Notes from the President


26 September 2016


Greetings!  It is my honour and privilege to introduce myself to you as the new President of AFICS/NY, elected by the Governing Board on 9 August 2016.


My name is John Dietz and I had worked in the UN system for over 32 years, first in the UN Office of Legal Affairs and then for almost 22 years in the Pension Fund Secretariat, the last 13 as the Deputy CEO.  I will be working very closely, as a team, with the two Vice-Presidents who were also elected in August:  Deborah Landey (past Assistant Secretary-General of UNAIDS who retired in 2013 as Director of the UN's Development Operations Coordination Office) and Jay Karia (for many years Director of the Accounts Division who retired as Deputy Controller in 2011).


My team and I will focus our efforts on the subjects and areas that are of the greatest concern to UN retirees and beneficiaries:


1) Efficient and effective service by the Pension Fund Secretariat to all Fund participants, but particularly the accurate and timely payment of all pension benefits.


2) Operational and management of the Fund's Investment Management Division under the leadership of Secretary-General's Representative for Investments, to ensure that the Fund's financial health is maintained and the acturial assumptions for investment returns are fully met.


3) Management by the UN of ASHI (After-Service-Health Insurance) in a cost-effective manner while providing quality client servicing.


4) Assistance to members (and prospective members) with special individual problems or concerns, particularly with regard to their pensions and ASHI coverage.


5) Scheduling substantive programmes of special interests to retirees; and


6) Scheduling social programmes where members can meet and interact with old and new friends, such as luncheons, boat rides etc.


The main goal and purpose during my term will be to serve and protect to the maximum extent the interests of UN retirees, both with the Pension Fund and with the UN.  I strongly believe that the best way to achieve that is by influencing and working with the senior management of the UNJSPF and the UN in a constructive way, making certain that they take full account of the interests and concerns of UN retirees before any actions are taken that affect UNJSPF participants, retirees and their beneficiaries.


Looking forward to a very productive and successful term,


John Dietz