Biometrics are measurements of a group of physical characteristics. They’re like clues to a puzzle you can use to build a picture of your overall health.
Did you know that visiting an in-network provider has many advantages? Read Mary’s story to find out how you can benefit from negotiated discounts, direct payment and a hassle free experience. Mary is enrolled in UN MIP.
Aetna helped Isabella's dream come true
The UN Worldwide Plan's information helped Selen and her family
ActiveHealth helped Stephen
Empire helped Ayden and his family
Dear UN WWP/UN MIP plan participant,  
Will the vaccine be covered under the medical insurance plans? Yes. Similar to other vaccines, coverage of the vaccine is foreseen under the medical plans when recommended by the local health authorities and/or the WHO and when vaccines are not offered free-of-charge by national governments.
Empire and Aetna use a preferred drug formulary which is a list of generic and preferred brand drugs that is distributed to participating pharmacies and providers and is subject to periodic review and modification by Empire and Aetna. The drug list is a list of medicines your plan covers.
Under the Preferred generics benefit, introduced in the Empire PPO Plan on 1 July 2020, plan members are required to replace multi-source brand drugs with generic substitutes or, pay the difference in cost of the multi-source brand products and the generic drugs.  Multi-source brand drugs are drugs that have generic substitutes with therapeutically equivalent ingredients.   
On Wednesday 11 November, HLIS organized an information session to guide us through the various Pharmacy Programs, the benefits of the Home Delivery Program and the actions we should take after making a choice. You can find the slide deck as well as the recording of this information session below: