Secretariat of the Committee on Conferences


The Management Support Section of the Central Planning and Coordination Division of the Department for General Assembly and Conference Management serves as the technical and substantive secretariat of the Committee on Conferences. It assists the Committee in carrying out its mandate in accordance with General Assembly resolution 43/222. The staff of the Section prepares the Committee’s parliamentary documentation. It also prepares statistical information for consideration by the Committee on the utilization of conference-servicing resources at New York, Geneva, Vienna and Nairobi to guide it in the preparation of its recommendations to the Assembly on the best utilization of those resources.

When the General Assembly examines the question of the pattern of conferences, based on the report of the Committee on Conferences, the Section provides the additional information needed to assist the Assembly in its deliberations.

The Secretariat of the Committee is headed by a Secretary and a Deputy Secretary whose offices are located on the 12th floor of the Secretariat Building.

The secretariat of the Committee on Conferences can be contacted at this email address:



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