The Sustainable Development Goals are all interconnected and in order to achieve the 2030 Agenda, we have to ensure that all the Goals are met. The United Nations have ongoing campaigns that highlights the work that relates specifically to some of these Goals.


Goal 13 calls for urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts. To address climate change, countries adopted the Paris Agreement to limit global temperature rise to well below 2 degrees Celsius. The 2019 Climate Summit of the Secretary-General aims to scale-up and accelerate climate action to achieve the Goals of the Paris Agreement.


Violence against women and girls is one of the most widespread, persistent and devastating human rights violations in our world today. Gender inequality persists worldwide. Achieving gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls will require more vigorous efforts, including legal frameworks, to counter deeply rooted gender-based discrimination that often results from patriarchal attitudes and related social norms. Read more about Goal 5.


Water is critical for sustainable development and the eradication of poverty and hunger, and is indispensable for human development, health and wellbeing. Water-related challenges, including limited access to safe water and sanitation, increasing pressure on water resources and ecosystems, disasters and an exacerbated risk of droughts and floods, have received increasing attention in the global development arena. Read more about Goal 6.


Provided with the necessary skills and opportunities needed to reach their potential, young people can be a driving force for supporting development and contributing to peace and security. Youth-led organizations need to be encouraged and empowered to participate in translating the 2030 Agenda into local, national and regional policy. They play a significant role in the implementation, monitoring and review of the Agenda as well as in holding governments accountable. With political commitment and adequate resources, young people have the potential to make the most effective transformation of the world into a better place for all.