Meet the HLIC

About the UN Health and Life Insurance Committee (HLIC)

The Health and Life Insurance Committee (HLIC), which was established many years ago, was re-established under the Secretary-General’s bulletin ST/SGB/275 in 1994 as a standing advisory body to the Joint Negotiation Committee (JNC) to deal with all matters concerning health and life insurance.

The HLIC consists of:

  • A Chairperson designated by the JNC
  • Six members, three nominated by the Secretary-General, and three representing the staff chosen by the staff associations.
  • Observers from UNDP, UNICEF, AFICS
  • UN Medical Director and the FRMS Director (ex officios)
  • Health & Life Insurance Section serves as secretary

HLIC's commitment to you

The Committee reviews and recommends proposals relating to insurance eligibility rules, plan changes, and premium rates for the annual renewals of health insurance plans administered by UNHQ.

The core functions of the Health and Life Insurance Committee include:

  • Oversight of plan benefits 
  • Proposal of insurance eligibility rules and plan design changes
  • Proposal of premium adjustments for the annual renewals
  • Evaluation of exceptions to any insurance eligibility or benefit rules