Meetings Management Section

About us

The Meetings Management Section manages all requests for the use of meeting rooms at United Nations Headquarters in New York. The Journal Unit is also part of the Section.


Our work

The Section has the following responsibilities:

  • Preparing the calendar of conferences and meetings of the United Nations, which is issued on a biennial basis with annual updates
  • Programming meetings on a monthly, weekly and daily basis by scheduling calendar meetings, as well as non-calendar meetings, in gMeets and preparing monthly, weekly and daily schedules of meetings for circulation to other meeting service providers for workload assignments or capacity planning
  • Preparing and issuing the Journal of the United Nations in digital and PDF formats in the six official languages of the United Nations
  • Managing meetings held away from Headquarters by participating in planning missions and coordinating the provision of conference services
  • Reviewing the conference servicing implications of draft resolutions of the General Assembly and its Main Committees, as well as those of the Economic and Social Council and its subsidiary and related bodies, and providing input for inclusion in statements of programme budget implications or relevant oral statements


Meetings management