Meetings of the Committee on Conferences

Meetings of the Committee

Organizational session

The Committee holds a half-day organizational session in the spring to elect its Bureau and to adopt the agenda for its substantive session.

In odd-numbered years, the Committee reviews the calendar of conferences in the economic, social and related fields for the following biennium and submits its observations and recommendations to the Economic and Social Council for consideration at its substantive session.


Prior to the substantive session, the Department for General Assembly and Conference Management provides an informal briefing to the Committee with a view to familiarizing its members and observers with various aspects of the Committee’s work.

Substantive session

The Committee usually holds a five-day substantive session in early September at which it considers all items on its agenda. The session concludes with a formal meeting to review and adopt the Committee’s report, including a draft resolution recommended for consideration by the Administrative and Budgetary Committee (Fifth Committee).

Ad hoc meetings

Although the Committee follows a consistent pattern for its annual meetings, it is entitled to meet on an “as required” basis if a matter is deemed urgent for its consideration. In most cases, including those involving a request for an intersessional departure from the approved calendar of conferences and meetings or a request for exception to meet during the main part of the General Assembly session, the Committee reaches consensus through electronic circulation of the necessary documentation.




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