Meet the HLIS

HLIS Introduction Video: How can the UN Health and Life Insurance Section help you?

About the UN Health and Life Insurance Section (HLIS)

The UN offers a comprehensive health insurance scheme under its headquarters’ health & life insurance programme that provides eligible staff members, retirees and their eligible dependants with medical and dental insurance coverage. Staff members and retirees are also provided life insurance coverage under the insurance scheme. The UN Health and Life Insurance Section (HLIS) is responsible for the provision of health and life insurance to all eligible locally and internationally recruited UN staff, retirees and their dependants. This responsibility is not limited to the UN Secretariat only. Staff from most agencies, funds and programmes are eligible to enroll in one of the plans managed by the HLIS. That is how our health insurance plans protect more than 160,000 individuals today.  

Our commitment to you

The three core functions of the Health and Life Insurance Section include:

  • Provision of client services
  • Education of plan participants and HR partners
  • Provision of comprehensive health and life insurance plans

When and how to contact us

Whether you have any questions related to enrollment in one of the UNHQ-administered health plans, would like to attend an information session or make changes to your health insurance plan, the HLIS team is there to support you. The HLIS team will respond to all your questions sent to our dedicated mailbox (for staff) and (for retirees and surviving dependants). Furthermore, you can find additional information, including FAQs, benefit updates, event announcements, insurance rate simulators, policy documents and benefit booklets under the Reference Material Page of this website.