Article I of the AFICS/NY By-Laws state that its aims and purposes are:

> To support and promote the purposes, principles and programmes of the United Nations System;

> To advise and assist former international civil servants and those about to separate from service on questions of pensions, residence, health care, taxation, social security and other important concerns;

> To keep members informed periodically of matters affecting their interests or of interest to them;

> To represent the interests of members and, as needed, those of their dependents and survivors before the administrations and other bodies of the United Nations System;

> To foster social and personal relationships among members, to promote their well being and to encourage mutual support of individual members.


Outreach services are available, giving temporary support for medical or other emergencies when no relatives or close friends are readily available.  Support is also available to individual members on legal, pension, insurance or other general matters, as appropriate.  Members are invited to raise problems with AFICS/NY Office staff, for informal advice based on the knowledge of the Office staff and/or experience of other members.

Through the work of the AFICS/NY Standing Committees and Association Officers, advice and assistance related to UN System matters such as pension and health insurance is provided.  Useful information and specific updates related to these matters are made available on this website, as well as presented at the Association's Annual Assembly by UN System experts, and Association Officials and Chairs.



AFICS/NY has Standing Committees that look after the interests of the Association's members in order to fulfill its mission: to advocate, advise and assist; to represent interests; to foster social and personal relationships; to promote well being; and to encourage mutual support.   The Committee Chairs and Members work to provide a variety of services:

  •  The Ageing Smart Committee works to provide information on services and issues of interest, and arranges dialogues with experts at seminars and workshops.
  • The Health Insurance Committee advocates on all matters relating to Health Insurance, keeps members informed of relevant developments, and participates in the UN Health and Life Insurance Committee (HLIC).
  • The IT/Communications Committee works to provide a dynamic website and systems to facilitate ITC processes for the AFICS/NY office, as well as to enhance the member experience, and to improve communications and social interaction amongst members
  • The Membership Committee works to increase membership by encouraging retirees, as well as staff about to retire, to join AFICS/NY and benefit from its activities and services.
  • The Pension Committee advocates on all issues relating to pensions, follows the Pension Board, FAFICS, ACABQ and the Fifth Committee, and keeps members informed of relevant developments
  • The Social/Other Events Committee works to organize social and other gatherings for members, often with expert speakers on topics of current interest



The AFICS/NY Bulletin is a semi-annual publication authored by the Bulletin Editor that reports on AFICS/NY activities and welcomes new members.  It also includes articles on UN Pensions, UN Health Insurance, UN Credit Union among many topics of interest to members, as well as publicizes UN System activities and AFICS/NY member events and engagements.



Books authored by members of the UN system family are donated to the AFICS/NY Library and maintained by the Librarian.  The collection currently holds over 250 books on a wide range of topics, available to borrowers at the AFICS/NY Office.





Did you know?

UN Retirees are eligible for the following:

  • Discounts at the UN Bookshop and Gift Centre  
  • UN Language Classes (at UNHQ or online)
  • UN Clubs