Here, UNDEF publishes all post-project evaluations on-line. The decision to make these public was taken at the November 2011 meeting of the UNDEF Advisory Board, which is committed to evaluations of UNDEF projects as a basis for knowledge-sharing, lessons learned, improved project selection and management, and transparency. In this way, UNDEF consolidates its position as one of the most transparent entities in the UN family.

From 2010 to 2016, most UNDEF post-project evaluations were conducted by a contracted commercial evaluator firm, Transtec. Based in Brussels with a regional office in Beirut, Transtec has broad experience in evaluations, audits and studies in institution-building, democracy, governance, community development and post-conflict rehabilitation. 

Since 2017, as agreed at the UNDEF Advisory Board meeting of November 2016, UNDEF's post-project evaluation system is managed by UNDEF itself, using a roster of independent evaluators with experience and expertise in the relevant region.


All evaluations:


Arab States

Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, Yemen: Strengthening the Capacity of Arab Bloggers and Journalists to Promote Human Rights (UDF-10-369-RAS)

Algeria: Capacity-Building and Leadership Training to Strengthen Women's Participation in Public Life (UDF-09-307-ALG)

Algeria: Citizen Empowerment for the Promotion of Good Governance and Participatory Democracy in Algeria (UDF-16-703-ALG)

Bahrain, Jordan, Sudan, Yemen: Engaging Civil Society in a Democratic Election Process (UDF-08-239-RAS)

Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia: Mainstreaming the Sustainable Development Goals in the Arab Civil Society Agenda (UDF-14-599-RAS)

Egypt: Women in Democratic Transition: Political Watchdog Unit II (UDF-11-437-EGY)

Egypt: Enlarging the Social Base for Democracy and Rule of Law (UDF-09-308-EGY)

Egypt: Women in Democratic Transition: Political Participation Watchdog (UDF-08-241-EGY)

Egypt: Building Democratic Spaces (UDF-07-162-EGY)

Iraq: Civil Society Monitoring of Governorate Councils in Iraq (UDF-10-372-IRQ)

Iraq: Campaign for Community Concerns and Political Resolution in the South and South Centre (UDF-09-309-IRQ)

Iraq: Empowering Women as Leaders, Advocates and Participants in the Political Process (UDF-08-242-IRQ)

Jordan: Increased Citizen Dialogue through Strengthened Media in Jordan (UDF-13-553-JOR)

Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates: Emerging Leaders of the Arab Region (UDF-13-550-RAS)

Jordan: Media and Art as Catalyst for Free Speech and Access to Information Right (UDF-10-373-JOR)

Jordan: Student Civic Action for Engaging and Empowering Emerging Leaders in Universities (UDF-07-164-JOR)

Lebanon: Mobilizing Communities for Fair Sexual-Violence Legislation in Lebanon (UDF-16-707-LEB)

Lebanon: Creating a Liaison Unit Between Parliament and Civil Society (UDF-10-375-LEB)

Lebanon: Youth Partnership for Improved Budgetary Governance in Lebanese Municipalities (UDF-10-374-LEB)

Lebanon: Citizenship is My Right (UDF-08-244-LEB)

Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, Morocco, Tunisia: Supporting the Engagement of Youth and Civil Society in Public Policy Dialogue (UDF-11-433-RAS)

Mauritania: Strengthening the Political Participation of Communities of Former Slaves (UDF-10-359-MAU)

Morocco: Bytes Without Borders in Morocco (UDF-13-556-MOR)

Morocco: For a More Vigilant Civil Society (UDF-12-502-MOR)

Palestine: Advancing the Rights of Women in the West Bank Periphery (UDF-10-376-PAL)

Palestine: Youth Local Councils for Civic Engagement and Social Change (UDF-09-311-PAL)

Palestine: Acculturation Towards Tolerance (UDF-08-245-PAL)

Tunisia: Meta-evaluation of UNDEF-funded projects implemented between 2013 and 2021

Tunisia: Observatory for Minority Rights in Tunisia (UDF-16-711-TUN)

Tunisia: Women and men equal for local governance in Tunisia (UDF-16-710-TUN)

Tunisia: Building Public Participation, Trust and Transparency in Local Government in Tunisia (UDF-15-662-TUN)

Tunisia: Entrepreneurship for Participation and Inclusion of Vulnerable Youth (UDF-15-661-TUN)

Tunisia: Promoting Local and Participatory Democracy (UDF-14-607-TUN)

Tunisia: Support for Civil Society and Constitutional Processes in Decentralization and Governance (UDF-14-606-TUN)

Tunisia: Support for Democratic Transition and Promotion of Citizenship (UDF-11-443-TUN)

Turkey, Reyhanli, Hatay Province: House of Initiatives by and for Syrian Women in Reyhanli (UDF-15-636-RAS)

Yemen: Empowering Local CSOs through Participation in Local Governance (UDF-10-378-YEM)



Asia and Pacific

Bangladesh: Rural Media Development for Promoting Democracy and Human Rights in Bangladesh (UDF-13-559-BGD)

Bangladesh: Building Participatory Democracy from the bottom up (UDF-11-445-BGD)

Bangladesh: Promoting Good Governance Among Tribal Inhabitants (UDF-09-318-BGD)

Bangladesh, Cambodia: Deepening Local Democratic Governance through Social Accountability (UDF-09-315-RAP)

Bangladesh: Active Citizens and Accountable Local Government (UDF-08-250-BGD)

Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan: Engendering Democratic Governance (UDF-08-248-RAP)

Bangladesh: Promoting Rights of Women Through Changing Mindset (UDF-07-174-BGD)

Bhutan: Strengthening Media and Civic Education to Enhance Democracy (UDF-08-251-BHU)

Cambodia: People’s Access to Public Information in Cambodia (UDF-10-381-CMB)

Cameroon: Education in Electoral Law and Citizen Support in Electoral Processes (UDF-09-290-CMR)

Central Asia: Opening the Doors of Policy Making in Central Asia and South Caucasus (UDF-09-281-GLO)

People's Republic of China: Empowering Vulnerable People through Internet: E- Learning Initiative for Young Migrant Workers (UDF-11-447-CPR)

People's Republic of China: Protecting Environmental Rights and Justice of the Public (UDF-09-320-CPR)

Fiji: Civic Education and empowerment for more women in leadership, from villages to parliament (UDF-11-448-FIJ)

Fiji: Women's Participation in Municipal Government (UDF-07-171-RAP)

Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Tonga: Bottom-Up Governance and Leadership for Women (UDF-07-170-RAP)

India: Fostering Ethical Democracy and Advancing Micro-Justice in India (UDF-13-560-IND)

India: Empowerment of Women through Innovative Vocational Education and Training (UDF-10-383-IND)

India: Strengthening Grassroots Democracy through Women and Participatory Media (UDF-10-382-IND)

India: Active Democracy and Political Participation Among Tribal Communities in the Himalayas (UDF-09-322-IND)

India: Strengthening the Leadership of Women in Gram Panchayats (UDF-08-253-IND)

India: Panchayati Raj Institution Action for Community Development (UDF-07-177-IND)

Indonesia: Developing Alternative Models of Natural Resource Governance with Indigenous Community Participation (UDF-12-510-INS)

Indonesia: Empowering Civil Society to Promote Social Accountability in Papua (UDF-09-323-INS)

Indonesia: Strengthening Local NGOs in Areas where Extractive Industries Operate (UDF-08-254-INS)

Indonesia: Promoting Women’s Leadership in the 2009 Election and Beyond (UDF-07-178-INS)

Kyrgyzstan: Advancing Gender Justice with Community Broadcasters (UDF-17-768-KYR)

Kyrgyzstan: Make Radio / Make Progress - Breaking the Isolation of Mountain Communities (UDF-11-452-KYZ)

Kyrgyzstan: Development Pacts as an Accountability Tool for Local Communities (UDF-10-384-KYR)

Kyrgyzstan: Empowering Communities to Participate in Local Governance (UDF-08-257-KYR)

Laos:  Youth as Agents of Democratic Change through Knowledge and Information Acquisition and Exchange (UDF-10-385-LAO)

Laos: Lao Encouraging and Applying Democracy for Civil Society (UDF-09-326-LAO)

Malaysia: The National Campaign towards Muslim Family Law Reform (UDF-12-512-MAL)

Mongolia: Towards a better electoral process (UDF-08-258-MON)

Myanmar: Empowered and strong civil society addressing the democratic needs of rural women (UDF-12-514-MYA)

Myanmar: Deepening Democratization Processes Through Youth Leadership (UDF-07-180-MYA)

Nepal: Institutionalizing Social Accountability of Community Radio (UDF-10-387-NEP)

Nepal: Advocating for the Rights of Widows (UDF-09-328-NEP)

Nepal: Enhancing Dialogue for an Inclusive Constitution (UDF-08-259-NEP)

Nepal: Political Participation of Marginalized Women (UDF-07-181-NEP)

Pakistan: Strengthening Youth, Minority and Women's Organizations (UDF-11-457-PAK)

Pakistan: Narrowing the Gender Gap in Flood-Affected Areas (UDF-10-389-PAK)

Pakistan: Empowering the Voice of a New Generation (UDF-10-388-PAK)

Pakistan: Strengthening Democracy by Empowering Youth (UDF-09-329-PAK)

Pakistan: Electoral and Parliamentary Process and Civil Society (UDF-08-260-PAK)

Pakistan:  Democracy for Women's Rights in Sindh (UDF-07-182-PAK)

Philippines: Strengthening democratic processes for Bangsamoro Government in Lanao Lake Watershed Reservation (UDF-12-515-PHI)

Philippines: Expanding and Fortifying Local Democracy Through People's Council (UDF-11-458-PHI)

Philippines: Institutionalizing Marginalized Communities' Participation in the Budget Process (UDF-10-390-PHI)

Philippines: Strengthening Democracy at the Grassroots (UDF-08-261-PHI)

Philippines: Promoting Gender-Responsive Governance for Rural, Indigenous and Muslim Women (UDF-07-184-PHI)

Sri Lanka: Civil Society Empowerment Project to Promote Democracy (UDF-08-262-SRL)

Thailand: Empowering Communities Threatened with Displacement in Thailand (UDF-16-721-THA)

Thailand: Cultivating Democratic Leaders (UDF-07-185-THA)

Timor-Leste: Enhancing Women’s Role in Post-Conflict Reconstruction and Nation-Building (UDF-07-186-TIM)

Turkmenistan: Engaging Women with Disabilities in Development Policy Making (UDF-12-517-TUK)

Viet Nam: Empowering Civil Society in Advocacy and Policy Development (UDF-10-392-VIE)

Viet Nam: Promoting Active Participation of Civil Society in Environmental Governance (UDF-09-331-VIE)




Albania: Empowerment Through Citizen Journalism (UDF-08-264-ALB)

Albania: Media Accountability (UDF-07-190-ALB)

Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia: Empowering Roma to Fight Rights Deprivation (UDF-07-189-REU)

Armenia: Enabling Women to Participate in Sustainable Water Management in Armenia (UDF-17-775-ARM)

Armenia: Creating a Network of Young Reporters in Armenia (UDF-ARM-11-465)

Azerbaijan: Creation of Women's Parliament (UDF-09-317-AZE)

Azerbaijan: Developing Democratic Electoral Processes (UDF-07-173-AZE)

Bosnia-Herzegovina: Learning and Living Democracy (UDF-07-191-BIH)

Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia: Equality and Equity for Romani Women (UDF-07-196-MAC)

Georgia: Fostering Democracy through Electoral Participation of Internally Displaced Persons in Georgia (UDF-17-776-GEO)

Georgia: Advancing Pedestrian Rights in Georgia (UDF-13-574-GEO)

Georgia: Citizen Journalists for Free and Fair Elections (UDF-10-396-GEO)

Georgia: Participatory Rights for Physically Disabled Persons (UDF-09-333-GEO)

Hungary: Learning Democracy DemoLab in Hungary (UDF-16-724-HUN)

Kazakhstan: Civil Sector Capacity Building Initiative (UDF-11-451-KAZ)

Kazakhstan: Enhancing Electoral Awareness and Inclusive Democratic Development (UDF-09-325-KAZ)

Kazakhstan: Human Rights Education for the Police (UDF-08-256-KAZ)

Kazakhstan: Coalition Against Poverty: Oil Revenue Under Public Oversight (UDF-07-179-KAZ)

Kosovo*: Am I Equal in Kosovo Society? (UDF-13-575-KOS)

Kosovo*: Civic Involvement for Transparency and Accountability in Kosovo (UDF-11-468-KOS)

Kosovo*: Capacity Development for Association of Journalists (UDF-09-334-KSV)

Kosovo*: Empowering civil society inclusion on democratic policy-making in Kosovo (UDF-08-265-KOS)

Moldova: Civil Society to Monitor and Contribute to Transparency and Anti-Corruption Policies in Moldova (UDF-11-469-MOL)

Moldova: Women Can Do It-Balanced Participation in Decision-Making (UDF-08-266-MOL)

Moldova, Ukraine: Strengthening Civil Society Across Borders to Develop Democracy (UDF-08-263-REU)

Russian Federation: Empowering Civil Society Organizations of Migrants and Ethnic Minorities (UDF-09-332-RUS)

South Caucasus: Opening the Doors of Policy Making in Central Asia and South Caucasus (UDF-09-281-GLO)

Turkey, Syria: House of Initiatives by and for Syrian Women in Reyhanli – Dar Zeytuna Turkey (UDF-RAS-15-636)

Turkey: Monitoring and Influencing Central Budget Through Civic Empowerment (UDF-08-268-TUR)

Turkey: Empowerment of Women Citizens (UDF-07-197-TUR)

Ukraine: Teenagers transforming communities in Ukraine through civic education (UDF-16-730-UKR)

Ukraine: Your Local Representative, Strengthening Citizen Participation (UDF-09-336-UKR)


 * References to Kosovo should be understood to be in the context of Security Council resolution 1244 (1999).


Latin America and the Caribbean

Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Peru: Strengthening Access to Information Via Community Radio (UDF-10-401-RLC)

Argentina: Best Practices for Women´s Participation in Democracy at Local Levels (UDF-08-271-ARG)

Argentina: Supporting Political Dialogue and Debate (UDF-07-201-ARG)

Bolivia: Strengthening Democratic Participation and Inclusive Local Development in Indigenous and Peasant Communities (UDF-13-578-BOL)

Bolivia: Representation and Political Participation of five urban indigenous populations in Santa Cruz de la Sierra (UDF-10-403-BOL)

Brazil: Transparency and Public Accountability in Education in Brazil (UDF- 15-BRA-681)

Brazil: Promoting Freedom of Information Activism at the Local Level (UDF-09-340-BRA)

Brazil: Gender Advocacy at Local Level in Rio de Janeiro State (UDF-07-202-BRA)

Chile: The Rights and Political Participation of the Mapuche Peoples of the Araucania Region (UDF-10-404-CHI)

Chile: Empowering Communities to Strengthen Citizen Participation in Chile (UDF-08-273-CHD)

Chile: The Gender Equality "Social Watch": Following Bachelet's Government (UDF-07-198-RLC)

Colombia: Youth to Youth – Building Peace and Democracy in Colombia (UDF-16-733-COL)

Colombia: Strengthening Democracy through Freedom of Expression and Peace Agenda for Journalists (UDF-13-579-COL)

Colombia: Monitoring Freedom of Expression and Democracy (UDF-09-341-COL)

Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Uruguay: Training of Justice System Professionals to Litigate before the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (UDF-09-338-RLC)

Colombia: Spaces and Information for Citizens' Engagement (UDF-07-203-COL)

Dominican Republic: Towards a Rights-based Political Culture for the Political Participation of the Dominican Population of Haitian Origin (UDF-14-631-DOM)

Ecuador: Strengthening Ethics, Good Governance and Transparency (UDF-08-275-ECU)

Ecuador: Participation Politique des Populations Marginalisées (UDF- 07-204-ECU)

El Salvador: Strengthening Municipal Capacity for Access to Public Information in El Salvador (UDF-11-475-ELS)

Guatemala: Improve Maya Women’s Access to Justice in Rural Guatemala (UDF-17-784-GUA)

Guatemala: Civic Participation of Indigenous Youth for the Strengthening of Democracy (UDF-11-476-GUA)

Guatemala: Strengthening Democratic Participation of Maya Communities in Rural Guatemala (UDF-10-405-GUA)

Guatemala: Formation des jeunes pour la Démocratie et le Développement (UDF-08-276-GUA)

Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, Peru: Human Rights Training for Indigenous Peoples (UDF-07-200-RLC)

Haiti: ICT Empowerment of Women's Voice in Haiti (UDF-13-580-HAI)

Haiti: Strengthening Human Rights Protection Through Legal Education in Haiti (UDF-12-529-HAI)

Haiti: Educating Rural Women in Democratic Citizenship (UDF-08-277-HAI)

Honduras: Young People for Dialogue and Democracy (UDF-15-685-HON)

Honduras: Youth for Democracy (UDF-09-342-HON)

Honduras: Empowering Civil Society and Women to Engage in Policy (UDF-07-208-HON)

Jamaica: Strengthening Women's Leadership (UDF-07-209-JAM)

Mexico: Strengthening Democratic Participation Among Indigenous Peoples of Oaxaca (UDF-10-407-MEX)

Mexico: Constructing Citizenship in San Luis Potosí (UDF-09-343-MEX)

Mexico: Civil Society Advocating for Quality Education and Healthcare with Equity (UDF-08-279-MEX)

Nicaragua: Arts as an Action to Stand up for Women's Rights (UDF-11-479-NIC)

Paraguay: Improving Access to Public Information in Paraguay (UDF-16-736-PAR)

Paraguay: Strengthening Women's Empowerment in the Democratic Process (UDF-10-408-PAR)

Paraguay: Dialogue to Strengthen Democracy (UDF-08-280-PAR)

Peru: Strengthening Press Electoral Coverage in Five Regions (UDF-09-344-PER)

Peru: Building a Digital Democracy Network (UDF-09-337-PER)



Sub-Saharan Africa

Angola: Increasing Women’s Participation in Politics and Decision-Making (UDF-09-286-ANG)

Argentina, Colombia, El Salvador and Peru: Empowering Shanty Towns Settlers through Democratic Spaces (UDF-08-270-RLC)

Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Senegal, Togo: Eau et Assainissement pour tous : Pour une société civile forte et entendue (UDF-12-485-RAF)

Benin: Citizen Participation to Improve Local Governance (UDF-09-287-BEN)

Benin, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Chad, Cote d'lvoire, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Gabon, Guinea, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Rwanda, Senegal, Togo: Renforcer les Capacités des Défenseurs des Droits de l'Homme (UDF-09-284-RAF)

Benin, Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Mali, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Swaziland: Providing Easy Access to Human Rights Instruments (UDF-07-159-RAS)

Botswana, Burundi, Cape Verde, Ghana, Kenya, Namibia, Rwanda, Senegal, Sierra Leone, South Africa: Promoting the African Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance (UDF-08-216-RAF)

Burkina Faso: Strengthening Democratic Capacity of Knowledge-Sharing Network on New Technologies (UDF-10-350-BKF)

Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger: Strengthening the Role and Representation of Women in the Media (UDF-09-285-RAF)

Burkina Faso: Éducation et formation des jeunes pour la démocratie (UDF-08-221-BKF)

Burundi: Education Campaign for the Promotion of Democratic Principles and Dialogue (UDF-11-413-BDI)

Burundi: Strengthening Women's Political and Civic Participation in Democratic Process (UDF-08-223-BDI)

Burundi: Preventing Violence During the 2010 Election Period (UDF-08-222-BDI)

Burundi, Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, South Africa, Zambia: Developing Street Papers as Independent Media in Africa (UDF-08-218-RAF)

Burundi: Strengthening Transitional Justice Processes (UDF-07-136-BDI)

Chad: Young Builders of a New Citizenship (UDF-11-415-CHD)

Chad: Renforcement de la Citoyenneté (UDF-07-138-CHD)

Côte d'Ivoire: Promoting Democratic Dialogue and Social Cohesion in the Western region  (UDF-11-417-IVC)

Côte d'Ivoire:  Improving Participation of 155 Women's Groups (UDF-09-291-IVC)

Côte d'Ivoire: Civil Society Engagement for Democracy and Good Governance (UDF-08-224-IVC)

Democratic Republic of the Congo: Promoting Participatory Governance and the Rule of Law in Democratic Republic of the Congo (UDF-17-742-DRC)

Democractic Republic of Congo: Defence of Vulnerable People and Democracy Restoration for Workers in the Exploitation of Mines in Democratic Republic of Congo (UDF-13-537-DRC)

Democratic Republic of Congo: Supporting Civic Participation of Grassroots Communities in DRC (UDF-08-226-DRC)

Democratic Republic of Congo: Strengthening Dialogue for Community Decision-Making (UDF-08-225-DRC)

Democratic Republic of Congo: Formation des Citoyens au Droit (UDF-07-141-DRC)

Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, Liberia, Malawi, Mozambique, Rwanda, Senegal, South Africa: Development of Sustainable Voter Registration Methodologies (UDF-07-133-RAF)

Djibouti: Together against Gender Violence and Discrimination (UDF-11-436-DJI)

EthiopiaEnhancing the Functional Protection of Human Rights (UDF-08-227-ETH)

Gabon: Appui à l’implication des jeunes dans les processus électoraux (UDF-11-418-GAB)

Gambia: Strengthening advocacy capacity for civil-society (UDF-10-353-GAM)

Gambia: Enhancing Women's Participation in Democracy (UDF-09-293-GAM)

Ghana: Strengthening Participation of Women in Geographically Deprived Communities in Local Governance (UDF-13-538-GHA)

Ghana: Promoting Citizens Participation in Constitutional Reform Process (UDF-09-294-GHA)

Ghana:  Addressing Governance Deficits Through Constitutional Reform (UDF-09-229-GHA)

Ghana, Kenya, Liberia: Electoral Justice Principles for Trust in the Electoral Process (UDF-08-217-RAF)

Guinea: Appui a la Gouvernance Democratique Locale (AGODEL) des Zones Minieres (UDF-12-489-GUI)

Guinea: Empowering Magistrate-Civil Society Collaboration for Guinea’s New Democratic Future (UDF-10-355-GUI)

Kenya: Youth Empowerment for Participation in County Government (UDF-12-490-KEN)

Kenya: Enhancing Public Participation and Oversight in County Planning and Procurement (UDF-11-420-KEN)

Kenya: Voter Education and Registration (UDF-09-297-KEN)

Kenya: Strengthening Governance and Democratization Processes (UDF-09-296-KEN)

Kenya: Strengthening Promotion of Women’s Rights (UDF-08-230-KEN)

Kenya: Promoting Awareness of Women's Human Rights through Community Radio Listening and Media (UDF-07-145-KEN)

Lesotho, Malawi, South Africa, Zambia: Governance and Transparency through Radio (UDF-08-220-RAF)

Liberia: Using Access to Information to Foster Open Expenditure and Budget Transparency in Liberia( UDF-14-591-LIR)

Madagascar: Promoting the Representation of Malagasy Women in Politics and Public Affairs (UDF-11-421-MAG)

Mali: Strengthening CSO Engagement with Defence Institutions to Reduce Corruption and Strengthen Accountability in Mali (UDF-16-696-MLI)

Mozambique: Joint Contribution to Strengthen CSOs and Expand Democracy (UDF-10-360-MOZ)

Mozambique: Women in Politics (UDF-08-232-MOZ)

Niger: Promoting Women's Participation in Local Budgetary Processes (UDF-11-424-NER)

Niger: Renforcement des Magistrats (UDF-07-151-NER)

Nigeria: Support for Elections in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria (UDF-17-748-NIR)

Nigeria: Creative Communication of the Nigeria Budget (UDF-13-544-NIR)

Nigeria: Civil Society Support Initiative on Political Marginalization in the Niger Delta (UDF-09-301-NIR)

Nigeria: Procurement Monitoring (UDF-08-233-NIR)

Rwanda: Access to Justice and Human Rights Education (UDF-09-303-RWA)

Rwanda: Promoting Democratic and Human Rights Values among Rwandan Youth (UDF-09-302-RWA)

Senegal: Campagne de la Démocratie et des Droits de l''Homme (UDF-08-234-SEN)

Sierra Leone: Enhancing Grassroots Democracy and Responsive Traditional Leadership (UDF-14-595-SIL)

Sierra Leone: Enhancing Grassroots Democracy and Responsive Traditional Leadership (UDF-12-496-SIL)

Sierra Leone: Initiative to Build Social Movements in Sierra Leone (UDF-11-425-SIL)

Sierra Leone: Democratic Dialogue through Media (UDF-07-154-SIL)

Somalia: Promotion of Women Empowerment and Rights (POWER) (UDF-12-505-SOM)

Somalia: Strengthening Media Capacity for Democracy and Human Rights (UDF-07-168-SOM)

South Africa, Swaziland, United Republic of Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe: Leadership for Accountable Governance (UDF-08-219-RAF)

Sudan: Supporting the Role of Women Leaders in the Post-Separation Period (UDF-10-366-SUD)

Togo: Towards Collaborative and Transparent Local Development Planning (UDF-11-429-TOG)

Togo: Programme d'Action pour l'Implication des Leaders Religieux et d'Opinion (UDF-08-236-TOG)

Togo: Droits et Libertés Pour Tous (UDF-07-156-TOG)

Uganda: Empowering Female and Youth Domestic Workers in Uganda (UDF-UGA-15-648)

Uganda: Strengthening Young Women’s Civic Participation and Leadership in Uganda (UDF-13-547-UGA)

Uganda: Grass root Gender Accountability Project (UDF-10-367-UGA)

Uganda: Promoting civic and political participation of women and youth in the informal sector in Uganda (UDF‐UGA‐08‐237)


United Republic of Tanzania: Empowering Civil Society to Monitor Development Programmes (UDF-09-305-URT)

United Republic of Tanzania: Jurisprudence on the Ground (UDF-07-155-URT)

Zimbabwe: Advocating for Community Radio in Zimbabwe (UDF-16-702-ZIM)

Zimbabwe: Promoting Human Rights through Providing Access to Information for Marginalized Women (UDF-11-432-ZIM)

Zimbabwe: Electoral Process Training for Civil Society (UDF-08-238-ZIM)




Global: Non-Governmental Diplomacy (UDF-08-214-GLO)

Global: Assessing Democracy Assistance (UDF-08-213-GLO)

Global: Cultivating National and Grassroots Women Leaders (UDF-07-129-GLO)

Global: Creating Democratic Media Cultures: Quality Information for All (UDF-07-128-GLO)

Global: Civil Society Capacity Building for Participatory Governance (UDF-07-126-GLO)