Change in reimbursement currency under UN WWP and UN MIP

In order to ensure the sustainability of our self-funded health insurance plans and in accordance with the existing policy, please note the following changes relating to the currency of claims reimbursements under both, UN MIP and UN Worldwide Plan:

  • Member claims incurred in LBP for services rendered starting Tuesday 1st June 2021 will be reimbursed in LBP and transferred into your LBP bank account. Only pharmacy claims and claims for General Practitioner (GP) consultations will continue to be reimbursed in USD, converted at the exchange rate from SAYRAFA BDL central bank of the date of service.
  • Member claims incurred in USD will continue to be reimbursed in USD and transferred into your USD bank account.

With this change, UN MIP participants will no longer receive reimbursements through pay file after 31st May 2021. All reimbursements for member claims will be paid through bank transfers by Cigna instead. UN Worldwide Plan participants already receive reimbursements through bank transfers and will continue to do so.

Should you have both USD and LBP invoices, we advise you to submit separate claims for each currency. Please note that if both USD and LBP invoices are submitted in the same claim, then all invoices in that claim will be reimbursed in LBP. To be reimbursed in USD for the expenses incurred prior to 1st June 2021, you should submit these invoices in a separate claim.

Cigna offers a broad selection of in-network providers where you will benefit from the direct payment agreements between the healthcare provider and Cigna. We encourage all plan participants to visit in-network providers when possible, to safeguard the viability of our self-funded health insurance plans funded by staff, retirees, and Member States.

As you might have questions related to this change, we kindly invite you to read this FAQ document: FAQs_Member claims incurred in Lebanon.

The Administration will closely follow the situation in Lebanon and review this change in December 2021.