The Power of Partnerships

New diseases have been emerging at the unprecedented rate of one a year for the last two decades, and this trend is certain to continue. We look at a small fraction of past pandemics and outbreaks, and the importance of solidarity, international cooperation and partnerships to prevent, detect and respond to these global challenges, while we tackle the immense challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

2020-06-03T09:33:42-04:0002 Jun 2020|Goal 3: Good Health, Goal of the Month|

Climate Change and Migration in Vulnerable Countries

What is new in the relationship between migration and the environment is that the world is grappling with the devastating impacts of climate change. With greater awareness came increased political recognition and there is now a widespread consensus on the need to address the adverse impacts of climate change on the migration of people now and in the future.

2019-09-03T18:34:44-04:0003 Sep 2019|Goal of the Month|

On the Frontlines of Climate Change

Indigenous communities are key sources of knowledge and understanding on climate change impacts, responses and adaptation. Their traditional knowledge allows them to forecast weather patterns, improve agricultural practices and sustainably manage natural resources. But many of them have been fighting complicated climate battles – putting their lives and access to ancestral lands at risk.

2019-07-25T17:14:37-04:0024 Jul 2019|Goal of the Month|
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