Aetna - Enhanced digital Explanation of Benefits (EOB)

Beginning June 1st, eligible Aetna members will receive an email inviting them to engage with the enhanced digital Explanation of Benefits (EOB). The self-service functionality launched in January 2021 and provides clear and actionable information about a member’s claims.  Members who have had a claim within the past six months will receive an email highlighting an interactive graph that displays details like how much was covered by the member’s plan and how much the member may still owe.

Member who have not had a claim in this timeframe will receive an email encouraging them to connect with care. The email will underscore how the Aetna Health app and member website can support them in finding the right in-network care when they are ready.

For more information and guidance on how to use the enhanced digital EOB, please review the Aetna EOB Brochure.