Non-US based Plans

Plans Overview

The UN Health and Life Insurance Section (HLIS) is responsible for the provision of health and life insurance to all eligible locally and internationally recruited UN staff, retirees and their dependants. To provide the best available quality health care to you, the HLIS partners with Third-Party Adminstrators (TPAs). The TPA for UN MIP and UN WWP is Cigna International. Please note that Cigna provides only administrative services to plan participants, UN HR partners and the UN HLIS.

What are non-US based plans?

The definition of non-US based plans refers to these plans not providing adequate coverage across the US and differs from the definition of UNHQ-administered plans as for example the UN WWP is indeed administered by the UNHQ but designed to only provide adequate coverage outside the US. The UN MIP, however, is not administered by the UNHQ but field offices themselves and only provides coverage outside the US as well. Currently, the non-US based plans available to staff outside the US are the UN MIP and the UN WWP.