Registration of Mission Staff

Ground Passes

A grounds pass provides access to the United Nations Headquarters and is a result of being registered as personnel of a mission or office. Principals must be properly registered before their grounds pass can be issued. If you have any questions about registration, please consult the checklist. 

Please keep in mind that only principals and spouses of diplomatic personnel can be granted grounds passes.

When submitting grounds pass requests, the following required documents must be electronically included if you are requesting a pass for:


Members of Permanent Missions or Observer Offices:

  • Cover Letter,
  • United Nations building pass form SG.32.


Former Permanent Representatives and their Spouses:

  • Cover Letter signed by the current Permanent Representative or Chargé d’Affaires,
  • United Nations building pass form SG.38.


Members of Specialized Agencies*:

  • Cover Letter,
  • United Nations building pass form SG.34.
  • Copy of contract.


* Please note: for first time issuance, you must also include United Nations registration form SSS.73  and one passport size photo.


As incomplete requests cannot be processed, our office strongly recommends you consult the checklist. 

Please allow two business days for the Protocol Service to process your building pass request.



Download checklist

UN Pass security check

Having a valid United Nations grounds pass is important for both the staff of UN Headquarters in New York and for the personnel of the Permanent Missions and Observer Offices. This is a historical photo taken on 1 June 1969.

UN Photo / Yutaka Nagata