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27 May 2022

An UNDEF project in Kenya works to address the potential impact of the internet, social media and digital technologies, both positive and negative, on electoral integrity and confidence in the electoral process in Kenya.


25 April 2022

An UNDEF project in Malaysia completed its work to strengthen indigenous community land protection through empowerment of local action groups and youth in Central and South-Eastern Perak State.


12 April 2022

UNDEF’s Advisory Board met on 11 April 2022 and endorsed a short-list of 34 projects for its 16th Round of funding totaling over $7.5 million dollars.


31 March 2022

The Global Commission on Democracy and Emergencies, convened by Danilo Türk, former President of Slovenia, and chaired by Yves Leterme, former Prime Minister of Belgium, issued its final report with policy recommendations based on lessons learned from across the democratic world from the Covid-19 pandemic

24 March 2022

An UNDEF project in Chile works to promote women’s participation and gender content in Chile’s current constitutional process; advance women’s understanding of the new constitution's importance to them and their rights; generate debates on key gender issues; advocate for the inclusion of gender aspects in the drafting process.


24 February 2022

An UNDEF project in Kyrgyzstan completed its work to strengthen the transformative role of community-based media in reducing gender-based violence, including amid the surge of such violence as a result of pandemic lockdowns and economic pressures.


16 February 2022

An UNDEF project in Vietnam works to strengthen regular dialogues between civil society and government agencies for more transparency and accountability in the forestry sector.


20 January 2022

UNDEF Mali project holds a round table on women’s leadership and media literacy. View the video!


10 January 2022

Tunisia has been a priority country for UNDEF for the past decade, with 18 UNDEF projects there since 2012 – not least in the crucial area of youth empowerment. 

04 January 2022

An UNDEF project in Nepal works to strengthen gender-responsive local governance, with a focus on the rights of marginalized and indigenous women in the Icchakmana and Kalika municipalities of Chitwan.


23 December 2021

An UNDEF project in Mongolia works to strengthen the capacity of local media and civil society to ensure media freedom and quality journalism amid challenges of the digital era.


15 December 2021

An UNDEF project in Mexico works to ensure access to social security for 2.2 million domestic workers who have previously been denied labour rights.


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