Asia and Pacific

Bangladesh: Rural Media Development for Promoting Democracy and Human Rights in Bangladesh (UDF-13-559-BGD)

Bangladesh: Building Participatory Democracy from the bottom up (UDF-11-445-BGD)

Bangladesh: Promoting Good Governance Among Tribal Inhabitants (UDF-09-318-BGD)

Bangladesh, Cambodia: Deepening Local Democratic Governance through Social Accountability (UDF-09-315-RAP)

Bangladesh: Active Citizens and Accountable Local Government (UDF-08-250-BGD)

Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan: Engendering Democratic Governance (UDF-08-248-RAP)

Bangladesh: Promoting Rights of Women Through Changing Mindset (UDF-07-174-BGD)

Bhutan: Strengthening Media and Civic Education to Enhance Democracy (UDF-08-251-BHU)

Cambodia: People’s Access to Public Information in Cambodia (UDF-10-381-CMB)

Cameroon: Education in Electoral Law and Citizen Support in Electoral Processes (UDF-09-290-CMR)

Central Asia: Opening the Doors of Policy Making in Central Asia and South Caucasus (UDF-09-281-GLO)

People's Republic of China: Empowering Vulnerable People through Internet: E- Learning Initiative for Young Migrant Workers (UDF-11-447-CPR)

People's Republic of China: Protecting Environmental Rights and Justice of the Public (UDF-09-320-CPR)

Fiji: Civic Education and empowerment for more women in leadership, from villages to parliament (UDF-11-448-FIJ)

Fiji: Women's Participation in Municipal Government (UDF-07-171-RAP)

Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Tonga: Bottom-Up Governance and Leadership for Women (UDF-07-170-RAP)

India: Fostering Ethical Democracy and Advancing Micro-Justice in India (UDF-13-560-IND)

India: Empowerment of Women through Innovative Vocational Education and Training (UDF-10-383-IND)

India: Strengthening Grassroots Democracy through Women and Participatory Media (UDF-10-382-IND)

India: Active Democracy and Political Participation Among Tribal Communities in the Himalayas (UDF-09-322-IND)

India: Strengthening the Leadership of Women in Gram Panchayats (UDF-08-253-IND)

India: Panchayati Raj Institution Action for Community Development (UDF-07-177-IND)

Indonesia: Developing Alternative Models of Natural Resource Governance with Indigenous Community Participation (UDF-12-510-INS)

Indonesia: Empowering Civil Society to Promote Social Accountability in Papua (UDF-09-323-INS)

Indonesia: Strengthening Local NGOs in Areas where Extractive Industries Operate (UDF-08-254-INS)

Indonesia: Promoting Women’s Leadership in the 2009 Election and Beyond (UDF-07-178-INS)

Kyrgyzstan: Advancing Gender Justice with Community Broadcasters (UDF-17-768-KYR)

Kyrgyzstan: Make Radio / Make Progress - Breaking the Isolation of Mountain Communities (UDF-11-452-KYZ)

Kyrgyzstan: Development Pacts as an Accountability Tool for Local Communities (UDF-10-384-KYR)

Kyrgyzstan: Empowering Communities to Participate in Local Governance (UDF-08-257-KYR)

Laos:  Youth as Agents of Democratic Change through Knowledge and Information Acquisition and Exchange (UDF-10-385-LAO)

Laos: Lao Encouraging and Applying Democracy for Civil Society (UDF-09-326-LAO)

Malaysia: The National Campaign towards Muslim Family Law Reform (UDF-12-512-MAL)

Mongolia: Towards a better electoral process (UDF-08-258-MON)

Myanmar: Empowered and strong civil society addressing the democratic needs of rural women (UDF-12-514-MYA)

Myanmar: Deepening Democratization Processes Through Youth Leadership (UDF-07-180-MYA)

Nepal: Institutionalizing Social Accountability of Community Radio (UDF-10-387-NEP)

Nepal: Advocating for the Rights of Widows (UDF-09-328-NEP)

Nepal: Enhancing Dialogue for an Inclusive Constitution (UDF-08-259-NEP)

Nepal: Political Participation of Marginalized Women (UDF-07-181-NEP)

Pakistan: Strengthening Youth, Minority and Women's Organizations (UDF-11-457-PAK)

Pakistan: Narrowing the Gender Gap in Flood-Affected Areas (UDF-10-389-PAK)

Pakistan: Empowering the Voice of a New Generation (UDF-10-388-PAK)

Pakistan: Strengthening Democracy by Empowering Youth (UDF-09-329-PAK)

Pakistan: Electoral and Parliamentary Process and Civil Society (UDF-08-260-PAK)

Pakistan:  Democracy for Women's Rights in Sindh (UDF-07-182-PAK)

Philippines: Strengthening democratic processes for Bangsamoro Government in Lanao Lake Watershed Reservation (UDF-12-515-PHI)

Philippines: Expanding and Fortifying Local Democracy Through People's Council (UDF-11-458-PHI)

Philippines: Institutionalizing Marginalized Communities' Participation in the Budget Process (UDF-10-390-PHI)

Philippines: Strengthening Democracy at the Grassroots (UDF-08-261-PHI)

Philippines: Promoting Gender-Responsive Governance for Rural, Indigenous and Muslim Women (UDF-07-184-PHI)

Sri Lanka: Civil Society Empowerment Project to Promote Democracy (UDF-08-262-SRL)

Thailand: Empowering Communities Threatened with Displacement in Thailand (UDF-16-721-THA)

Thailand: Cultivating Democratic Leaders (UDF-07-185-THA)

Timor-Leste: Enhancing Women’s Role in Post-Conflict Reconstruction and Nation-Building (UDF-07-186-TIM)

Turkmenistan: Engaging Women with Disabilities in Development Policy Making (UDF-12-517-TUK)

Viet Nam: Empowering Civil Society in Advocacy and Policy Development (UDF-10-392-VIE)

Viet Nam: Promoting Active Participation of Civil Society in Environmental Governance (UDF-09-331-VIE)