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Why Join AFICS?

[ 10 Points to Ponder ]


[1]  Be a part of the unique community of former international civil servants with shared cultural diversity, ideals, and continued common links to the work of the United Nations system.

[2]  Make new friends and keep in touch with former colleagues through the AFICS/NY Website, Directory and Bulletin.

[3]  Stay informed on the latest developments on pension benefit management and investment issues.  The AFICS/NY Governing Board actively advocates on behalf of member concerns and ensures no erosion of benefits.

[4]  Keep up-to-date on After Service Health Insurance (ASHI) benefits and premiums, including Medicare Part B.  The AFICS/NY Governing Board actively participates in the Health and Life Insurance Committee (HLIC) to advocate that health benefits remain optimal and increases in premiums are kept at a minimum.

[5]  Enjoy social events/activities/workshops organized by AFICS/NY promoting the welfare and wellbeing of members.

[6]  Get up-to-date, easy to understand information on: a) volunteer opportunities; b) income tax issues; c) legal advisory services; d) assisted living facilities, senior centres, and nursing homes; e) services provided by State and Municipal governments; f) ways to keep personal information up-to-date; g) and, assist other members in need of support.

[7]  Contribute articles and news items for the AFICS/NY Bulletin.

[8]  Participate in the work of the AFICS/NY Charities Foundation which provides short term emergency financial assistance to members in times of need.

[9]  These, and other opportunities for engagement, are available through membership in AFICS/NY.

[10] What are you waiting for?




* AFICS/NY Membership is open to all present or former staff members of the UN system at every level, as well as their surviving spouses.


* Members of other UN Retiree Associations may become associate members of AFICS/NY.



UN System

> Lifetime Membership:  $400

> Annual Membership:     $45*

* Prorated Fee Schedule:  For those who join prior to or on 30th June, pay $45 and get membership till 31st December.  For those who join from 1st July to 30th September, pay $25 for membership till 31st December.  For those who join from 1st October onwards, pay $45 and get membership through 31st December of the following year.

Membership in Another UN Retiree Association

> Associate Lifetime Membership:  $200

> Associate Annual Membership:     $25


Application Form for New Members

Click on PDF icon below to get the application form in Portable Document Format, which you could then fill out digitally by using: "Tools / Fill & Sign / Text" and then email to as an attachment.


Annual Dues Renewal Form

Members who pay their dues annually are reminded that the dues are payable on or before 31 January of each year.