The Bureau is elected each year by geographical rotation among the five regional groups and consists of a Chair, three Vice-Chairs and a Rapporteur. The role of the Bureau is to help ensure the efficient organization, coordination and management of the work of the Committee.


Current Bureau members elected in 2022


  • Szymon Pekala (Poland)



  • Kavoy Anthony Ashley (Jamaica)
  • Joseph Masila (Kenya)
  • Sugeeshwara Gunaratna (Sri Lanka)



  • Vitorino Mello Oliveira (Portugal)


Previous Bureau Members (1988-2021)

Year Chair: Vice-Chairs: Vice-Chairs: Vice-Chairs: Rapporteur:
2021 Austria Jamaica Malaysia Ukraine Algeria
2020 Algeria Japan United States of America   Guyana
2019 Guyana Ghana Ukraine United States of America (the) Nepal
2018 Nepal Guyana Hungary United States of America (the) Liberia
2017 Liberia Jamaica Iran (Islamic Republic of) France Hungary
2016 Hungary Ghana Bahrain United States of America (the) Paraguay
2015 Uruguay; Paraguay Senegal Japan Bosnia and Herzegovina Israel
2014 Israel Côte d'Ivoire Peru Bosnia and Herzegovina Philippines (the)
2013 Sri Lanka Côte d'Ivoire Uruguay Israel Bosnia and Herzegovina
2012 Republic of Moldova (the) Austria Panama Vacant Nigeria
2011 Ethiopia Austria Malaysia Republic of Moldova (the) Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)
2010 Argentina Japan Kenya   Austria
2009 Austria Argentina Belarus Nigeria Japan
2008 Philippines (the) Argentina Austria Nigeria Belarus
2007 Belarus Philippines (the) Jamaica Austria Kenya
2006 Nigeria Austria Romania Syrian Arab Republic (the) Mexico
2005 Mexico Kenya Syrian Arab Republic (the) Romania Austria
2004 Austria Romania Jamaica Nigeria Jordan
2003 Jordan Argentina Finland Tunisia Lithuania
2002 Lithuania Argentina Austria Philippines (the) Tunisia
2001 Algeria Finland Lithuania Nepal Argentina
2000 Argentina Georgia Japan Kenya Belgium
1999 Belgium Algeria Chile Georgia Japan
1998 Japan Argentina Belgium Morocco Georgia
1997 Latvia Austria Jamaica Iran (Islamic Republic of) Namibia
1996 Morocco Japan Austria Latvia Bahamas (the)
1995 Chile Jordan Latvia Morocco Belgium
1994 Austria Chile Hungary Pakistan Morocco
1993 Iran (Islamic Republic of) Türkiye Chile Morocco Hungary
1992 Hungary Honduras Iran (Islamic Republic of) Türkiye Senegal
1991 Ghana Hungary Cyprus Austria Mexico
1990 Chile Ethiopia German Democratic Republic Pakistan Austria
1989 Austria Chile Egypt Japan German Democratic Republic
1988 Kenya Sri Lanka Chile German Democratic Republic Austria



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