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UN Digital Library awarded 2021 Jus Gentium Legal Research Award

This recognition for the contribution of the UN Digital Library to the global international law community is especially meaningful as most Dag Hammarskjöld Library staff contribute to it in some way.

Deputy Inspector Martina de Maria Sandoval Linares, from El Salvador, always wanted to help others. Now, working as a UN Police officer, she has found her vocation, far from home in South Sudan.

The goal is to get two billion vaccine doses into the arms of around a quarter of the population of poorer countries by the end of 2021. How can it be done?

"We have witnessed good practices that women can contribute to peace but then they are not invited to the table," said the African Union Special Envoy for Women, Peace, and Security in an episode.

Latest Reports

UNCTAD - Technology & Innovation Report 2021

The UNCTAD Technology and Innovation Report 2021 examines the likelihood of frontier technologies widening existing inequalities and creating new ones. It also addresses the national and international policies, instruments and institutional reforms that are needed to create a more equal world of opportunity for all, leaving no one behind.

World Economic Situation Prospect 2021

This is the United Nations definitive report on the state of the world economy, providing global and regional economic outlook for 2020 and 2021. The pandemic reached every corner of the world, infecting more than 90 million and, so far, has killed close to 2 million people worldwide. Governments around the world responded rapidly—and boldly—to stem the health and economic contagion of the crisis.

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Global Humanitarian Overview 2021

GHO provides a summary of the key trends, opportunities, needs and responses covered in the Global Humanitarian Overview 2021 - the most comprehensive, authoritative and evidence-based overview of the current state and future trends in humanitarian action.

In the Spotlight

World Cities Report 2020

In a rapidly urbanizing and globalized world, cities have been the epicentres of COVID-19. The virus has spread to virtually all parts of the world; first, among globally connected cities, then through community transmission and from the city to the countryside. This report shows that the intrinsic value of sustainable urbanization can and should be harnessed for the wellbeing of all. It provides evidence and policy analysis of the value of urbanization from an economic, social and environmental perspective.

Translating the 2030 Agenda into national plans - a combined effort

The challenge of integrating the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into national policy frameworks is leading to renewed interest in national development planning. There are indications that there has been a recent rise in the number of countries with some form of national development strategy or plan, aimed at implementing sustainable development across its economic, social and environmental dimensions. Read more

2020 UN Card

2020 Edition of the UN Card - UN Action in a wallet-sized format

The 2020 edition of The UN Card brings you an update to 11 actions of the UN, that show in quantifiable terms how the daily work of UN colleagues affects the lives of people around the globe.

UN System Chart

The UN System Chart, is a non-exhaustive document, which reflects the current structure of the Organization.