Implementation Reports

11 March 2015

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Member States
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Albania S/AC.56/2015/18
Australia S/AC.56/2015/6
Austria S/AC.56/2015/25
Brazil S/AC.56/2015/3
Cyprus S/AC.56/2017/2
Czech Republic S/AC.56/2015/11
Egypt S/AC.56/2015/9
Estonia S/AC.56/2015/4
Finland S/AC.56/2015/12
Hungary S/AC.56/2015/16
Italy S/AC.56/2017/3
Japan S/AC.56/2015/7
Kazakhstan S/AC.56/2015/22
Latvia S/AC.56/2015/13
Liechtenstein S/AC.56/2015/1
Lithuania S/AC.56/2015/2
Malaysia S/AC.56/2015/10
Monaco S/AC.56/2015/15
New Zealand S/AC.56/2015/14
Netherlands S/AC.56/2017/1
Oman SAC.56/2015/5
Panama S/AC.56/2019/1
Poland SAC.56/2018/1
Portugal S/AC.56/2019/2
Romania S/AC.56/2015/19
San Marino


Serbia S/AC.56/2015/17
South Africa S/AC.56/2015/23
Switzerland S/AC.56/2015/20
United Kingdom S/AC.56/2015/24
United States of America S/AC.56/2015/8


Please note that some reports are still being prepared for issuance by the United Nations Secretariat. These will be included on this page as soon as processing is complete.