Arab States

Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, Yemen (PDF): Strengthening the Capacity of Arab Bloggers and Journalists to Promote Human Rights (UDF-10-369-RAS)

Algeria (PDF): Capacity-Building and Leadership Training to Strengthen Women's Participation in Public Life (UDF-09-307-ALG)

Algeria (PDF): Citizen Empowerment for the Promotion of Good Governance and Participatory Democracy in Algeria (UDF-16-703-ALG)

Bahrain, Jordan, Sudan, Yemen (PDF): Engaging Civil Society in a Democratic Election Process (UDF-08-239-RAS)

Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia (PDF): Mainstreaming the Sustainable Development Goals in the Arab Civil Society Agenda (UDF-14-599-RAS)

Egypt (PDF): Women in Democratic Transition: Political Watchdog Unit II (UDF-11-437-EGY)

Egypt (PDF): Enlarging the Social Base for Democracy and Rule of Law (UDF-09-308-EGY)

Egypt (PDF): Women in Democratic Transition: Political Participation Watchdog (UDF-08-241-EGY)

Egypt (PDF): Building Democratic Spaces (UDF-07-162-EGY)

Iraq (PDF): Civil Society Monitoring of Governorate Councils in Iraq (UDF-10-372-IRQ)

Iraq (PDF): Campaign for Community Concerns and Political Resolution in the South and South Centre (UDF-09-309-IRQ)

Iraq (PDF): Empowering Women as Leaders, Advocates and Participants in the Political Process (UDF-08-242-IRQ)

Jordan (PDF): Increased Citizen Dialogue through Strengthened Media in Jordan (UDF-13-553-JOR)

Jordan (PDF), Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates: Emerging Leaders of the Arab Region (UDF-13-550-RAS)

Jordan (PDF): Media and Art as Catalyst for Free Speech and Access to Information Right (UDF-10-373-JOR)

Jordan (PDF): Student Civic Action for Engaging and Empowering Emerging Leaders in Universities (UDF-07-164-JOR)

Lebanon (PDF): Mobilizing Communities for Fair Sexual-Violence Legislation in Lebanon (UDF-16-707-LEB)

Lebanon (PDF): Creating a Liaison Unit Between Parliament and Civil Society (UDF-10-375-LEB)

Lebanon (PDF): Youth Partnership for Improved Budgetary Governance in Lebanese Municipalities (UDF-10-374-LEB)

Lebanon (PDF): Citizenship is My Right (UDF-08-244-LEB)

Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, Morocco, Tunisia (PDF): Supporting the Engagement of Youth and Civil Society in Public Policy Dialogue (UDF-11-433-RAS)

Mauritania (PDF): Strengthening the Political Participation of Communities of Former Slaves (UDF-10-359-MAU)

Morocco (PDF): Bytes Without Borders in Morocco (UDF-13-556-MOR)

Morocco (PDF): For a More Vigilant Civil Society (UDF-12-502-MOR)

Palestine (PDF): Advancing the Rights of Women in the West Bank Periphery (UDF-10-376-PAL)

Palestine (PDF): Youth Local Councils for Civic Engagement and Social Change (UDF-09-311-PAL)

Palestine (PDF): Acculturation Towards Tolerance (UDF-08-245-PAL)

Tunisia (PDF): Meta-evaluation of UNDEF-funded projects implemented between 2013 and 2021

Tunisia (PDF): Observatory for Minority Rights in Tunisia (UDF-16-711-TUN)

Tunisia (PDF): Women and men equal for local governance in Tunisia (UDF-16-710-TUN)

Tunisia (PDF): Building Public Participation, Trust and Transparency in Local Government in Tunisia (UDF-15-662-TUN)

Tunisia (PDF): Entrepreneurship for Participation and Inclusion of Vulnerable Youth (UDF-15-661-TUN)

Tunisia (PDF): Promoting Local and Participatory Democracy (UDF-14-607-TUN)

Tunisia (PDF): Support for Civil Society and Constitutional Processes in Decentralization and Governance (UDF-14-606-TUN)

Tunisia (PDF): Support for Democratic Transition and Promotion of Citizenship (UDF-11-443-TUN)

Turkey, Reyhanli, Hatay Province (PDF): House of Initiatives by and for Syrian Women in Reyhanli (UDF-15-636-RAS)

Yemen (PDF): Empowering Local CSOs through Participation in Local Governance (UDF-10-378-YEM)