    
UNDT/2012/049 EN Kasmani Liability and relief 16/04/2012 2013-UNAT-305 EN
UNDT/2012/050 FR, EN Kamanou Suspension of action 16/04/2012 Appealed  
UNDT/2012/051 EN, FR Belhachmi Receivability 17/04/2012    
UNDT/2012/052 FR Wamalala Receivability 17/04/2012 2013-UNAT-300 EN
UNDT/2012/053 FR, EN Kamanou Receivability 16/04/2012    
UNDT/2012/054 EN Applicant Liability and relief 18/04/2012 2013-UNAT-302 EN
UNDT/2012/055 FR, EN Vaporidis Liability and relief 19/04/2012    
UNDT/2012/056 EN Fagundes Receivability 19/04/2012    
UNDT/2012/057 EN Osman Liability and relief 19/04/2012 2013-UNAT-301 EN
UNDT/2012/058 EN Khambatta Suspension of action 26/04/2012 2012-UNAT-252 FR, EN
UNDT/2012/059 FR, EN Kamanou Receivability 30/04/2012    
UNDT/2012/060 EN McCluskey Liability and relief 01/05/2012 2013-UNAT-332 EN
UNDT/2012/061 EN Mokbel Liability and relief 01/05/2012    
UNDT/2012/062 EN Shanks Relief only 03/05/2012 2013-UNAT-307 EN
UNDT/2012/063 EN Philippi Relief only 03/05/2012    
UNDT/2012/064 FR, EN Kamanou Liability and relief 04/05/2012    
UNDT/2012/065 FR Farr Liability and relief 08/05/2012 2013-UNAT-350 EN
UNDT/2012/066 FR, EN Asariotis Liability and relief 09/05/2012 2013-UNAT-309 EN
UNDT/2012/067 EN Mokbel Relief only 09/05/2012    
UNDT/2012/068 EN Pirnea Liability and relief 10/05/2012 2013-UNAT-311 EN 2014-UNAT-456 EN
UNDT/2012/069 EN Gehr Receivability 10/05/2012 2013-UNAT-294 EN
UNDT/2012/070 EN Gehr Receivability 10/05/2012 2013-UNAT-293 EN
UNDT/2012/071 EN Gehr Receivability 10/05/2012 2013-UNAT-299 EN
UNDT/2012/072 EN Nasrallah Liability and relief 17/05/2012 2013-UNAT-310 EN
UNDT/2012/073 EN Chughtai Liability and relief 22/05/2012    
UNDT/2012/074 EN Wu Liability and relief 24/05/2012 2013-UNAT-306 EN
UNDT/2012/075 EN Diop Suspension of action 28/05/2012    
UNDT/2012/076 EN Ouellet Liability and relief 30/05/2012    
UNDT/2012/077 EN Adundo, et al. Suspension of action 30/05/2012    
UNDT/2012/078 EN Perez-Soto Liability and relief 30/05/2012 2013-UNAT-329 EN
UNDT/2012/079 EN Nyepan Liability and relief 31/05/2012    
UNDT/2012/080 EN Wang Suspension of action 31/05/2012    
UNDT/2012/081 EN Maloka Mpacko Suspension of action 31/05/2012 2013-UNAT-314 EN
UNDT/2012/082 EN Rafii Suspension of action 01/06/2012    
UNDT/2012/083 EN Fetahu et al. Revision of judgment 04/06/2012    
UNDT/2012/084 EN Gehr Receivability 04/06/2012 2013-UNAT-328 EN
UNDT/2012/085 FR, EN Kamanou Receivability 04/06/2012    
UNDT/2012/086 EN Abassa Receivability 06/06/2012    
UNDT/2012/087 EN Omwenga Receivability 11/06/2012    
UNDT/2012/088 FR, EN Destanne de Bernis Liability and relief 12/06/2012    
UNDT/2012/089 EN Konate Liability and relief 14/06/2012 2013-UNAT-334 EN
UNDT/2012/090 EN Al-Alamy Suspension of action 14/06/2012    
UNDT/2012/091 EN Applicant Suspension of action 15/06/2012    
UNDT/2012/092 EN Wasserstrom Liability only (with relief to follow) 21/06/2012 2014-UNAT-457 EN
UNDT/2012/093 EN Tibouti Suspension of action 22/06/2012    
UNDT/2012/094 EN Christensen Liability and relief 27/06/2012 2013-UNAT-335 EN
UNDT/2012/095 EN Gehr Liability and relief 27/06/2012    
UNDT/2012/096 EN Rathore Receivability 29/06/2012    
UNDT/2012/097 EN Abedraboh Suspension of action 29/06/2012    
UNDT/2012/098 EN McDonald Suspension of action 29/06/2012    
UNDT/2012/099 EN Okongo Suspension of action 29/06/2012    
UNDT/2012/100 EN Perelli Liability and relief 29/06/2012 2013-UNAT-291 EN
UNDT/2012/101 EN Leal Liability and relief 29/06/2012 2013-UNAT-337 EN
UNDT/2012/102 FR, EN Servas Liability and relief 02/07/2012 2013-UNAT-325 EN
UNDT/2012/103 EN Gehr Receivability 03/07/2012 2013-UNAT-313 EN
UNDT/2012/104 EN Manco Receivability 06/07/2012 2013-UNAT-342 EN
UNDT/2012/105 EN Dzuverovic Receivability 12/07/2012 2013-UNAT-338 EN 2014-UNAT-490 EN
UNDT/2012/106 EN Gehr Interpretation of judgment 13/07/2012 2013-UNAT-333 EN
UNDT/2012/107 EN Fidahic Receivability 16/07/2012    
UNDT/2012/108 FR Chawla Liability and relief 18/07/2012    
UNDT/2012/109 EN Tiwathia Suspension of action 18/07/2012 2013-UNAT-327 EN
UNDT/2012/110 FR, EN Applicant Liability and relief 20/07/2012 2013-UNAT-341 EN
UNDT/2012/111 FR, EN Applicant Liability and relief 20/07/2012    
UNDT/2012/112 FR, EN Tsoneva Liability and relief 20/07/2012 2013-UNAT-339 EN
UNDT/2012/113 EN El Moctar Receivability 24/07/2012    
UNDT/2012/114 EN Applicant Other 31/07/2012    
UNDT/2012/115 EN Gehr Receivability 31/07/2012    
UNDT/2012/116 EN Nwuke Suspension of action 31/07/2012 2013-UNAT-330 EN
UNDT/2012/117 EN Majoul-Hunter Suspension of action 31/07/2012    
UNDT/2012/118 EN Adundo, et al. Liability and relief 31/07/2012    
UNDT/2012/119 EN Tiwathia On revision of judgment 31/07/2012    
UNDT/2012/120 EN Applicant Receivability 01/08/2012    
UNDT/2012/121 EN Rockcliffe Relief only 07/08/2012    
UNDT/2012/122 FR Adegbindi Receivability 08/08/2012    
UNDT/2012/123 EN Neault Liability and relief 10/08/2012 2013-UNAT-345 EN
UNDT/2012/124 EN Akello Liability and relief 13/08/2012 2013-UNAT-336 EN
UNDT/2012/125 EN Appleton Liability and relief 14/08/2012 2013-UNAT-347 EN
UNDT/2012/126 EN Goodwin Relief only 17/08/2012 2013-UNAT-346 EN
UNDT/2012/127 EN Rafii Suspension of action 21/08/2012    
UNDT/2012/128 EN Murnane Suspension of action 23/08/2012    
UNDT/2012/129 EN Malmstrom, et al. Liability and relief 29/08/2012 2013-UNAT-357 EN
UNDT/2012/130 EN Longone Liability and relief 29/08/2012 2013-UNAT-358 EN
UNDT/2012/131 EN Ademagic et al Liability and relief 29/08/2012 2013-UNAT-359 EN
UNDT/2012/132 EN Jahnsen Lecca Suspension of action 03/09/2012    
UNDT/2012/133 FR, EN Czaran Receivability 04/09/2012 2013-UNAT-373 EN
UNDT/2012/134 EN Ngoma-Mabiala Receivability 06/09/2012 2013-UNAT-361 EN
UNDT/2012/135 EN Manco Liability and relief 11/09/2012 2013-UNAT-342 EN
UNDT/2012/136 EN Rahman Other 11/09/2012    
UNDT/2012/137 EN Luvai Interpretation of judgment 17/09/2012    
UNDT/2012/138 EN Meyo Liability and relief 17/09/2012    
UNDT/2012/139 EN Nyambuza Liability and relief 18/09/2012 2013-UNAT-364 EN
UNDT/2012/140 EN Ullah Suspension of action 20/09/2012    
UNDT/2012/141 FR, EN Cranfield Liability and relief 24/09/2012 2013-UNAT-367 EN
UNDT/2012/142 EN Nourain Liability and relief 26/09/2012 2013-UNAT-362 EN
UNDT/2012/143 EN Aliko Suspension of action 27/09/2012    
UNDT/2012/144 EN Gehr Receivability 01/10/2012 2013-UNAT-365 EN
UNDT/2012/145 EN Suri Suspension of action 01/10/2012    
UNDT/2012/146 EN Roig Receivability 04/10/2012 2013-UNAT-368 EN 2014-UNAT-491 EN
UNDT/2012/147 EN Dua Suspension of action 05/10/2012    
UNDT/2012/148 EN Kratschmer Receivability 09/10/2012    
UNDT/2012/149 EN Applicant Receivability 10/10/2012    
UNDT/2012/150 EN Bi Bea Other 11/10/2012 2013-UNAT-370 EN
UNDT/2012/151 EN Johnson Interpretation of judgment 12/10/2012    
UNDT/2012/152 EN Adlung Suspension of action 17/10/2012    
UNDT/2012/153 EN Abo-Esabia Suspension of action 17/10/2012    
UNDT/2012/154 EN Cooke Liability and relief 19/10/2012 2013-UNAT-380 EN
UNDT/2012/155 EN Miseleni Suspension of action 22/10/2012    
UNDT/2012/156 EN Vivarie Suspension of action 22/10/2012    
UNDT/2012/157 EN Wand Suspension of action 24/10/2012    
UNDT/2012/158 EN Koutang Liability and relief 30/10/2012 2013-UNAT-374 EN
UNDT/2012/159 EN Applicant Receivability 31/10/2012 2013-UNAT-381 EN
UNDT/2012/160 EN Buckley Suspension of action 31/10/2012    
UNDT/2012/161 EN Adewusi Liability and relief 31/10/2012 2013-UNAT-382 EN
UNDT/2012/162 EN Schoone Liability and relief 01/11/2012 2013-UNAT-375 EN
UNDT/2012/163 EN Simmons Liability and relief 02/11/2012    
UNDT/2012/164 FR, EN Andersson Liability and relief 05/11/2012 2013-UNAT-379 EN
UNDT/2012/165 FR, EN Bofill Liability and relief 05/11/2012 2013-UNAT-383 FR, EN
UNDT/2012/166 FR, EN Dualeh Liability and relief 05/11/2012    
UNDT/2012/167 EN Simmons Receivability 06/11/2012    
UNDT/2012/168 EN Seyidova Receivability 07/11/2012    
UNDT/2012/169 EN Kamara Liability and relief 07/11/2012 2014-UNAT-398 EN
UNDT/2012/170 EN Branche Liability and relief 07/11/2012 2013-UNAT-372 EN
UNDT/2012/171 EN Jordan Mostajo Receivability 07/11/2012    
UNDT/2012/172 EN Sina Other 07/11/2012    
UNDT/2012/173 EN Mathias Other 08/11/2012    
UNDT/2012/174 EN Agona Other 08/11/2012    
UNDT/2012/175 FR, EN Robineau Liability and relief 09/11/2012 2014-UNAT-396 EN
UNDT/2012/176 EN Ivanov Receivability 13/11/2012 2013-UNAT-378 EN
UNDT/2012/177 EN Ochem Suspension of action 14/11/2012    
UNDT/2012/178 EN Korotina Liability and relief 16/11/2012    
UNDT/2012/179 EN Mobono Liability and relief 16/11/2012    
UNDT/2012/180 EN Balinge Liability and relief 19/11/2012 2013-UNAT-377 EN
UNDT/2012/181 EN Candusso Liability and relief 19/11/2012    
UNDT/2012/182 EN Ur Rehman Receivability 19/11/2012    
UNDT/2012/183 EN Abu Ras Suspension of action 20/11/2012    
UNDT/2012/184 EN McCluskey Receivability 21/11/2012 2013-UNAT-384 EN
UNDT/2012/185 EN Samuel Thambiah Receivability 29/11/2012 2013-UNAT-385 EN
UNDT/2012/186 EN Ahmed Liability and relief 30/11/2012 2013-UNAT-386 EN
UNDT/2012/187 EN Zhouk Liability and relief 30/11/2012    
UNDT/2012/188 EN Reid Receivability 03/12/2012 2013-UNAT-389 EN
UNDT/2012/189 EN Jocondo Receivability 03/12/2012    
UNDT/2012/190 EN Gomes da Conceicao Receivability 04/12/2012    
UNDT/2012/191 EN Ainte Liability and relief 05/12/2012 2013-UNAT-388 EN
UNDT/2012/192 EN Gakumba Liability and relief 06/12/2012 2013-UNAT-387 EN 2014-UNAT-493 EN
UNDT/2012/193 EN Gambari Liability and relief 06/12/2012    
UNDT/2012/194 EN Giles Liability and relief 07/12/2012    
UNDT/2012/195 FR, EN Servas Receivability 11/12/2012 2013-UNAT-349 EN
UNDT/2012/196 EN Bastet Receivability 11/12/2012    
UNDT/2012/197 EN Tolstopiatov Liability and relief 11/12/2012    
UNDT/2012/198 EN Shaidi-Ngatunga Suspension of action 14/12/2012    
UNDT/2012/199 FR, EN McCloskey Receivability 14/12/2012    
UNDT/2012/200 EN Finniss Liability and relief 19/12/2012 2014-UNAT-397 EN
UNDT/2012/201 EN Haydar Liability and relief 19/12/2012    
UNDT/2012/202 EN Dakamseh Liability and relief 21/12/2012    
UNDT/2012/203 EN Featherstone Liability and relief 21/12/2012    
UNDT/2012/204 EN Abosedra Receivability 24/12/2012    
UNDT/2012/205 EN Rafii Liability and relief 24/12/2012    
UNDT/2012/206 FR, EN Jahnsen Lecca Liability and relief 31/12/2012 2014-UNAT-408 EN
UNDT/2012/207 EN Bairam Suspension of action 31/12/2012    
UNDT/2012/208 EN Egglesfield Liability and relief 31/12/2012 2014-UNAT-399 EN