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2020 and 2021 Governing Board Elections: Call for Candidates

We are pleased to share with you a wonderful opportunity to be a part of the AFICS/NY Governing Board where you will be able to make a substantive contribution to issues of concern for all retirees and, most importantly, to remain engaged with former colleagues and friends in the all-important work of the United Nations.

In accordance with Article V.1 of the AFICS/NY By-Laws and Paragraph 2 in the Rules of Procedure of the AFICS/NY Governing Board, the combined election process for 2020 and 2021 election cycles for the Governing Board is now underway, prior to the 51st Annual Assembly to be held in June 2021.

By way of background, it should be noted that due to extraordinary situation of the Covid-19 pandemic, no elections were held in 2020 and that is the reason for the combined set of elections and for considering online voting along with mail-in ballots for those members for whom we do not have email addresses.

 As specified in paragraph 2.3 of the Rules of Procedure, the President of the Association has designated Dr. Sudershan Narula and Ms. Nancy Hurtz-Soyka as Co-Chairs of the Nominating Committee 2021, which has two additional members, Ms. Joan McDonald, and Ms. Paulette Austin, drawn from the Governing Board.

In 2021, there will be twelve (12) open positions on the Governing Board: six with a term of two (2) years for the 2020 cycle and six with a term of three (3) years for the 2021 cycle.  The difference in the length of terms is necessary to maintain, in the long-term, the rotation that for every year there should be six seats for election from the total of eighteen elected member seats on the Governing Board.

  • If you spend a large portion of the year in the tristate area around UN Headquarters and wish to be considered as a candidate for election to the AFICS/NY Governing Board, please send a short, one-page resume, together with a note indicating what you believe you could contribute to the Governing Board as well as your areas of special interest.  
  • Your material should be sent by email as soon as possible, but not later than 16 March 2021, to one of the Co-Chairs of the Nominating Committee:   
  • Sudershan Narula          -
  • Nancy Hurtz-Soyka        -

Please know that your application will receive full consideration by the Nominating Committee.  To guide its work, the Governing Board has outlined, broad criteria for consideration of nomination, including the need for candidates from the wider UN system, for gender balance on the Board, as well as for candidates with IT, communications, pension, insurance, financial, budgeting, editing or hospitality expertise.

Any questions regarding the nomination and election processes may be addressed to one of the Co-Chairs of the Nominating Committee or to the AFICS/NY Office.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Sudershan Narula    - Co-Chair, Nominating Committee
Nancy Hurtz-Soyka - Co-Chair, Nominating Committee


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