Victims Assistance Protocol

United Nations Protocol on the Provision of Assistance to victims of sexual exploitation and abuse (12 December 2019).

The Protocol elaborates a common set of norms and standards based on existing frameworks aimed at strengthening a coordinated, system-wide approach to the provision of assistance and support, prioritizing the rights and dignity of victims, regardless of the affiliation of the alleged perpetrator. This approach is aligned with broader United Nations efforts to prevent and respond to sexual exploitation and abuse and takes into account established good practices to address gender-based violence.

United Nations Comprehensive Strategy on Assistance and Support to Victims

The Victims’ Rights Advocate works with all parts of the UN system, Member States, civil society, including human rights institutions, the media and others so that an integrated response to victim assistance in line with the Secretary-General’s strategy and the UN comprehensive strategy on assistance and support to victims of sexual exploitation and abuse by UN and related personnel adopted by the UN General Assembly in 2007 (A/RES/62/214, Annex) is taken.

Secretary-General’s Bulletin: Special measures for protection from sexual exploitation and sexual abuse

The Secretary-General, for the purpose of preventing and addressing cases of sexual exploitation and sexual abuse, and taking into consideration General Assembly resolution 57/306 of 15 April 2003, “Investigation into sexual exploitation of refugees by aid workers in West Africa”, promulgates the following Bulletin in consultation with Executive Heads of separately administered organs and programmes of the United Nations.


Annual Reports of the Victims' Rights Advocate

Annual Report 2019

In the time since the Office of the Victims’ Rights Advocate became fully operational, it has engaged in many activities to deliver on the Secretary-General’s pledge to put victims at the centre of all United Nations efforts to prevent and respond to sexual exploitation and abuse by its personnel. Concrete results for victims of these wrongs, as outlined in this report, were achieved in 2019, but much more must be done to ensure that appropriate resources for victim protection and assistance are available.


Annual Report 2018

In 2018, the Victims’ Rights Advocate prioritized advocacy, engagement and consultations with Member States, United Nations system, intergovernmental and regional organizations, civil society, and other stakeholders, in the field and other locations, to gather their perspectives on issues related to victims’ rights and assistance and ensure that a victim-centred approach is institutionalized and integrated in all United Nations’ activities to prevent and respond to sexual exploitation and abuse.


Sexual Exploitation and Abuse Trello Board


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