Biometrics are measurements of a group of physical characteristics. They’re like clues to a puzzle you can use to build a picture of your overall health.
Did you know that visiting an in-network provider has many advantages? Read Mary’s story to find out how you can benefit from negotiated discounts, direct payment and a hassle free experience. Mary is enrolled in UN MIP.
Aetna helped Isabella's dream come true
The UN Worldwide Plan's information helped Selen and her family
ActiveHealth helped Stephen
Empire helped Ayden and his family
The 2020 Annual Insurance Campaign ( “Campaign” ) for all Health Insurance Plans administered by the United Nations Headquarters will be held from 1 to 30 June 2020.  The Campaign is the annual opportunity for the eligible active staff to enrol, make changes to their existing coverage, add and remove eligible dependents and terminate the coverage in one of the following health insurance plans: Aetna, Empire Blue Cross, Cigna US Dental, HIP & the UN Worldwide plan. Where can I find the presentation of the online information session?
Did you know that your child may be eligible for coverage under a UN insurance programme until the end of the calendar year in which your child attains the age of 25?   All UN insurance programmes allow for this, provided that your child is not married or full-time employed.   If your child is in the age group of 21 – 25 and is neither full-time employed nor married, your child will be covered under the medical insurance until 31st December of the year in which he or she turns 25.  
We are pleased to announce that starting today, 1 April 2020, the UN and Cigna will offer Cigna Global Telehealth to all staff and their eligible family members covered under the UN Medical Insurance Plan (MIP).   In addition to Telehealth being available to more than 57,500 UN Worldwide Plan members, all 50,000 UN MIP members will be able to talk to doctors anytime, from anywhere, free of charge.  
We know many of you have questions regarding your health insurance coverage in connection with the Covid-19 outbreak. Therefore, we are sharing the enclosed Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) with you as part of our ongoing updates on the UN’s efforts to respond to, and overcome, the pandemic.  If I get sick with COVID-19, will my doctor visits be covered? Will US-based Third-party Administrators (Aetna, Empire) cover COVID-19 testing? Will Cigna cover COVID-19 testing for staff with MIP coverage?
Online Consultations included in the UN health insurance programmes. Please click on the Icons to get more information