Arms Embargo

I. Relevant Security Council resolutions

The exemption from the arms embargo is guided by the following:

II. What type of arms embargo exemptions are currently in force?

There is one type of arms embargo exemption:

Standing Arms Embargo exemption

By paragraph 21 of resolution 1546 (2004), the Council decided that the prohibitions related to the sale or supply to Iraq of arms and related materiel under previous resolutions shall not apply to arms or related materiel required by the Government of Iraq or the multinational force to serve the purposes of resolution 1546 (2004).

By paragraph 22 of resolution 1546 (2004), the Council noted that nothing in the preceding paragraph affects the prohibitions on or obligations of States related to items specified in paragraph 8 (chemical and biological weapons and ballistic missiles with a range greater than 150 km.) and paragraph 12 (nuclear weapons) of resolution 687 (1991) or activities described in paragraph 3 (f) (nuclear activities) of resolution 707 (1991).

By paragraph 1 of resolution 1957 (2010), the Council decided to terminate the weapons of mass destruction, missile, and civil nuclear-related measures imposed by paragraphs 8, 9, 10, 12 and 13 of resolution 687 (1991) and paragraph 3 (f) of resolution 707 (1991); and as reaffirmed in subsequent relevant resolutions.

III. How to make the request for exemptions to the arms embargo?

Please send the requests/notifications for exemptions to the assets freeze to:

  • The Chair of the Committee, His Excellency Mr. Ferit Hoxha (Albania), through the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Albania to the United Nations

With a copy to: