Voluntary Compact

  • A voluntary compact was proposed by the Secretary-General to all Member States that support UN operations on the ground, whether their contribution is in the peacekeeping, humanitarian or development context or otherwise, and whether it consists of uniformed or civilian personnel or those working directly within the United Nations system.
  • The Compact, which is between the Secretary-General and individual Member States, is intended to send a signal to the world of joint commitment and mutual accountability on the part of the United Nations and Member States on preventing and addressing sexual exploitation and abuse.
  • The Compact is a demonstration of the political will to prevent sexual exploitation and abuse, demand accountability and provide meaningful support to victims. It sets out a statement of commitment based on shared values, as well as specific commitments on the part of both the United Nations and signatory Member States.

As at 15 December 2021, 105 Member States have signed the Voluntary Compact, which includes Member States that are processing for signatures: