Quick Facts

  • Voluntary for internationally recruited staff, retirees and eligible dependants away from headquarters
  • Covers medically necessary care at reasonable & customary (R&C) cost
  • Area of coverage is worldwide with inadequate coverage in the US (due to high healthcare costs)
  • If treatment is provided in the US, separate deductible and out-of-pocket maximum rules apply
  • Annual ceiling of $250,000 per participant per calendar year
  • Teleconsultations available through "Cigna Global Telehealth"
  • Premium is a percentage on salary. 50% of total premium is subsidized by Member States

Plan Summary

The UN WWP, administered by Cigna International Health Benefits, indemnifies members, within the limits of the plan, for reasonable and customary charges related to medical, hospital and dental treatment for illness, accidents or maternity. Additionally, the plan provides coverage for some aspects of preventive care. The UN WWP covers staff members and retirees who reside outside the US. Staff members, retirees and their dependants who reside in the US are not eligible for coverage under the UN WWP, given that it does not provide adequate coverage in view of the cost of health care in the US. Coverage through the UN WWP is available only to staff members at duty stations outside the US and to former staff members with a mailing address outside the US.

Staff members and retirees currently enrolled in the UN Worldwide Plan (UN WWP) who are considering coverage for family members residing in the US or who intend to seek medical care in the US on a regular basis are reminded that they should consider enrolling in a US-based plan during the annual enrollment campaign, given that the UN WWP does not provide adequate coverage in the US. Staff members and retirees who choose to remain in the UN WWP will be subject to the increased limitations and restrictions.

Information Material - All about Your Plan

Onboarding Guidance

The below resource is designed to provide you with guidance on how to enrol in the UN WWP, make changes and maintain your plan.

UNHQ-administered plans - Onboarding Brochure

Description of Benefits - UN WWP

The below resource is an official outline of the UN WWP.

Description of Benefits - UN WWP

Additional Benefits and Apps available through the UN WWP

The below resources relate to telehealth options and a well-being app available through the UN WWP (Cigna International).

Cigna Global Telehealth Guide

Cigna Global Telehealth Guide 2

Cigna Wellbeing Apps

Claim Process Guidance 

The below resource provides you with guidance related to the specific requirements and steps needed to file a claim under the UN WWP.

Online Claiming Guide


Why should I not seek care in the US when covered under the UN Worldwide Plan?

The plan does not offer adequate medical protection owing to the annual reimbursement limit of $250,000 and the high cost of medical care in the United States. In addition, you will be responsible for the first $5,000 per person or $15,000 per family every year before the plan begins to pay for medical services received in the United States. Furthermore, expenses incurred in the United States will not be subject to the Major Medical Benefits Plan. 

How is a regional rate group determined?

Three regional premium rate groups have been established to enable the determination of premiums that are broadly commensurate with the expected overall level of claims for the locations included within each rate group. The applicable rate group is based on the staff member’s duty station regardless of whether the covered family members are residing in the same duty station or if care is sought primarily outside the duty station. For retirees, the applicable rate group is based on the retiree’s mailing address. 

I am a UN WWP participant and am planning to include my wife during the next annual enrollment campaign. How much will the monthly premium increase?

We have a simulator available under the Reference Material section.

Why is the annual insured value in the UN Worldwide Plan capped at 250,000 USD per year? What am I supposed to do in unfortunate serious incidents where the costs may exceed that amount?

Financial hardship may apply in the event of serious illness.

What is the time limit to submit medical claims? 

All claims must reach Cigna within two years after the date on which the expenses were incurred.

Is prior approval required under UN WWP?

Prior approval from Cigna’s medical consultant is required for all non-emergency hospitalisations.

Could you provide more information on new autism and ABA coverage?

Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) is a type of therapy that can improve social, communication, and learning skills through positive reinforcement. Since 1st July 2020, individual ABA sessions (1 on 1 sessions between the patient and the therapist) for patients with autism spectrum disorder are being covered under the UN WWP.

The UN Worldwide plan does not provide adequate cover in the US. What needs to be done, if a UN WWP participant travels to the US?

UN WWP participants are only adequately covered for emergency care in the US. Only in case the treatment follows a medical emergency in the USA, the MMBP will reimburse an additional 80% of the participant’s 20% share. In case of medical emergencies, no deductible will apply. However, the participant’s total out-of-pocket cost (the 20% share) is 2,200 USD, or 6,600 USD for the family, before the MMBP kicks in.

How can I submit a claim?

Once you have registered to the Cigna member pages (www.cignahealthbenefits.com), you can access the claim form section through this weblink: https://www.cignahealthbenefits.com/Microsites/newco/claims. This secure webspage will guide you through the claiming process. 

How to contact Cigna International

Call the phone number on the back of your Cigna ID card.

Call a toll-free line (listed on www.cignahealthbenefits.com under header ‘Contact’).

Use the call back feature on Cigna’s member pages under header ‘Contact’.

Email un.wwp@cigna.com.

If you are looking for additional information or specific details related to your individual plan, please login on the Cigna International Member Page via https://www.cignahealthbenefits.com/en/login/plan-members.


Changes in reimbursement currency under UN WWP and UN MIP

Changes relating to the currency of claims reimbursements under UN Worldwide Plan (UN WWP) in Lebanon have been implemented. For more information, please visit the more elaborate Update Description