Science and technology can help tackle key sustainable development challenges

Integrated science is essential to strengthen water management, sustainably use the oceans and tackle climate change, the head of the United Nations cultural agency said on World Science Day for Peace and Development.

Billions around the world lack safe water, proper sanitation facilities, reveals UN report

Some three in ten people around the world lack access to safe and readily available water at home, and almost six in ten to safely managed sanitation, a new United Nations report has warned, calling on countries to do more to fulfil these basic human needs.

2018-04-22T11:51:23-04:0012 Jul 2017|Goal 6: Water and Sanitation, News|

Ukraine: 750,000 children at risk of losing access to safe drinking water, warns UN

With the recent escalation of hostilities damaging vital water infrastructure in eastern Ukraine, at least 750,000 children are at imminent risk of being cut off from safe drinking water, the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) warned today.

2017-06-19T14:54:52-04:0016 Jun 2017|Goal 6: Water and Sanitation, News|

‘Radical’ investments needed to meet global water and sanitation targets – UN report

Against the backdrop of almost two billion people around the world relying on sources of drinking-water contaminated with faeces, the United Nations has called on countries to “radically” increase investments in water and sanitation infrastructure not only to protect their populations from deadly diseases but also to ensure that they are able to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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WATCH: How we treat our waste affects our health, environment and even our economies

"Mottainai!" is a Japanese term for "what a waste!" [...]

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