Management Support Section

About us

The Management Support Section works in close coordination with the Meetings Management Section, the Documents Management Section and the other divisions of the Department for General Assembly and Conference Management to provide analysis and substantive support for conference servicing operations. It oversees the Evaluation, Analysis and Monitoring Unit.


Our work

The Section has five main functions:

  • Interacting with intergovernmental bodies that have a direct impact on the operations of the Department, such as the Fifth Committee, the Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions, the Committee on Conferences and the Committee for Programme and Coordination
  • Providing high-level quantitative analysis, policy advice and other management support on cross-cutting issues to senior officials of the Department, thereby enabling them to make well-informed managerial decisions for the achievement of greater full-system efficiency and effectiveness
  • Facilitating integrated global management by establishing a solid foundation of transparent common yardsticks, harmonizing key performance indicators, providing critical information in a timely manner, developing standard operating procedures and engaging in institutional knowledge management
  • Serving as the focal point in managing the process of assessing the conference services implications contained in draft resolutions
  • Serving as the secretariat of the Committee on Conferences