Intergovernmental services

The Secretary-General addresses the opening the General Assembly's 74th session. UN Photo/Cia Pak

Our clients

The General Assembly and Economic and Social Council Affairs Division provides services for, among others, the following intergovernmental bodies:


Our services

The Division performs various functions to support the work of intergovernmental bodies at all stages. Some of the services often required by delegations are available to authorized delegates through the password-protected e-deleGATE portal, including:

  • List of speakers. The eSpeakers system for the plenary and the respective Main Committees of the General Assembly allows for the registration of individuals for inclusion on the list of speakers.
  • Co-sponsoring a draft resolution/decision. The eSponsorship portal for the plenary and the respective Main Committees allows for the co-sponsorship of a particular draft resolution/decision.
  • List of participants. The e-List of participants portal allows for the registration of delegates for participation in the meetings of the respective intergovernmental bodies.
  • Elections. Information on candidates submitted by Member States for a particular session may be found on Candiweb.



For more information about services and facilities available to delegates at Headquarters, please see the following resources.