Central Planning and Coordination Division

About us

The Central Planning and Coordination Division is the control centre for conference management at United Nations Headquarters in New York. It consists of the Documents Management Section, the Management Support Section and the Meetings Management Section.


Our work

The two major planks of conference management – meetings and documentation – come together under the Central Planning and Coordination Division. Before any meeting can be held and before any document can be processed at Headquarters, the Division carries out an in-depth review of all conference-servicing requirements for both meetings and documentation, as spelled out in the legislative mandates of intergovernmental and other official bodies.

Once all conference-servicing requirements and the expected timing of their delivery have been established in the form of a calendar of meetings or a slotting schedule of documentation, the work of the Division shifts from planning and forecasting to implementation. In practice, this means that documents are received, processed and issued to those bodies that have requested them for consideration and that meetings are held with the services requested.