UNDEF funds, helps design, manages, mentors, and generates projects that contribute to strengthening democracy

09 June 2020

A range of UNDEF civil society projects have responded to UNDEF’s call for action against falsehoods, conspiracy theories, disinformation and hate speech.


06 May 2020

UNDEF’s civil society projects in more than 15 countries have swiftly answered UNDEF’s call to empower women to take action against gender-based violence.


02 May 2020

The UN Democracy Fund is working closely with its civil society project organizations to address and counteract the wide range of ways the Covid-19 crisis may impair democracy and increase authoritarianism.


08 April 2020

Launched early in 2019, an UNDEF project seeks to amplify the rights and voices of Syrian women and girls and increase their participation in social, political and cultural life.



31 January 2020

In Colombia, Fundación para la Libertad de Prensa is working to improve the quality of news from rural areas or so called information deserts, particularly those affected by armed conflict. Supported by UNDEF, a mobile Journalism Lab provides training in journalism skills for local leaders and active citizens in towns where a decades long armed conflict has established the ideal conditions for silence and censorship.


09 October 2019

The annual Athens Democracy Forum was held on 9-11 October 2019, in association with The New York Times, the UN Democracy Fund and the City of Athens. This year’s programme centred around the theme Reinventing Democracy: New Models for our Changing World...


Jeffrey Wright Narrates: Armenia and Georgia: Prisoners of the Caucasus

Jeffrey Wright Narrates: Armenia and Georgia: Prisoners of the Caucasus