Arms Embargo

I. Relevant Security Council resolutions and Guidelines of the Committee

The exemptions from the arms embargo are guided by the following:

  1. Security Council resolution 1556 (2004): paragraph 9
  2. Security Council resolution 1591 (2005): paragraph 7 (as clarified and updated in resolution 1945 (2010), paragraph 8, and resolution 2035 (2012), paragraph 4)
  3. Committee Guidelines: Section 11

II. Who is entitled to submit the arms embargo exemption request?

The Government of the Sudan is entitled to submit arms embargo exemption requests to the Committee. This could be done through, for instance, the Permanent Mission of the Sudan to the United Nations.

III. What type of arms embargo exemptions are currently in force?

There are two types of arms embargo exemptions:

  • For the Committee’s consideration
  • Standing exemptions

1. Arms embargo exemptions for the Committee’s consideration

Pursuant to paragraph 3 (a) (v) of Security Council resolution 1591 (2005), the Committee is tasked to consider requests from and, as appropriate, provide prior approval to the Government of the Sudan for the movement of military equipment and supplies into the Darfur region in accordance with paragraph 7 of resolution 1591 (2005), as clarified and updated in paragraph 8 of resolution 1945 (2010) and paragraph 4 of resolution 2035 (2012).

2. Standing arms embargo exemptions

Pursuant to paragraph 9 of resolution 1556 (2004), the following materials and recipients are exempt from the arms embargo:

  • supplies and related technical training and assistance to monitoring, verification or peace support operations, including such operations led by regional organizations, that are authorized by the United Nations or are operating with the consent of the relevant parties
  • supplies of non-lethal military equipment intended solely for humanitarian, human rights monitoring or protective use, and related technical training and assistance, and
  • supplies of protective clothing, including flak jackets and military helmets, for the personal use of United Nations personnel, human rights monitors, representatives of the media and humanitarian and development workers and associated personnel

IV. How to make the request for exemptions from the arms embargo?

Please address the request for the arms embargo exemption to:

  • The Chair of the Committee, His Excellency Mr. Harold Adlai Agyeman (Ghana), through the Permanent Mission of Ghana to the United Nations

With copy to:

V. Decision-making of the Committee

The Chair of the Committee will inform in writing of the decision of the Committee regarding its consideration of exemption requests.