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Judgment No.
Case Name
Judgment Type
Lang. Appeal
UNDT/2009/001 EN, FR Tsoneva Suspension of action 10/07/2009    
UNDT/2009/002 EN, FR Jennings Suspension of action 16/07/2009    
UNDT/2009/003 EN, FR Hepworth Suspension of action 22/07/2009    
UNDT/2009/004 EN, FR Fradin de Bellarbe Suspension of action 30/07/2009    
UNDT/2009/005 EN, FR Campos Other 12/08/2009    
UNDT/2009/006 EN, FR Manokhin Liability and relief 13/08/2009    
UNDT/2009/007 EN, FR Rees Suspension of action 13/08/2009    
UNDT/2009/008 EN, FR Osman Suspension of action 13/08/2009    
UNDT/2009/009 EN, FR Kouka Liability and relief 18/08/2009    
UNDT/2009/010 EN, FR Campos Other 12/08/2009 2010-UNAT-001 EN
UNDT/2009/011 EN, FR Sefraoui Receivability 25/08/2009    
UNDT/2009/012 EN, FR Adorna Receivability 28/08/2009    
UNDT/2009/013 EN, FR Parker Merits 27/08/2009 2010-UNAT-002 EN
UNDT/2009/014 EN, FR Parker Merits 27/08/2009    
UNDT/2009/015 EN, FR Abboud Other 31/08/2009    
UNDT/2009/016 EN, FR Tadonki Suspension of action 01/09/2009 2010-UNAT-005 EN
UNDT/2009/017 EN, FR Kasmani Suspension of action 11/09/2009    
UNDT/2009/018 EN, FR D'Hooge Receivability 10/09/2009    
UNDT/2009/019 EN, FR Balestrieri Other 17/09/2009 2010-UNAT-041 EN
UNDT/2009/020 EN, FR Hussein Other 17/09/2009 2010-UNAT-006 EN
UNDT/2009/021 FR, EN Campos 18/09/2009 2010-UNAT-001 EN
UNDT/2009/022 EN, FR Kasyanov Liability 23/09/2009    
UNDT/2009/023 EN, FR Sheykhiyani Other 23/09/2009    
UNDT/2009/024 EN, FR Koda Other 30/09/2009    
UNDT/2009/024 Corr1 EN, FR Koda Other 30/09/2009    
UNDT/2009/025 EN, FR James Liability and relief 30/09/2009 2010-UNAT-009 EN
UNDT/2009/026 FR, EN Mezoui Receivability 02/10/2009 2010-UNAT-043
UNDT/2009/027 EN, FR Sina Other 02/10/2009    
UNDT/2009/028 EN, FR Crichlow Liability and relief 05/10/2009 2010-UNAT-035 EN
UNDT/2009/029 EN, FR Gonzalez-Ruiz & Buscaglia Other 06/10/2009    
UNDT/2009/030 EN, FR Hastings Liability 07/10/2009    
UNDT/2009/031 FR, EN Diallo Receivability 07/10/2009    
UNDT/2009/032 EN, FR Koumoin Relief 12/10/2009    
UNDT/2009/033 EN, FR Onana Suspension of action 13/10/2009 2010-UNAT-008 EN
UNDT/2009/034 EN, FR Shashaa Liability 13/10/2009    
UNDT/2009/035 EN, FR Caldarone Suspension of action 14/10/2009    
UNDT/2009/036 EN, FR Morsy Other 14/10/2009    
UNDT/2009/037 FR, EN Johnson Receivability 14/10/2009    
UNDT/2009/038 FR, EN Andrysek Merits 16/10/2009 2010-UNAT-070 EN
UNDT/2009/039 FR, EN Mebtouche Merits 16/10/2009 2010-UNAT-033 EN
UNDT/2009/040 FR, EN Ardisson Merits 16/10/2009 2010-UNAT-052 FR, EN
UNDT/2009/041 FR, EN Ippolito Merits 16/10/2009    
UNDT/2009/042 FR, EN Ishak Merits 16/10/2009 2010-UNAT-050 EN
UNDT/2009/043 FR, EN Lunshof Merits 16/10/2009    
UNDT/2009/044 FR, EN Mutata Merits 16/10/2009    
UNDT/2009/045 FR, EN Solanki Merits 16/10/2009 2010-UNAT-044 EN
UNDT/2009/046 FR, EN Ilic Merits 16/10/2009 2010-UNAT-051 EN
UNDT/2009/047 FR, EN Joshi Merits 16/10/2009    
UNDT/2009/048 FR, EN Tsoneva Merits 16/10/2009 2010-UNAT-045 FR, EN
UNDT/2009/049 FR, EN Vangelova Merits 16/10/2009 2010-UNAT-046 EN
UNDT/2009/049 Corr.1 FR, EN Vangelova Merits 16/10/2009 2010-UNAT-046 EN
UNDT/2009/050 EN, FR Koda Other 19/10/2009    
UNDT/2009/051 EN, FR Costa Receivability 21/10/2009 2010-UNAT-036
UNDT/2009/052 EN, FR Rosca Receivability 22/10/2009 2011-UNAT-133 EN
UNDT/2009/053 EN, FR Adrian Other 22/10/2009    
UNDT/2009/054 EN, FR Nwuke Receivability 26/10/2009    
UNDT/2009/055 EN, FR Bhatia Other 28/10/2009    
UNDT/2009/056 EN, FR Hijaz Other 29/10/2009 2010-UNAT-055 FR, EN
UNDT/2009/057 EN, FR Diagne et al. Other 30/10/2009 2010-UNAT-067 EN
UNDT/2009/058 EN, FR Tadonki Interpretation 30/10/2009 2010-UNAT-010 EN
UNDT/2009/059 EN, FR Macneil Receivability 02/11/2009    
UNDT/2009/060 EN, FR Lutta Other 03/11/2009    
UNDT/2009/061 EN, FR Bimo Other 03/11/2009    
UNDT/2009/062 EN, FR Hastopalli, Stiplasek Other 03/11/2009    
UNDT/2009/063 EN, FR Kasmani Suspension of action 03/11/2009 2010-UNAT-011
UNDT/2009/064 EN, FR Buckley Suspension of action 03/11/2009    
UNDT/2009/065 EN, FR Schook Receivability 04/11/2009 2010-UNAT-013 EN
UNDT/2009/066 EN, FR Parker Merits 04/11/2009 2010-UNAT-012 EN
UNDT/2009/067 EN, FR Gabriel Other 18/11/2009    
UNDT/2009/068 EN, FR Blanc Receivability  06/11/2009    
UNDT/2009/069 EN, FR Ghosn Other 06/11/2009    
UNDT/2009/070 EN, FR Planas Receivability 06/11/2009    
UNDT/2009/071 EN, FR Corcoran Suspension of action 11/11/2009    
UNDT/2009/072 FR, EN Ishak Merits 11/11/2009    
UNDT/2009/073 EN, FR Wysocki Liability and relief 11/11/2009    
UNDT/2009/074 EN, FR Luvai Merits 16/11/2009 2010-UNAT-014
UNDT/2009/075 EN, FR Castelli Liability and relief 13/11/2009 2010-UNAT-037 FR, EN
UNDT/2009/076 EN, FR Miyazaki Suspension of action 17/11/2009    
UNDT/2009/077 FR, EN Hocking, Jarvis, McIntyre Receivability 20/11/2009 2010-UNAT-031 EN
UNDT/2009/078 EN, FR Koh Merits 20/11/2009    
UNDT/2009/079 EN, FR Abubakr Other 20/11/2009    
UNDT/2009/080 EN, FR Jennings Suspension of action 24/11/2009    
UNDT/2009/081 EN, FR Macharia Other 24/11/2009 2010-UNAT-015 EN
UNDT/2009/082 EN, FR Krioutchkov Other 25/11/2009    
UNDT/2009/083 EN, FR Bye Merits 30/11/2009    
UNDT/2009/084 EN, FR Wu Merits 30/11/2009 2010-UNAT-042 EN
UNDT/2009/085 FR, EN Boutruche Merits 30/11/2009    
UNDT/2009/086 EN, FR Planas Receivability 10/11/2009 2010-UNAT-049 EN
UNDT/2009/087 FR, EN Mezoui Other 10/12/2009 2011-UNAT-101 EN
UNDT/2009/088 EN, FR Nogueira Other 16/12/2009    
UNDT/2009/089 EN, FR Wilkinson et al Merits 15/12/2009    
UNDT/2009/090 EN, FR Teferra Receivability 17/12/2009    
UNDT/2009/091 FR, EN Coulibaly Other 17/12/2009    
UNDT/2009/092 EN, FR Calvani Suspension of action 18/12/2009    
UNDT/2009/093 FR, EN Syed Merits 22/12/2009 2010-UNAT-061 EN
UNDT/2009/094 EN, FR Bernard Suspension of action 23/12/2009    
UNDT/2009/095 EN, FR Sefraoui Liability and relief 23/12/2009 2010-UNAT-048 EN
UNDT/2009/096 EN, FR Utkina Suspension of action 31/12/2009    
UNDT/2009/097 EN, FR Lewis Suspension of action 31/12/2009