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20 August 2021

An UNDEF project in Gambia facilitated the National Assembly’s passing of an Access to Information Bill in July 2021. With this, Gambia becomes the last English-speaking country in West Africa to recognize access to information as a legal right.


19 August 2021

The UN Deputy Secretary-General has approved a short list of 35 project proposals for UNDEF’s Fifteenth Round of Funding, following recommendations by the United Nations Democracy Fund Advisory Board. UNDEF has contacted those short-listed.


21 June 2021

An UNDEF project in Kazakhstan successfully completed its work for empowerment and a comprehensive rehabilitation for young ex-offenders. The project, implemented by Social and Sustainable Youth Development Public Fund ...


07 June 2021

A team of independent evaluators completed a meta-evaluation of nine UNDEF projects implemented in Tunisia from 2013 to 2021, so as to assess UNDEF’s overall engagement there.


25 May 2021

An UNDEF project in Sudan is supporting grassroots urban women living in poverty to formulate their own political agendas and increase their participation in local government. The Strategic Initiative for Women in the Horn of Africa Network has been working since 2019 ...


12 April 2021

UNDEF’s Advisory Board met virtually on 1 April 2021 and endorsed a short-list of 38 projects for its 15th Round of funding totaling almost $10 million dollars.


Jeffrey Wright Narrates: UNDEF in Armenia and Georgia: Prisoners of the Caucasus

Jeffrey Wright Narrates: UNDEF in Armenia and Georgia: Prisoners of the Caucasus

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