17 Goals to Transform Our World

Governments, businesses and civil society together with the United Nations have started to mobilize efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Agenda by 2030. Universal, inclusive and indivisible, the Agenda calls for action by all countries to improve the lives of people everywhere.

In 2015, countries adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals. In 2016, the Paris Agreement on climate change entered into force, addressing the need to limit the rise of global temperatures. Explore this site to find out more about the efforts of the UN and its partners to build a better world with no one left behind.


The #GlobalGoals seek to end poverty, reduce inequality & tackle climate change. Here’s how you can help

United Nations Ocean Conference set to mobilize action to reverse marine degradation – UN Headquarters, New York, 5 to 9 June 2017 (Media Advisory)

The United Nations will bring together Heads of States, Heads of Governments and other high-level delegates, representatives from civil society organizations, the business community, intergovernmental and UN agencies as well as renowned personalities, and other […]

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The Ocean Conference: An Integrated Vision that must be Delivered

At the Ocean Conference (scheduled to take place 5-9 June) in New York, nations will gather to discuss how best to deliver on Sustainable Development Goal 14, Life Below Water. This event is critical because it will, for perhaps the first time, focus the international community on how critical our oceans to our life and livelihoods.

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Countries agree on measures to accelerate resource mobilization to quicken implementation of the Addis Ababa Action Agenda and achieve the SDGs

New York, 23 May—Responding to a challenging global environment, marked by difficult macroeconomic conditions as well as humanitarian crises and conflicts, the 193 United Nations members states today agreed on a series of measures to […]

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On Day for Biological Diversity, UN says tourists must protect nature that draws them

Tourism must not undermine the nature that attracts tourists in the first place, said the head of the United Nations-backed treaty on biological diversity, marking International Day for Biological Diversity.

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In final address, UN health chief urges world body to ‘remember the people’ behind the facts and figures

The outgoing chief of the United Nations health agency today highlighted the relevance of the World Health Organization (WHO), and offered its decision-making body parting advice that included protecting scientific evidence, pushing for innovation and thinking of people in every decision that is taken.

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Launch of the “Financing for Development: Progress and Prospects” Report of the Inter-agency Task Force on Financing for Development 2017

New York, 22 May–Continued slow global economic growth is likely to leave about 6.5 per cent of the world population extremely poor in 2030 without national actions supported by international cooperation, according to a new […]

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