UNDEF funds, helps design, manages, mentors, and generates projects that contribute to strengthening democracy


30 November 2018

A new UNDEF project in Kazakhstan works to rehabilitate young ex-offenders through training, skills development and psychological support. This project is implemented by Social and Sustainable Youth Development Public Fund.



13 November 2018

The UNDEF-supported project Young People for Dialogue and Democracy in Honduras works to strengthen rights and participation of Honduran youth by strengthening legislative leadership skills of young parliamentarians.



15 October 2018

An UNDEF regional project has just completed a series of activities aimed at contributing to efforts to repeal criminal defamation laws and other restrictions to freedom of expression - barriers to strong and stable democracies.



02 October 2018

Climate resilience is essential to building sustainable communities.  Women play a key role in local adaptation and mitigation efforts with regard to climate change, but in Cambodia they have limited access to decision-making processes. The Cambodian Development Resource Institute under its UNDEF grant is empowering women and women’s groups to promote and advocate for climate change adaptation initiatives.



03 April 2018

An UNDEF-hosted side event during the March 2018 session of the UN Commission on Status of Women showcased UNDEF projects on the theme Empowerment Through Democracy, Civil Society and Innovation.



14 February 2018

An UNDEF project launched in early 2018 will work in the Guinea-Bissau regions of Bafata and Gabu to decrease gender-based violence, focusing on female genital mutilation. It will also champion freedom of speech for human rights defenders, and young people’s participation in public decision-making processes.