Latin America and the Caribbean

Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Peru (PDF): Strengthening Access to Information Via Community Radio (UDF-10-401-RLC)

Argentina (PDF): Best Practices for Women´s Participation in Democracy at Local Levels (UDF-08-271-ARG)

Argentina (PDF): Supporting Political Dialogue and Debate (UDF-07-201-ARG)

Bolivia (PDF): Strengthening Democratic Participation and Inclusive Local Development in Indigenous and Peasant Communities (UDF-13-578-BOL)

Bolivia (PDF): Representation and Political Participation of five urban indigenous populations in Santa Cruz de la Sierra (UDF-10-403-BOL)

Brazil (PDF): Transparency and Public Accountability in Education in Brazil (UDF- 15-BRA-681)

Brazil (PDF): Promoting Freedom of Information Activism at the Local Level (UDF-09-340-BRA)

Brazil (PDF): Gender Advocacy at Local Level in Rio de Janeiro State (UDF-07-202-BRA)

Chile (PDF): The Rights and Political Participation of the Mapuche Peoples of the Araucania Region (UDF-10-404-CHI)

Chile (PDF): Empowering Communities to Strengthen Citizen Participation in Chile (UDF-08-273-CHD)

Chile (PDF): The Gender Equality "Social Watch": Following Bachelet's Government (UDF-07-198-RLC)

Colombia (PDF): Youth to Youth – Building Peace and Democracy in Colombia (UDF-16-733-COL)

Colombia (PDF): Strengthening Democracy through Freedom of Expression and Peace Agenda for Journalists (UDF-13-579-COL)

Colombia (PDF): Monitoring Freedom of Expression and Democracy (UDF-09-341-COL)

Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Uruguay (PDF): Training of Justice System Professionals to Litigate before the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (UDF-09-338-RLC)

Colombia (PDF): Spaces and Information for Citizens' Engagement (UDF-07-203-COL)

Dominican Republic (PDF): Towards a Rights-based Political Culture for the Political Participation of the Dominican Population of Haitian Origin (UDF-14-631-DOM)

Ecuador (PDF): Strengthening Ethics, Good Governance and Transparency (UDF-08-275-ECU)

Ecuador (PDF): Participation Politique des Populations Marginalisées (UDF- 07-204-ECU)

El Salvador (PDF): Strengthening Municipal Capacity for Access to Public Information in El Salvador (UDF-11-475-ELS)

Guatemala (PDF): Civic Participation of Indigenous Youth for the Strengthening of Democracy (UDF-11-476-GUA)

Guatemala (PDF): Strengthening Democratic Participation of Maya Communities in Rural Guatemala (UDF-10-405-GUA)

Guatemala (PDF): Formation des jeunes pour la Démocratie et le Développement (UDF-08-276-GUA)

Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, Peru (PDF): Human Rights Training for Indigenous Peoples (UDF-07-200-RLC)

Haiti (PDF): ICT Empowerment of Women's Voice in Haiti (UDF-13-580-HAI)

Haiti (PDF): Strengthening Human Rights Protection Through Legal Education in Haiti (UDF-12-529-HAI)

Haiti (PDF): Educating Rural Women in Democratic Citizenship (UDF-08-277-HAI)

Honduras (PDF): Young People for Dialogue and Democracy (UDF-15-685-HON)

Honduras (PDF): Youth for Democracy (UDF-09-342-HON)

Honduras (PDF): Empowering Civil Society and Women to Engage in Policy (UDF-07-208-HON)

Jamaica (PDF): Strengthening Women's Leadership (UDF-07-209-JAM)

Mexico (PDF): Strengthening Democratic Participation Among Indigenous Peoples of Oaxaca (UDF-10-407-MEX)

Mexico (PDF): Constructing Citizenship in San Luis Potosí  (UDF-09-343-MEX)

Mexico (PDF): Civil Society Advocating for Quality Education and Healthcare with Equity (UDF-08-279-MEX)

Nicaragua (PDF): Arts as an Action to Stand up for Women's Rights (UDF-11-479-NIC)

Paraguay (PDF): Improving Access to Public Information in Paraguay (UDF-16-736-PAR)

Paraguay (PDF): Strengthening Women's Empowerment in the Democratic Process (UDF-10-408-PAR)

Paraguay (PDF): Dialogue to Strengthen Democracy (UDF-08-280-PAR)

Peru (PDF): Strengthening Press Electoral Coverage in Five Regions (UDF-09-344-PER)

Peru (PDF): Building a Digital Democracy Network (UDF-09-337-PER)