Empire Blue Cross PPO: LiveHealth Online

As plan participant of the Empire Blue Cross PPO, you have access to LiveHealth Online. This service facilitates online visits with board-certified doctors, psychiatrists and licensed therapists by simply using a smartphone, tablet or computer from home or anywhere. The certified care providers will support you, among others, with issues such as prescriptions, colds, allergies, anxiety, depression or panic attacks. To ensure wide accessibility of these services, the Empire plan already includes benefits for video visits which means that you will only pay the usual share of your costs or less for medical doctor visits as well as therapy or psychiatry sessions.

In order to use these services, you may schedule appointments via the LiveHealth Online App or the respective LiveHealth Online website.

Aetna PPO: Teladoc

As plan participant of the Aetna PPO, you have access to Teladoc. Teladoc offers, among other, access to 24/7 treatment for health-related issues such as colds, sinus infections, allergies and more as well as consultations with specialists regarding any medical questions or concerns. In addition, Teladoc also provides mental health services by offering confidential counseling sessions 24/7 for conditions such as depression, anxiety, stress or family issues by phone or video.

As Teladoc doesn’t currently offer a crisis hotline for immediate assistance, you may schedule appointments via the Teladoc App or the respective Teladoc website using your Aetna Member ID.

UN MIP & UN WWP: Cigna Global Telehealth

As plan participant of the UN MIP or UN WWP, you have access to Cigna Global Telehealth. The Telehealth Service allows you to access health care providers anytime at your best convenience. In addition to this 24/7 availability, you will be able to talk to health care providers around the world from the comfort of your home and free of charge.

To use this service, you may simply schedule a phone or video consultation through your Cigna Wellbeing App. Please take the steps outlined below in order to use this service:

  1. Learn about the different contexts in which Telehealth might be useful for you
  2. Watch this video to learn more about the reality and features of Cigna Global Telehealth
  3. Download the Cigna Wellbeing App 
  4. Consult this step-by-step guide on how to schedule a consultation
  5. If you have any additional questions, this FAQ document might be useful for you, however, you can also contact Cigna directly using the contact details on your membership card.

About Telehealth

The past year has brought about unprecedented challenges with the COVID-19 pandemic impacting all of us in many different ways. Now more than ever, the promotion of physical and mental well-being is the UN Health and Life Insurance’s (HLIS) top priority. As we understand that these challenges also impacted access to healthcare, the HLIS would like to make its plan participants aware of different Telehealth options available through their respective TPAs. Telehealth services will help users remotely obtain prescriptions, receive diagnoses for non-emergency health issues and discuss treatment plans. Most importantly, it is a great option for real-time audio or video consultation that allows physicians and patients to connect from different locations without compromising their safety. We highly encourage all plan participants to make use of the services applicable to their plan as outlined below.