UN Dispute Tribunal Judgments - 2011

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Judgment No.
Case Name
Judgment Type
Lang. Appeal
UNDT/2011/001 EN, FR Arida Other 06/01/2011    
UNDT/2011/002 EN, FR Montebon Other 06/01/2011    
UNDT/2011/003 EN, FR Navarro Other 06/01/2011    
UNDT/2011/004 EN, FR Meron Liability and relief 07/01/2011 2012-UNAT-198 EN
UNDT/2011/005 FR, EN Comerford-Verzuu Receivability 10/01/2011 2012-UNAT-203 EN
UNDT/2011/006 FR, EN Kunanayakam Liability and relief 10/01/2011    
UNDT/2011/007 FR, EN Ndjadi Receivability 12/01/2011 2012-UNAT-197 FR
UNDT/2011/008 EN, FR Buendia Other 12/01/2011    
UNDT/2011/009 EN Supetran Other 12/01/2011    
UNDT/2011/010 EN, FR Manal Other 12/01/2011    
UNDT/2011/011 EN, FR Francisco Other 12/01/2011    
UNDT/2011/012 EN Tolstopiatov Relief only 13/01/2011    
UNDT/2011/013 FR, EN Mandol Liability and relief 13/01/2011    
UNDT/2011/014 FR, EN Villanueva Liability and relief 14/01/2011    
UNDT/2011/015 EN Giuliano Suspension of action 24/01/2011    
UNDT/2011/016 EN Westberg Want of prosecution 20/01/2011    
UNDT/2011/017 EN Harding Liability and relief 20/01/2011 2011-UNAT-188 EN
UNDT/2011/018 EN, FR Bridgeman Liability only (with relief to follow) 25/01/2011    
UNDT/2011/019 EN, FR Odio-Benito Receivability 24/01/2011 2012-UNAT-196 FR
UNDT/2011/020 EN Omondi Liability and relief 25/01/2011    
UNDT/2011/021 FR, EN Osterrieder Liability and relief 25/01/2011    
UNDT/2011/022 FR, EN Edwards Liability and relief 26/01/2011 2012-UNAT-212 EN
UNDT/2011/023 EN, FR Sahel Receivability 28/01/2011    
UNDT/2011/024 EN, FR Worsley Liability and relief 27/01/2011 2012-UNAT-199 EN
UNDT/2011/025 EN Biau Other 01/02/2011    
UNDT/2011/026 EN, FR Majbri Liability and relief 01/02/2011 2012-UNAT-200 EN
UNDT/2011/027 EN, FR Applicant Other 01/02/2011    
UNDT/2011/028 EN, FR Larkin Liability and relief 02/02/2011 2011-UNAT-135 EN
UNDT/2011/029 EN, FR Yonis Other 04/02/2011    
UNDT/2011/030 EN, FR Guevara Other 04/02/2011    
UNDT/2011/031 EN, FR Chijarira Other 08/02/2011    
UNDT/2011/032 EN, FR Obdeijn Liability and relief 10/02/2011 2012-UNAT-201 EN
UNDT/2011/033 EN, FR Seki Other 16/02/2011    
UNDT/2011/034 EN, FR Kamal Liability and relief 18/02/2011 2012-UNAT-204 EN
UNDT/2011/035 FR, EN Marsh Liability and relief 23/02/2011 2012-UNAT-205 EN
UNDT/2011/036 FR, EN Edelenbos Liability and relief 23/02/2011    
UNDT/2011/037 EN, FR Jaen Other 25/02/2011    
UNDT/2011/038 EN, FR Jaen Other 25/02/2011    
UNDT/2011/039 FR, EN Liverakos Liability and relief 25/02/2011 2012-UNAT-206 FR
UNDT/2011/040 EN Amar Liability and relief 25/02/2011    
UNDT/2011/041 EN, FR Applicant Want of prosecution 25/02/2011    
UNDT/2011/042 EN, FR Kamanou Want of prosecution 25/02/2011    
UNDT/2011/043 EN, FR Zewdu Receivability 02/03/2011    
UNDT/2011/044 EN, FR Odio-Benito Revision of judgment 03/03/2011    
UNDT/2011/045 EN, FR Rosenberg Liability and relief 03/03/2011    
UNDT/2011/046 EN, FR Hallal Liability and relief 09/03/2011 2012-UNAT-207 EN
UNDT/2011/047 FR, EN Ernst Liability and relief 08/03/2011 2012-UNAT-227 EN
UNDT/2011/048 FR, EN Cieniewicz Liability and relief 08/03/2011 2012-UNAT-232 EN
UNDT/2011/049 EN, FR Woinowsky-Krieger Other 09/03/2011    
UNDT/2011/050 EN, FR Ostensson Liability and relief 10/03/2011    
UNDT/2011/051 EN, FR Mills-Aryee Suspension of action 11/03/2011    
UNDT/2011/052 FR, EN Behluli Receivability 14/03/2011    
UNDT/2011/053 FR, EN Warintarawat Receivability 15/03/2011 2012-UNAT-208 FR
UNDT/2011/054 EN Applicant Liability only (with relief to follow) 16/03/2011 2012-UNAT-209 EN
UNDT/2011/055 EN, RU, , FR Mialeshka Receivability 21/03/2011    
UNDT/2011/056 FR, EN Deriche Liability and relief 23/03/2011    
UNDT/2011/057 FR, EN Grigoryan Liability and relief 23/03/2011    
UNDT/2011/058 EN, FR Kozlov & Romadanov Liability only (with relief to follow) 30/03/2011 2012-UNAT-228 EN
UNDT/2011/059 EN Pirnea Suspension of action 31/03/2011    
UNDT/2011/060 EN, FR Finniss Liability and relief 31/03/2011 2012-UNAT-210 EN
UNDT/2011/061 EN Yisma Liability and relief 31/03/2011    
UNDT/2011/062 FR, EN Diara Liability and relief 01/04/2011    
UNDT/2011/063 EN, FR Hunt-Matthes Receivability 06/04/2011 2014-UNAT-444 EN
UNDT/2011/064 EN, FR Hunt-Matthes Receivability 06/04/2011    
UNDT/2011/065 EN, FR Tranchant Other 06/04/2011    
UNDT/2011/066 EN, FR Tranchant Other 06/04/2011    
UNDT/2011/067 EN Borhom Liability and relief 08/04/2011    
UNDT/2011/068 EN, FR Garcia Liability and relief 08/04/2011    
UNDT/2011/069 EN, FR Morin Liability and relief 12/04/2011    
UNDT/2011/070 EN Squassoni Liability and relief 13/04/2011 2012-UNAT-213 EN
UNDT/2011/071 EN, FR Chawla Suspension of action 18/04/2011    
UNDT/2011/072 EN, FR Naval Other 25/04/2011    
UNDT/2011/073 EN, FR Modeste Want of prosecution 25/04/2011    
UNDT/2011/074 EN, FR Scheepers Receivability 26/04/2011 2012-UNAT-211 EN
UNDT/2011/075 EN, FR Redzic Other 28/04/2011    
UNDT/2011/076 EN Perrot-Maitre Suspension of action 29/04/2011    
UNDT/2011/077 FR, EN Wilson Liability and relief 02/05/2011    
UNDT/2011/078 EN Ikegame Other 03/05/2011    
UNDT/2011/079 EN, FR Ippolito Other 04/05/2011    
UNDT/2011/080 FR, EN Fradin de Bellabre Liability and relief 05/05/2011 2012-UNAT-214 FR
UNDT/2011/081 EN Cabrera Liability and relief 06/05/2011 2012-UNAT-215 EN
UNDT/2011/082 FR, EN Nwokeabia Receivability 11/05/2011    
UNDT/2011/083 EN, FR Schook Liability and relief 11/05/2011 2012-UNAT-216 EN
UNDT/2011/084 EN Simmons Liability and relief 16/05/2011 2012-UNAT-221 EN
UNDT/2011/085 EN Simmons Liability and relief 16/05/2011 2012-UNAT-222 EN
UNDT/2011/086 EN Sow Liability and relief 20/05/2011    
UNDT/2011/087 FR, EN Benhamou Receivability 20/05/2011    
UNDT/2011/088 FR, EN Benhamou Liability and relief 20/05/2011    
UNDT/2011/089 EN, FR Rahimi Receivability 23/05/2011 2012-UNAT-217 EN
UNDT/2011/090 EN, FR Corna Other 24/05/2011    
UNDT/2011/091 EN Patterson Receivability 27/05/2011    
UNDT/2011/092 EN Xu Liability and relief 31/05/2011    
UNDT/2011/093 EN Deng Deng Liability and relief 31/05/2011    
UNDT/2011/094 EN Sprauten Liability and relief 01/06/2011 2012-UNAT-219 EN
UNDT/2011/095 EN Price Receivability 01/06/2011    
UNDT/2011/096 EN, FR Mbatha Liability and relief 01/06/2011    
UNDT/2011/097 EN Dudley Want of prosecution 07/06/2011    
UNDT/2011/098 FR, EN Mezoui Liability and relief 10/06/2011 2012-UNAT-220 EN
UNDT/2011/099 EN De Cruze Liability and relief 14/06/2011    
UNDT/2011/100 EN De Cruze Liability and relief 14/06/2011    
UNDT/2011/101 FR, EN Nyakossi Liability and relief 16/06/2011 2012-UNAT-254 EN
UNDT/2011/102 EN Zhouk Liability and relief 17/06/2011 2012-UNAT-224 EN
UNDT/2011/103 EN Kozlov & Romadanov Relief only 20/06/2011 2012-UNAT-228 EN
UNDT/2011/104 EN, FR Goodwin Liability only (with relief to follow) 21/06/2011    
UNDT/2011/105 EN Al-Mulla Liability and relief 22/06/2011 2012-UNAT-226 EN
UNDT/2011/106 EN Applicant Liability only (with relief to follow) 23/06/2011 2013-UNAT-280 EN
UNDT/2011/107 EN Nwuke Suspension of action 23/06/2011    
UNDT/2011/108 EN Scott Liability and relief 23/06/2011 2012-UNAT-225 EN
UNDT/2011/109 EN Survo Other 23/06/2011    
UNDT/2011/110 EN Igbinedion Suspension of action 24/06/2011    
UNDT/2011/111 EN Al-Behaisi Receivability 24/06/2011    
UNDT/2011/112 EN Kayed Receivability 24/06/2011    
UNDT/2011/113 FR, EN Bouchardy Liability and relief 24/06/2011    
UNDT/2011/114 EN Philippart Want of prosecution 24/06/2011    
UNDT/2011/115 EN Ibrahim Liability and relief 27/06/2011    
UNDT/2011/116 EN Guimaraes Liability and relief 28/06/2011    
UNDT/2011/117 EN Pandey Liability and relief 30/06/2011    
UNDT/2011/118 EN Fetahu et al Suspension of Action 30/06/2011    
UNDT/2011/119 EN Tetova Suspension of Action 30/06/2011 2012-UNAT-229 EN
UNDT/2011/120 EN Suliqi Suspension of Action 30/06/2011    
UNDT/2011/121 EN Reid Suspension of Action 07/07/2011    
UNDT/2011/122 EN Kweka Suspension of action 07/07/2011    
UNDT/2011/123 EN Johnson Liability and relief 30/06/1011    
UNDT/2011/124 EN Johnson Liability and relief 30/06/2011    
UNDT/2011/125 FR, EN Muratore Receivability 11/07/2011 2012-UNAT-241 EN
UNDT/2011/126 EN Villamoran Suspension of action 12/07/2011 2011-UNAT-160 EN
UNDT/2011/127 FR, EN Massabni Liability and relief 13/07/2011 2012-UNAT-238 EN
UNDT/2011/128 EN Buckley Receivability 13/07/2011    
UNDT/2011/129 FR, EN Muratore Liability and relief 14/07/2011 2012-UNAT-245 EN
UNDT/2011/130 EN Hernandez Want of prosecution 15/07/2011    
UNDT/2011/131 EN Applicant Relief only 20/07/2011 2012-UNAT-209 EN
UNDT/2011/132 EN Gabaldon Liability and relief 22/07/2011    
UNDT/2011/133 EN Dougherty Suspension of action 22/07/2011    
UNDT/2011/134 EN Berger Suspension of action 28/07/2011    
UNDT/2011/135 EN Perrot-Maitre Suspension of action 29/07/2011    
UNDT/2011/136 EN Slade Suspension of action 01/08/2011    
UNDT/2011/137 EN Nzau Execution of judgment 02/08/2011    
UNDT/2011/138 EN Bagula Liability and relief 04/08/2011 2012-UNAT-237 EN
UNDT/2011/139 EN Charles Liability and relief 04/08/2011 2012-UNAT-233 EN
UNDT/2011/140 EN Gebre Receivability 11/08/2011    
UNDT/2011/141 EN Ehounoubakrohi Liability and relief 11/08/2011    
UNDT/2011/142 EN Gehr Liability and relief 12/08/2011 2012-UNAT-236 EN
UNDT/2011/143 EN Igunda Suspension of action 12/08/2011    
UNDT/2011/144 FR, EN Johnson Liability and relief 17/08/2011 2012-UNAT-240 FR, EN
UNDT/2011/145 EN Bridgeman Relief only 24/08/2011    
UNDT/2011/146 EN Rawat Suspension of action 25/08/2011    
UNDT/2011/147 EN Jocondo Suspension of action 24/08/2011    
UNDT/2011/148 FR Abbas Liability and relief 25/08/2011    
UNDT/2011/149 EN Magnani Suspension of action 25/08/2011    
UNDT/2011/150 EN Gehr Suspension of action 25/08/2011 2012-UNAT-234 EN
UNDT/2011/151 EN Ashraf Suspension of action 26/08/2011    
UNDT/2011/152 EN Konneh Suspension of action 26/08/2011    
UNDT/2011/153 EN Chattopadhyay Suspension of action 30/08/2011    
UNDT/2011/154 EN Hersh Suspension of action 31/08/2011 2012-UNAT-243 FR, EN
UNDT/2011/155 EN Bali Suspension of action 31/08/2011 2012-UNAT-244 FR, EN
UNDT/2011/156 EN Rees Liability and relief 06/09/2011 2012-UNAT-266 EN
UNDT/2011/157 EN Lorand Receivability 06/09/2011    
UNDT/2011/158 EN Applicant Suspension of action 07/09/2011    
UNDT/2011/159 EN Charles Liability and relief 08/09/2011 2012-UNAT-242 EN
UNDT/2011/160 FR, EN Douaji Liability and relief 15/09/2011    
UNDT/2011/161 FR, EN Megherbi Liability and relief 15/09/2011    
UNDT/2011/162 FR Mushema Liability and relief 16/09/2011 2012-UNAT-247 EN
UNDT/2011/163 EN Mwamsaku Liability and relief 16/09/2011 2012-UNAT-246 EN
UNDT/2011/164 EN Amit Liability and relief 22/09/2011    
UNDT/2011/165 FR, EN Kisselev Liability and relief 16/09/2011    
UNDT/2011/166 FR, EN Iskandar Liability and relief 21/09/2011 2012-UNAT-248 EN
UNDT/2011/167 EN Stephens Suspension of action 22/09/2011    
UNDT/2011/168 EN Di Giacomo Receivability 26/09/2011 2012-UNAT-249 EN
UNDT/2011/169 EN Klein Liability and relief 28/09/2011    
UNDT/2011/170 EN McCluskey Suspension of action 29/09/2011    
UNDT/2011/171 EN Xu Liability and relief 05/10/2011 2012-UNAT-251 EN
UNDT/2011/172 FR, EN Gordon Liability and relief 06/10/2011    
UNDT/2011/173 FR, EN Gordon Liability and relief 06/10/2011 2012-UNAT-262 EN
UNDT/2011/174 FR, EN Baron Receivability 07/10/2011 2012-UNAT-257 EN
UNDT/2011/175 FR De Saint Robert Suspension of action 12/10/2011 2012-UNAT-259 FR
UNDT/2011/176 EN Kananura Suspension of action 13/10/2011 2012-UNAT-258 EN
UNDT/2011/177 EN Lex Receivability 14/10/2011    
UNDT/2011/178 EN Gehr Liability and relief 18/10/2011    
UNDT/2011/179 EN Larkin Liability and relief 18/10/2011 2012-UNAT-263 EN
UNDT/2011/180 FR, EN Cremades Receivability 21/10/2011 2012-UNAT-271 EN
UNDT/2011/181 FR, EN Choi Liability and relief 24/10/2011 2016-UNAT-651 EN
UNDT/2011/182 EN Seddik Ben Omar Liability and relief 26/10/2011 2012-UNAT-264 EN
UNDT/2011/183 FR, EN Rahman Receivability 28/10/2011 2012-UNAT-260 EN
UNDT/2011/184 EN Parekh Suspension of action 31/10/2011    
UNDT/2011/185 EN Helminger Suspension of action 31/10/2011    
UNDT/2011/186 EN Buckley Suspension of action 31/10/2011    
UNDT/2011/187 FR, EN Applicant Suspension of action 04/11/2011    
UNDT/2011/188 EN Omer Suspension of action 04/11/2011    
UNDT/2011/189 EN Garcia Suspension of action 04/11/2011    
UNDT/2011/190 EN Osmanli Suspension of action 09/11/2011    
UNDT/2011/191 EN Benchebbak Suspension of action 10/11/2011    
UNDT/2011/192 EN Applicant Relief only 10/11/2011 2013-UNAT-280 EN
UNDT/2011/193 EN Payman Receivability 11/11/2011    
UNDT/2011/194 EN Achkar Receivability 15/11/2011 2012-UNAT-267 EN
UNDT/2011/195 EN Corbett Liability and relief 15/11/2011    
UNDT/2011/196 EN Neskorozhana Suspension of action 15/11/2011    
UNDT/2011/197 EN Gabriel-Van Dongen Liability and relief 21/11/2011    
UNDT/2011/198 EN Chattopadhyay Suspension of action 21/11/2011    
UNDT/2011/199 EN Mistral Al-Kidwa Liability and relief 22/11/2011    
UNDT/2011/200 EN Di Giacomo Revision of judgment 23/11/2011    
UNDT/2011/201 EN Rees Relief only 25/11/2011 2012-UNAT-266 EN
UNDT/2011/202 EN Bangoura Liability (with relief to follow) 30/11/2011 2012-UNAT-268 EN
UNDT/2011/203 FR, EN Allen Liability and relief 30/11/2011    
UNDT/2011/204 EN Onana Receivability 30/11/2011    
UNDT/2011/205 EN Marshall Liability and relief 30/11/2011 2012-UNAT-270 EN
UNDT/2011/206 EN Jitsamruay Suspension of action 01/12/2011    
UNDT/2011/207 FR, EN Rasool Liability and relief 06/12/2011    
UNDT/2011/208 EN Ljungdell Liability and relief 08/12/2011 2012-UNAT-265 EN
UNDT/2011/209 EN Shanks Liability only (with relief to follow) 08/12/2011    
UNDT/2011/210 EN Philippi Liability only (with relief to follow) 09/12/2011    
UNDT/2011/211 EN Gehr Liability and relief 14/12/2011 2012-UNAT-253 EN
UNDT/2011/212 EN Evangelista Suspension of action 15/12/2011    
UNDT/2011/213 FR Applicant Receivability 16/12/2011    
UNDT/2011/214 FR, EN Ruis Liability and relief 19/12/2011    
UNDT/2011/215 EN Ekofo Liability and relief 20/12/2011    
UNDT/2011/216 EN Cooke Receivability 28/12/2011 2012-UNAT-275 EN
UNDT/2011/217 EN Rosana Receivability 29/12/2011 2012-UNAT-273 EN
UNDT/2011/218 EN Massah Liability and relief 29/12/2011 2012-UNAT-274 EN
UNDT/2011/219 EN Abubakr Liability and relief 29/12/2011 2012-UNAT-272 EN

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