Business Analysis Section

About us

In the Business Analysis Section, information technology professionals, such as software developers, infrastructure architects and quality assurance specialists, work in teams to deliver solutions, as mandated by Member States and under the direction of the respective business owners.


Our work

The Business Analysis Section is primarily responsible for the strategy, design and implementation of major information and communications technology projects and initiatives serving the Department for General Assembly and Conference Management and its clients.

In close coordination with the Office of Information and Communications Technology and the gProject technical team in Vienna, the Section focuses on overall strategy, governance of information and communications technology, business analysis and enterprise architecture. 

The Section works with business owners in the Department to envisage, conceptualize, implement and support the digital transformation of conference management services. Major projects are governed by project boards following the Prince2 project management framework. The development approach uses agile methodologies.

In addition to the more than 3,000 Member State delegates participating in meetings at United Nations Headquarters, clients include departmental staff at the four duty stations, other departments and offices in New York, as well as the general public, for whom access is provided to high-profile applications such as the Journal of the United Nations.