Work and Mandate

The Committee is supported by the Panel of Experts on South Sudan. It is comprised of five experts and is home-based. The Panel was established by paragraph 18 of resolution 2206 (2015) Document PDF for an initial period of 13 months. The Panel’s mandate was subsequently extended under resolutions 2271 (2016) Document PDF, 2280 (2016) Document PDF, 2290 (2016) Document PDF, 2353 (2017) Document PDF , 2418 (2018), 2428 (2018) Document PDF,  2471 (2019)2521 (2020) and 2577 (2021) until 1 July 2022.

The Panel is mandated by resolutions 2206 (2015) Document PDF2428 (2018) Document PDF 2521(2020)  and 2577 (2021) to:

  • Assist the Committee in carrying out its mandate as specified in resolutions 2206 (2015) Document PDF , 2428 (2018) Document PDF , 2521 (2020) and 2577 (2021) including through providing the Committee with information relevant to the potential designation of individuals and entities who may be engaging in the activities described inparagraphs 14, 15 and 16 of resolution 2521 (2020) and paragraph 15 of resolution 2577 (2021);
  • Gather, examine and analyse information regarding the implementation of the measures decided in resolutions 2206 (2015) Document PDF, 2428 (2018) Document PDF , 2521 (2020) and 2577 (2021) in particular incidents of non-compliance;
  • Gather, examine and analyse information regarding the supply, sale or transfer of arms and related materiel and related military or other assistance, including the financing modalities of such activities as well as procurement of these items through illicit trafficking networks, to individuals and entities undermining implementation of the Agreement or participating in acts that violate international human rights law or international humanitarian law, as applicable;
  • Gather, examine and analyse information on armed groups or criminal networks engaging in the illicit exploitation or trade of natural resources in South Sudan;
  • Provide to the Council, after discussion with the Committee, an interim report by 1 December 2021, a final report by 1 May 2022, and except in the months when these reports are due, updates each month; and
  • Assist the Committee in refining and updating information on the list of individuals and entities subject to the measures imposed by resolutions 2206 (2015) Document PDF, 2428 (2018) Document PDF , 2521 (2020) and 2577 (2021) including through the provision of identifying information and additional information for the publicly-available narrative summary of reasons for listing.