Life Insurance

Eligibility & Enrollment

Please find all information related to eligibility and enrollment for the UN HLIS administered Life Insurance Plan below.

Reasons to enroll

Enrollment in the plan is recommended for staff seeking additional financial coverage for their chosen beneficiaries in the event of death or accidental dismemberment. By enrolling in the UN Group Life Insurance Plan, your chosen beneficiaries are protected in the event of: 

  • the staff member’s death from any cause at any time or place (principal sum)
  • accidental death or dismemberment, subject to certain conditions (additional sum)

Enrollment eligibility 

Participation in the plan is voluntary and all UN staff members with an appointment of at least six months or longer and provided medical clearance are eligible to enroll.

How to enroll

There are two ways to enroll in the UN HLIS administered life insurance plan:

Unconditional Enrollment

To enroll, staff members will have 60 days from their date of employment to enroll in the life insurance plan without providing any additional documentation.

Conditional Enrollment 

Should a staff member miss the 60-day limitation, enrollment becomes conditional which means that the staff member will have to submit The Hartford’s "Evidence of Insurability" (EOI) form to HLIS for a first review after which HLIS will forward the form directly to The Hartford which will evaluate eligibility for life insurance enrollment based on the individual profile and might require the applicant to undergo additional medical examinations at the applicant’s own expense.

Effective date of the life insurance coverage

  • Initial Appointment: coverage commences on the appointment date
  • Evidence of Insurability required: coverage commences on the approval date by The Hartford

Plan Maintenance and Transition/s

Beneficiary Eligibility

There are no restrictions as to persons or entities who may be designated as life insurance beneficiaries. Familial relationship does not confer automatic beneficiary status. HLIS abides by the most recent Designation of Beneficiary form on record.

Benefit calculations 

Benefits are expressed as a multiple of pensionable remuneration and monthly premiums are expressed as a percentage of pensionable remuneration:

  • The Benefit coverage for staff enrolled in the plan is equal to three (3) times the participant’s pensionable remuneration, subject to a maximum amount of $300,000.
  • The current premium rate of $0.28 per $1,000 of coverage is equivalent to .084 per cent of pensionable remuneration.

How to file a claim 

Claims are submitted through the Health and Life Insurance Section to The Hartford for processing. Proceeds are issued separately to each beneficiary and/or to the guardian of the estate of a minor child who is a beneficiary.

In the event of the death of a staff member who participated in the GLI program, a claim is initiated by notifying the Health and Life Insurance Section (HLIS) of the death of a staff member. HLIS will then communicate directly with the beneficiaries or their authorized representatives.

Transfer to another duty station, employing organization or break in service 

In case you transfer to another duty station, another employing organization or report a break in service, please note that there is no automatic continuation of coverage. To ensure the continuity of your coverage, staff members are kindly asked to make arrangements to re-enroll upon the transfer to the new duty station or organization, or upon reappointment after a break in service. In order to receive continuous life insurance coverage, re-enrollment in the life insurance plan must be accomplished within the first two months after the date of transfer or reappointment. Otherwise, an Evidence of Insurability (EOI) statement will be required.

Plan termination

As participation is voluntary, you may withdraw from the plan at any time, however, since the plan provides term insurance coverage, it has no cash value at the time of withdrawal.

Coverage after separation from service 

Plan Participants at the age of 55 years or older, who have participated in the plan for at least 10 years before separating from service and want to maintain their life insurance plan, will be enrolled in the After Service Life Insurance Plan (ASLI) which is a continuation of the GLI. For other situations, the transition qualifications and process vary according to the staff member’s status and type of termination of appointment. Generally, all of the following must occur to establish eligibility:

  • At least 55 years old at the time of retirement
  • Ten years of cumulative participation as an active staff member
  • Participation in life insurance at the time of retirement

After Service Life Insurance (ASLI)

Under ASLI, retirees will receive free life insurance coverage without paying any additional premiums, however, the additional coverage for accidental death or dismemberment ceases after separation from service. Furthermore, the level of coverae will be reduced according to the age of the plan participant. The benefit amount decrease is determined according to an age scale as reflected in ST/IC/2002/63:

  • between the ages of 55 and 69, coverage on separation from service is 50 per cent of the level of coverage in effect at the time of separation;
  • between the ages of 70 and 74, coverage is 25 per cent of the level of coverage in effect at the time of separation;
  • from the age of 75, coverage is 10 per cent of the level of coverage in effect at the time of separation, subject to the following conditions: minimum payment is $5,000 and maximum payment is set at $10,000 USD.

How to find additional information

For more elaborate information about beneficiary assignment/s, benefits, premiums and level of coverage during and after service, we kindly invite you to read the Information Circular, Administrative Instructions and Benefits Booklets available in the different sections on this page or contact the UN Health and Life Insurance Section (HLIS) directly via

Policy Documents

Please find all policies and regulations related to the HLIS Life Insurance Plan below.

What is the UN Group Life Insurance Plan?

The UN Group Life Insurance Plan is an unsubsidized, optional benefit, underwritten by The Hartford and administered by the UN Health and Life Insurance Section at UNHQ. This insurance plan is a group policy which means that a single contract covers the entire group of plan participants with the UN being the policyholder of this contract.


How is it financed?

Unlike the UNHQ-administered Health Insurance Plans, the Life Insurance Plan is entirely financed by the contributions of its participants without any subsidy paid by the organization. Monthly premiums are expressed as a percentage of pensionable renumeration and shall be paid by monthly payroll deduction.


How are plan participants impacted by the transition from Aetna to The Hartford

In 2019, The Hartford took over Aetna's Group Life and Disability segment. With this acquisition, the underwriter of the UN Group Life Insurance Plan changed to The Hartford Life Insurance Company. HLIS and The Hartford shared a key priority to ensure that plan participants would not be impacted by this change. This is how a seamless transition could be guaranteed: 

  • The enrollment and designation of beneficiaries process did not change, therefore no action by plan participants was required.
  • The coverage levels, eligibility criteria as well as the premium structure of the UN Group Life Insurance Plan did not change as a result of the acquisition.
  • HLIS has continued to provide the same services to plan participants.