Soon to Retire

How to prepare for retirement

12 months before retirement

Ensure that your eligible dependants whom you wish to cover in ASHI are currently covered in your active insurance plan. Changes to your plan can be made during the annual enrollment campaign in June.

6 months before retirement

  • Start the process of ensuring that the UNJSPF has certified disability status for children (if needed)
  • If you previously had UN MIP coverage in the field but are now covered by an international plan, accumulate evidence of those years of UN MIP coverage as it is also required

3 months before retirement

As it might take several weeks until your Active Status coverage is transferred to your ASHI coverage in Umoja, we recommend making doctor appointments and stocking up on vital medication for you and eligible dependants before the transition from active staff to ASHI.

1 month before retirement

Submit your ASHI application:

  • ASHI applications will be accepted within a 62-day period

    • beginning 31 days before retirement through 31 days after retirement
    • applications must be received regardless of the following:
      • any grace period for making decisions related to your pension benefit
      • if you expect to be re-employed or return to active service, within 31 days after your retirement
  • ASHI applications for dependent spouse or children will be accepted within 90 days of the staff member’s or retiree’s death
  • Participation in ASHI is effective the first day of the month following the separation date

Day 1 after separation

  • Put aside funds for ASHI contributions as it may take a few months for the pension benefit to be established
  • Communicate every change in mailing address and email address to the UN Health and Life Insurance Section

Dependant Eligibility for ASHI

Dependants are eligible to join ASHI under the following conditions:

  • Spouse or child covered at time of retirement
  • Child born within 300 days of retirement
  • Dependent child granted disability benefit by UNJSPF at time of retirement
    • Child must be re-certified by pension fund regardless of prior status
  • Surviving spouse/children of staff member who died in active service if covered when staff member was active


Dependants covered at the time of your retirement are eligible to continue their coverage under the following conditions:

  • The staff member applies for them when applying for ASHI
  • Dependent children that have not reached age 25 at the time of retirement
  • That they have been covered for at least five years (or two years if they were covered by a government or private insurance) in the case of a staff members hired on or after 1st July 2007 (please see ST/AI/2007/3 for more details) except of course newly acquired dependants 
  • If a dependent child is disabled and 25 or older, the disability must be certified by the Pension Fund
  • Surviving spouses and dependants of active or retired staff members are also eligible provided they were covered under the staff member’s policy at the time of his/her death


Does HLIS provide in-person client services during the COVID-19 pandemic?

During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, HLIS cannot offer in-person client service. The Client Service desk (Room FF-300) will be closed to staff members and retirees to protect both the clients we serve and our HLIS colleagues. 

How can staff members contact HLIS during the COVID-19 pandemic?

During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, HLIS cannot offer in-person client service. To guarantee access to excellent client service, we are pleased to inform you that staff members who wish to enroll in ASHI can reach HLIS through email at

What is expected if you or your dependent spouse become 65 years of age and if you are covered under a US-based plan?

 In 2011, the United Nations made it mandatory for retirees covered under the US based Health Insurance Plans to apply for Medicare Part B. Therefore, an application for enrollment in Medicare Part B should be submitted to your local Social Security Administration Office. 

If you are an active staff member please note the following:
1.    If you are 65 or older you should apply for Medicare Part B at least 1 month prior to your separation;
2.    If your spouse is 65 or older and is covered under your health insurance plan, he/she should apply for Medicare Part B at least 1 month prior to your separation;
(Medicare Part B premium will only be reimbursed to participants enrolled in the ASHI programme).

If you are a retired staff member who has returned to active service, please note the following:
1.    If you are 65 or older and is re-contributing to the UNJSPF, you should be covered under the active health insurance program.
2.    Following the termination of your re-employment, you will need to reapply for ASHI. You will also need to reapply for Medicare Part B at least 1 month prior to your separation. 
3.    If your spouse is covered under your health insurance plan and is also 65 or older, he/she should also reapply for Medicare Part B at least 1 month prior to your separation.

Please ensure that you and your dependent spouse are aware of the enrollment time periods in order to avoid the Medicare Part B penalties. Medicare Part B penalties are instituted for life and are not reimbursed by the Organization.

Kindly review these documents and submit the required documentation to

Is enrollment in ASHI automatic?

No, you must be enrolled in a United Nations scheme at the time of separation from service. Enrollment in the After Service Health Insurance programme is not automatic. Application for enrollment must be made within 31 days before or 31 days after the date of separation.

Is enrolIment in Medicare Part B required?

Since 1st January 2011, UNHQ requires all former staff members and dependants (including surviving dependants and eligible dependent children) who are enrolled as participants in After Service Health Insurance and who qualify for participation in Medicare Part B, to enroll in the United States Medicare Part B programme. 

Is my spouse covered under my insurance when I retire? Is there a minimum eligibility requirement?

Your spouse can be covered under your insurance when you retire if the eligibility criteria are satisfied.

If I, as a NY-based staff member, retire, does Empire Blue Cross continue coverage of my medical insurance upon return to my home country?

Upon retirement, a New York based staff member can opt to continue coverage under the Empire Blue Cross plan. Empire Blue Cross is an international plan. However, you will be required to remain in the chosen plan at retirement for a minimum of 2 years before you are allowed to change plans. You may request this change by sending a written request to the HLIS. You do not have to send notice to the Pension Fund. If you are retiring in the US or you have covered dependants in the US, you cannot enroll in the UN Worldwide plan (UN WWP). The UN WWP is for plan members who are residing outside of the US and do not have dependants living in the US. US-based retiring staff members or those with US-based dependants must elect a US-based insurance plan.

If my partner and I both work at UNHQ and one of us retires more than five years earlier than the other. Can the retiree be enrolled in the ASHI insurance scheme or instead become a dependant on the medical insurance plan of the partner that still remains active staff?

If one spouse from service with the Organization before the other spouse, the spouse remaining in active service must become the subscriber. Coverage will depend on the ASHI eligibility criteria that is available on the Retirees Toolkit Page of this website.

If I am enrolled in the Empire Blue Cross plan when I retire and have to enroll in Medicare at age 65, while maintaining Empire Blue Cross through ASHI, can I go to a provider that does not take Medicare and use my Empire Blue Cross ASHI benefits for that provider?

Yes, but you may have additional out-of-pocket costs if the provider is not part of Empire’s in-network providers. In addition, the provider must have officially opted-out of Medicare.

Where to submit your ASHI application

  • UNHQ staff: directly to the UN HLIS (
  • OAHs: through your respective HR officers
  • UN agencies, including UNDP, UNICEF, UNFPA, UN Women and UNOPS staff: through your respective HR offices