Registration of Mission Staff




Please be advised that the Protocol and Liaison Service has implemented the following adjustments to its registration processes:

The Protocol and Liaison service only processes requests by electronic means, and therefore can no longer accept original/hardcopies of supporting documents.

  • In lieu of original passports, Missions and Offices are asked to submit full-color scanned PDF copies of delegates’ biometric pages and US Visa pages.
  • In lieu of hard paper copies, Missions and Offices are asked to submit clearly legible PDF copies of the I-94 form and the Travel History document (found on the Customs and Border Protection website)
  • In lieu of hard paper copies, Missions and Offices are asked to submit clearly legible PDF copies of forms SG.5, SG.32, S.G8 and other relevant forms
  • In lieu of passport sized colour photographs, Missions and Offices are asked to submit full colour JPG passport-style photos
  • Missions and Offices are asked to submit clearly legible PDF copies of all other relevant documentation (form I-20, form DS-2019, etc.)

Missions and Offices are asked to email the documentation listed above, as well as any other relevant materials, to unprotocol<at> for processing.

For more information about Registration processes please refer to the Checklist, keeping in mind that all documentation must be submitted in electronic format to unprotocol<at>


The principal and their dependents must be registered with the Protocol and Liaison Service upon their arrival to the New York Metropolitan Area. Do not postpone registration if the principal’s dependents (including household employees) will be arriving separately, they may be registered upon their arrival. Our office strongly recommends you consult the provided checklist prior to submitting all requests.


Who is a “principal”?
The “principal” is the person who is employed by the mission/office, whether in a diplomatic or non-diplomatic capacity.

Who are “dependents”?
"Dependents" are immediate family members residing with the principal and household employees that have been directly contracted by them.

What is the “checklist”?
The checklist is a tool to guide you in how to submit the required documents. It outlines what documents are required for each type of request and how each individual piece should be prepared. Our office strongly recommends you consult the checklist prior to submitting all requests, since it is not possible to process incomplete requests.

The essential documents required for any registration are:

  • Cover Letter,
  • Registration form SG.5,
  • Photos (passport size),
  • Original passport,
  • Printed I-94.


Please note that additional documentation is required for registering:

  • Household employees: please consult sections 3.1. – 3.6 in the Checklist.

  • Interns with F1/J1 visa status: please consult sections 4.7. – 4.22 in the Checklist.

Original passports and documents are no longer accepted. Once the documents have been processed in our office, they will be forwarded to the U.S. Permanent Mission for further processing.

Kindly keep in mind that incomplete packets cannot be processed until all paperwork has been received by our office. To ensure your packet is complete, please consult the Checklist prior to submission.

Please allow two business days for the Protocol Service to process any registration.


Download checklist

GA Hall

One of the main venues of meetings held in UN Headquarters in New York is the General Assembly Hall. In this particular meeting conducted on 8 January 2015, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon (shown on screens) briefs Member States and Observers on the UN's priorities for 2015.

(Credit: UN Photo / Eskinder Debebe)