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Project Proposals

Funding provided by the Trust Fund is directed to projects aimed at addressing gaps in services to assist and support victims, and sustainable economic empowerment with a focus on income generation activities.

Trust Fund funds aim to provide beneficiaries with support and assistance services which include, but are not limited to:

  • Medical services, including sexual and reproductive health services;
  • Psychosocial services, including dealing with stigma and discrimination;
  • Legal services and access to an effective remedy;
  • Immediate material care as necessary such as food, clothing, emergency safe shelter, education, and essential medicines and services.

The Trust Fund is not intended as a financial compensation programme and will therefore not disburse funds directly to individual victims and/or children born as a result of sexual exploitation and abuse.

Entities from the UN system (Secretariat, agencies, funds and programmes) and non-UN organizations that provide assistance and support to victims of sexual exploitation and abuse and children born as a result of sexual exploitation and abuse are eligible to submit project proposals.

Project proposals as accepted on an ongoing basis and shall be submitted in line with the template to the Implementing Office (IO) by emailing to Yasna Uberoi at

The project proposals should include detailed and comprehensive information on:

  1. what services are currently being available to the victims of SEA in the country
  2. who will implement the project activities
  3. what activities will be implemented
  4. what is the start and end the of the project
  5. what is the cost of the project (detailed breakdown of activities and related cost)
  6. how many individuals will benefit from the project) and how will the project beneficiaries be identified
  7. how the project progress will be monitored.

More information on the proposal submission process can be found here

Project Approval

The Trust Fund Implementing Office shall review eligible proposals and consult with the Victims’ Rights Advocate prior to the meeting of the Review Committee.

The Trust Fund Review Committee shall meet and approve eligible proposals in accordance with the Trust Fund Terms of Reference, and existing regulatory and programme management frameworks.

The proposals are selected based on their direct linkage to the purpose of the Trust Fund, including:

  • relevance to the assistance and support service needs of the location;
  • cost effectiveness and fiscal responsibility in relation to providing the services; and,
  • the ability of the implementing partner to monitor and report on performance to the Trust Fund Implementing Office.

When a project proposal is approved, an agreement shall be signed between the UN and the implementing partner to specify the terms and conditions under which the implementing partner receives funds, as well as the monitoring and evaluation modalities.  

Learn more about the submission process  [PDF]