On this page, you will find resources and reference material that have been created by the UN HLIS over the past decades and will be stored here for reference purposes.

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Archived UN Health Insurance ICs

Previous ASHI Rates

Archived HLIS Stories

iSeek Stories

2021 Annual Enrollment Campaign and new HLIS Website Introduction

How can we avoid steep premium increases for health insurance?

Why did my health insurance contribution increase in July?

New underwriter for the UN Group Life Insurance

Health & Life Insurance Section/ email delays

health insurance/ Client Satisfaction Survey

Insurance Carriers Visiting the Secretariat on 12.06.18

URGENT Update on Cigna coverage at AUB Medical Center

2020 Annual Insurance Campaign starts on 1 June

Update/ Insurance open enrollment at UNHQ extended until 29 June

Learn about your health insurance plans and options

New Headquarters Health Management Programme can lead to better health and lower medical insurance costs

2012 annual campaign for UNHQ administrated Health Insurance Programme

Understanding our health insurance plans

2009 HQ annual insurance enrollment campaign in progress

Information session on health insurance (16 Dec)

New! Enhanced access to health care through virtual consultations

Personal Preparedness and Financial Readiness Sessions

Webinar for retirees enrolled in a US-based health insurance plan

New ID Cards for Empire Plan Members

WWP Plans Go Green

HLIS Updates and Insights

Direct Billing Suspension: Clemenceau Hospital in Beirut 

How can we as plan participants avoid steep increases in health insurance premiums?

Coverage of the COVID-19 vaccine under our medical insurance plans

Take your Health Assessment now

2020 Annual Insurance Campaign

Dental Virtual Care

Your children’s coverage under the UN health insurance programmes 

Telehealth Benefit added to MIP

Health and Life Insurance Section Client Services notice

2019 Annual Insurance Campaign

Client Service at the HLIS

Active Health May 2019 Wellness Webinar

Dedicated Retiree Line

MIP has new, easy-to-use settlement notes

Enrolled in MIP, Get to know your plan

Brush up on your knowledge about dental cleaning

You can be tobacco-free

Diabetes & oral health

Dependent children turning 25 in 2018

Create a peaceful holiday season

Understanding and preventing type 2 diabetes

A healthy mouth and a healthy baby

Preventive Care that pays

Boost your health by quitting sugar

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

July 2018 Renewal – Memorandum to all ASHI participants in the UNHQ Health Insurance Programme

Protect your mouth – Protect your health

Your UN WWP plan in a nutshell

When water isn’t enough

2018 Annual Insurance Campaign – June 2018

UNJSPF’s April 2018 CPI Adjustment Announcement 

Your tool to rule health care costs 

ASHI Memo for 2017 Renewal of US Health Insurance Plans

September 2017 ASHI Contributions and Medicare Part B Reimbursements

Healthy Diet. Healthy Mouth. 

Little mouths, big smiles

The Waistline/Gum Line Connection

Important Reminder: Termination of UN Health Insurance Coverage for Children Age 25 by 31st December each year

UN Worldwide Plan Goes Green

Tips for safe, healthy travelling this summer

2017 Annual Insurance Campaign – June 2017

Motivation to get moving: The benefits of exercise

Potential Changes to ASHI Contributions

Your best defense against colorectal cancer

Quit Smoking Today

Mammograms and Breast Exams: Early Detection is the best defense against breast cancer

Reimbursement of Medicare Part B Premiums

Manage your Health: October

New Orion Insurance for Non-Staff Members

Navigating the Healthcare System in the US

Coordination of Benefits: UN PPO Plans and Medicare Part B

Manage your Health: November

Manage your Health: August

Manage your Health: July

US Healthcare Laws 2010 – Affordable Care Act (ACA)

2013 PowerPoint presentation to staff

TPA Updates

New York: Aetna network – Montefiore Health System Negotiations

Empire has reached an agreement with New York Presbyterian Health System

Aetna’s new cancer support centers 

New York-Presbyterian and Empire/Anthem Negotiations

Empire members to receive new ID cards

Aetna maternity program and prescription drug updates

New ID Cards for Empire Plan Members

Empire Blue Cross New Pharmacy Benefits

Empire Blue Cross and Blue Shield and the Westchester Centers – New, Multi-year Agreement

Empire Blue Cross Contract Negotiations

Empire’s Home Delivery Program – Everything you need to know about this benefit

Latest Empire and Aetna Pharmacy Formulary changes 

Empire’s Preferred Generic Benefit

Aetna Pharmacy Benefits

ActiveHealth for Aetna and Empire Plan Participants

Hurricane Irma: Assistance from Aetna

Important reminder to all staff members enrolled in the UN Empire Blue Cross PPO Plan

A healthy baby, a healthy you! Empire FutureMoms Program

Empire Members – Healthcare Coverage when you are travelling or living abroad

Convenient Empire Mobile App

Empire’s Home Delivery Choice – No More Waiting at the Pharmacy

Aetna Goes Green! New Digital and Paper ID Cards

Important Announcement for all staff members enrolled in the Cigna Dental PPO Plan

Changes to the Medical Insurance Plan (MIP) for local staff in the field

2015 Aetna Premium Holiday

Important announcement to all staff members and retirees covered under Empire Blue Cross Plan: Free Credit Monitoring from Anthem

Vanbreda International will become Cigna in February 2015

ActiveHealth management: Interactive Group Coaching

Aetna Discount Programme

Important Message for all Empire Blue Cross Members

Cigna EOBs